[manga] Mujihi na Anata ~ 01


Type: Manga
Series: Mujihi na Anata ~ Ruthless You
Author/Circle: Sakuraga Mei
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
Notes: And another new project! Many of you may be familiar with this project already, but for those of you who’ve never read any of Sakuraga Mei’s work, similarly to Nakamura Shungiku, she’s taken a setting (in this case, a high school) and written stories featuring three interconnected couples, with each couple getting its own unique storyline. Mujihi na Anata follows the story of the relationship established in Mujihi na Otoko between Aikawa Kuon (elder brother of the uke in the main couple of the series) and Shirahane Nanao (elder brother of the seme in the main couple of the series).

This may seem quite confusing, but really, this is just volume 2 of their story :) For the establishment of our couple, you’ll need to, naturally, read volume 1, which you can do on most popular manga readers such as MangaFox. This is chapter 1 of the second volume of this ongoing series.


  1. You know you guys keep getting awesome-er and awesome-er
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    (I’ve had an empty Mujihi na Anata folder sitting in my Sakuraga Mei folder for a while now, waiting to be fiiiiilled)

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  13. Uwah, thank you so much! ^.^ They are my absolute favorite couple, so I’m incredibly glad that September Scanlations picked this up~ Will you guys also be doing the Mujihi na Otoko extras?

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  15. Thank you for the new release! They are my fav couple from this mangaka- I’m so happy you guys picked up this series. ^^

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    btw, i noticed in mangaupdates, another group has released to chapter 3. will u keep working on this project though? despite another group has released their version? just wondering.. :p

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  19. What can I say? I can´t just thank you enough for this.


    This couple is one of my favorites in all the BL universe. And this second volume shows how the couple progressed and get to know more of them. I am in love with Nanao!!! but here, I am especially amazed at Kuon´s behavior. We really do see a new face of him. Plus he´s totally hot haha.

    Thanks so much!!! :D

  20. When I see that SS’s taking up this project I’m thrilled! I look forward to quality scanlations from you guys :D Thanks for the update!

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  25. screams!! OMG! I love Sakuraga Mei’s art style. Her expressions are great, & her characters are funny XD I’m so glad you guys are picking her up XD

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  27. thank you so very much for taking this up. out of all of the Waruii couples i like this one the most. i like how messed up and yet honest about it they are as they try to build a relationship together and ugh… my feels.

    anyway. thank you again for the hard work :)

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  29. I’m so freaking glad you guys picked this up! It’s been frustrating to have such shoddy translations for so long of this couple. I’m very grateful for those who put out what they did, but I always wanted a great scanlation group to pick it up. They are by far my fav couple in the series. Thank you!

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  37. My favourite couple. Now I want to reread volume 1 again.

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  50. This is my fave couple/story from Sakuraga Mei’s series xD Thank you so much!

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  52. Thank you for the new series! I love this couple. I’m really curious to see what they did in the bath though hahaha

  53. shima,

    While any translation is definitely better than no translation at all, the chapters already out from that group are poor to the point of being nigh unreadable (and appear to be from Chinese scanlations), unfortunately, so yes–we’re taking on this series to give it the nice scanlation quality it deserves :)

  54. kyuun kyuun thank you so much for taking this project

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    ah!! now that i compare to the other version, it is true. i like your version better. but i wonder would it be considered not respectful if i keep your version in my collection instead of theirs.. :p

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  57. fencer_x,

    Would you consider taking some of the other poorly translated chapters from this series under your wing as well?

  58. Nao,

    ‘This series’ meaning Mujihi na Anata, or others in the ‘Warui/-ja nai kedo’ series? Because we’re ‘taking over’ Mujihi na Anata in full (have chapters 2 and 3 waiting to be cleaned), but haven’t really considered the other series at the moment (mostly because this is the couple we’re most interested in).

  59. I looooove this series! I like adore this couple so much and it was a pity they only had one vol (at first) compared to the other couples of this series but I’m so happy that you guys are picking this up! Thanks so much! :D I’m looking forward to reading more!

  60. Thank you very much for the new manga

  61. Wooow, so nice to see this translated with quality! it’s my favorite manga ever~ <3
    Will you work on mujihi na otoko as well? the quality of the existing translation is reeeeally poor :/

  62. tin,

    The quality compared to the one for Mujihi na Anata made it look like a professional job XD;; so we’re focusing on this one right now, but we may go back and do Mujihi na Otoko afterwards! It’s definitely a great couple that deserves the best quality we can give it :3

  63. OHH GOD…. You really keep amazing me…. i really was thinking… what if they take Sakuraga’s Mujihi na anata or Mujihi na otoko…. but i never thought it could become real haha… I trully love Sakuraga Mei… right now is one of my favorites, and i thak you for taking this particular story, because i LOVE IT!!!….

  64. omg. you guys are amazing, definitely one of my fave groups and you keep getting better. thank you so much for picking up this project and for the releases and most of all for all your hard work. <3

  65. I’m so glad you’re taking on Sakuraga Mei’s work too – I really love your translations, and this is most definitely my favourite couple. So addictive…

  66. Guys, I am glad you pick this up.

  67. thanks a lot! sakuraga mei rocks!

  68. Glad you’re picking this up! This is my fav couple, and probably the only one storyline I follow.. MF is being tempermental, so I’ll try again and DL later. Thanks!!

  69. Thank you so much! Love this couple!

  70. Thank you for your hard work!! >.<
    I love this couple of this series. Hope to see more soon. :D
    And by the way are you going to do more of Sakuraga Mei's work from this series? Since not all of them were completed. o.O

  71. Misaki,

    We took on this one because of the other couples, this was the one we liked most (and the one most in need of better quality scanlations), but we wouldn’t be averse to the other couples as well if something of theirs hasn’t been done and we can get our hands on it reasonably easy. Do you know what else in the series hasn’t been done? The most recently released tankoubon was Kare Ja Nai Kedo and it looks like most of it has been done.

  72. Thank you so much for picking this up and for all your hard work & dedication <3!

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    I saw that tokkei12 asked about the Mujihi na Otoko extras. From your other replies, does it mean that you might be doing those as well in the future? :D
    If it’s so, I think I will faint LOL. Because I’ve watched the lovely images so many times without knowing what was going on! Except that Nanao says “Aikawa” at one time (I know a bit of hiragana).

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  86. Thank you so much for translating this♥ I’m always happy when Sakuraga Mei’s works receive HQ translations! But um… i hope I don’t sound too rude by saying this, but I don’t think the english title is “ruthless you”. I mean, I know anata is a polite form of “you”, but I think the anata in this case is referring to the endearing way to call one’s lover making it more akin to something like “darling”/”dear”/something similar instead. I only bring this up because I remember in the first book あんた was usually used for “you” (if not another pronoun), and also the Chinese title for this series contains the word for lover rather than a Chinese form of “you”.

    Of course I’m not telling you to change anything, I’m certainly not an expert on Japanese nor Chinese, I just thought I’d bring it up for speculation.

    Please keep up the good work though! This couple needs more love.

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    That’s strange… It works for everyone else o_O And me as well, when I tried it just now. Perhaps try a different browser, or another computer? Or have a friend download and send it to you?

  93. Thanks for sharing the new series!! I’ve been following the various volumes of these different characters so it’s nice to get another volume added to it!

  94. umm… i thought this series was already done by other scanlators? did they abandon this series? if im not mistaken they took it up to 3rd chapter o.o

  95. lina,

    The previous versions were of poorer quality overall, with translations so poor that it was difficult for even native English speakers to understand. While anything is better than nothing, and the previous group was filling a niche that others were grateful for, we still believe we can further improve the product :) We’ve got all three chapters as well, and will continue scanlating thereafter.

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  108. This is the best~! I love this pairing so much, especially Nanao-kun. His personality is really interesting and endearing. And I love how Kuon treat him, like he’s the most precious thing in the world.
    Please continue with the great work :D
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