[manga] Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa ~ 01

October 23, 2013 // boku to neko

Type: Manga
Series: Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa ~ Me and Cat and First Love Intersection
Author/Circle: Miyoshi Ayato
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Summary: Kirishima “Maa-chan” Masao and Kurokawa “Tai-chan” Taisuke have been friends since they were little–both looking out for each other, but when Maa-chan catches his friend being assaulted by a teacher, he can’t help but blame himself for always thinking and never acting on his desire to protect his friend. (note that this piece treats the subject of child abuse rather lightly, so please be aware of that if you read it)
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  6. Thank you for this release! That aside, many mangaka tend to take rape and child abuse lightly for some reason. It is very rampant in BL! I don’t know what is so appetizing about those two things either.

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  8. CatarinaPendejo,

    I think in this case, it’s more that the abuse isn’t the main point of the story–it’s just a side-note to give some background to the character. I haven’t seen too many stories take abuse like this very lightly (and have seen it done well in some cases even), so it definitely isn’t as rampant as rape taken lightly at least.

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  30. Thank you very much for this update~! Also, thank you guys for always putting warnings on stuff. Sometimes I get just a little bummed because I’ll start off liking a series so much, and then something like rape or the like happens and again, it just really bums me out. It’s different when you go in knowing what to expect, so seriously, thank you guys for taking the time to put warnings in the releases that need them.

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  36. Thanks so much! This is sweet and quite sad at the same time. Take your son with you when you flee your abusive relationship, you right stroppy cow!

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  56. Child abuse and abusing the mother as well. I can’t believe the mother got herself out and left the poor child behind to fend for itself. Ugh, some people just should not be allowed to have children, they don’t deserve them. Plus the sensei as well! Oh no there’s a kid being abused, better use it to blackmail him into having sex with me! Ahhhhhhhhhh! So angry.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I really love the whole childhood friends becoming lovers thing. Maa-chan is totally adorable, I just feel really bad for Tai-chan. Looking forward to seeing how things work out for them. Hopefully the father and teacher get a taste of their own medicine along the way.

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  68. Thanks for this new release. I noticed your credit page was the last page this time, was it intentional?

    The mother really should have taken her son with her out of reach of an abusive man. Though, I don’t know if she had the money to really do that..

    In a way I think the couple is quite sweet, but what does light a fire to my rage is that no one that has just been the victim of rape wants to have sex, yet here it happens.. >.< Even though Maa-chan got a kiss, he should have been able to keep a hold of his senses.

  69. i’m so excited! thank you very much for this new series! i’m not familiar with the mangaka nor the title but i’m sure it would be a great read :)

  70. BlackOleander,

    It’s all alphabetical; this series just happens to start with a “b”, so our “credits” page naturally comes last :)

    As for ‘not wanting to have sex after being raped’–well, there is the fact that they only rubbed off together, and Tai-chan could conceivably be all right with that kind of intimacy versus sex sex, but more importantly: we didn’t warn for ‘rape’ for a reason :)

    There is an argument to be made about how realistic this is after any kind of sexual assault and how informed the characters are about what happened, though.

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  88. Angela,

    As we said, Jumpshare will reset at the beginning of the month, and readers are always encouraged to download ASAP, as we do not guarantee that links will stay active.

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