[manga] Mujihi na Karada ~ 03


Type: Manga
Series: Mujihi na Karada ~ Ruthless Body
Author/Circle: Sakuraga Mei
Rating: R
Language: English
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Notes: Please be aware that there is rape in this chapter (you might have seen it coming). It is not romanticized (not in the least), but it’s there all the same, so if you’re sensitive to this material, please reconsider reading this chapter.

Also, due to a numbering error, THIS is Chapter 3. The previous chapter was Chapter 2, and the short before that was 1.5, we’re calling it.


  1. FREAKING OUT OMG I’ve been dying to read this chapter since you guys announced that it will be out soon. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate your hard work.

    The rape part… ugh. Satonaka’s actions are so very despicable, I’m seriously disappointed with him. .

  3. Thanks for this. I just want to gather up Nanao and tell him it’s not his fault, then go out and put some serious hurt on Satonaka. I really hope Sakuraga Sensei doesn’t screw up the resolution to this.

  4. Thank you so much for this !

    Ugh I still hoped he only teased/play with him (like leaving a hickey) but ugh I’m so pissed and disappointed at him, so pathetic.
    But the worst part for me is still Nanao’s reaction … *hugs him*

  5. Anya,

    That’s probably what I’m worried most about: I want Satonaka to PAY for what he did–and I feel like him apologizing was setting up the eventual resolution where Nanao forgives him :|

    I want Kuon to beat the crap out of him, but at the same time, I’m feel like he’d probably do that from a place of anger and possessiveness and ‘that’s MY Nanao-san, you had no right to touch MY PROPERTY’ and dnw that either :|

    • Yeah, what I want the most is for Nanao to really feel that he is loved, and realized that he deserves to be loved. I read that sorry and what came after as Satonaka twisting the blame for what he did back on Nanao. If Satonaka gets forgiven, there is going to be some serious table flipping over here.

  6. You know, I never could stand that man. I felt like his actions were less-than-savory after having been introduced to his character right off the bat, but I came to the conclusion that he was a total sleaze bag after how he treated Shirahane at the end of Mujihi na Otoko and never once found any humor in anything that he did or said there afterwards. Why in the living he** was Shirahane even still talking to that dirt bag? Poor kid. Geez…

    Well, thanks for putting this chapter out, regardless. The work was fantastic–as always.

  7. Got to be the most horrible chapter Sakuraga sensei has written until this date, poor poor Nanao he really didn’t deserve this. I really want Aikawa to kill that despicable Satonaka right know! And that cliffhanger, sensei is killing me with another 3 month wait. Thank you for the great work!

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  12. Shirahane=sleaze.. I do appreciate this chapter cause as an outsider it is always easy to say “can’t they see!” No, been there/done that. When its someone you consider a friend its crazy hard to reconcile. I think Kuon sees Nanao as a precious existence, and wouldn’t respond as if he were property. He is possessive but I don’t feel its in a shallow way (possession) but as someone who matters to him.

  13. annique5,

    I hope you meant Satonaka = sleaze?? XD;;

    And I definitely don’t think of Kuon that way–but it’s, “How will this author, whose works I’ve had to side-eye HARD before, handle what is a very, very sensitive situation?” and me having very little faith she’ll pull it off :/

  14. Thank you !!

  15. Thanks so much for the new chapter!!

  16. Thank you for scanlating this!
    I wanted to cry after this TAT After everything I was hoping Nanao would be a bit happier? IDK But for Satonaka to appear and cause problems yet again? At this point I’m just like really? Again? I don’t think Nanao and Kuon’s relationship to be smooth sailing, but urgh its just frustrating.

    I’m sorta between dreading and anticipating the next chapter to see how sensei develops this situation. But yeah regardless thank you for bringing us another chapter X’D!

  17. Thanks for all the hard work.
    I was about to download the chapter but after reading the coments I’ll wait until the you release the next one.

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  21. Seriously we have to wait for another three months ? What should I do to keep myself sane for these monthssss ?!!!! I want to know whether Aikawa beat the shit out of Satonaka for touching his precious Nanao TT^TT Had been reading Mujihi Series over and over again in waiting C3 . Now I have to do it again D: . ARGHHHH Seriously don’t ever break up even for one chapter !!!

  22. Thank you so much.

  23. I’m about to cry after reading this, but thank you for releasing this!
    Please release the rest as fast as you can ;_____________;

  24. I know that I’ve already commented, but I just wanted to say that my beef with Satonaka is that he always seems to play on the fact that Shirahane has self-esteem issues. He’s more like a predator than a friend whether he means to be or not. It’s not a “Can’t they see” thing for me, but rather an “I wish Shirahane would value himself more” thing. Yeah, it’s easier said than done, especially given the fact that he still has some issues to work out, but I still feel for Shirahane. He’s a good guy.

    I really hope that Sakuraga sensei doesn’t just easily patch this thing up and brush it off. Satonaka does not deserve to be let off lightly. He already had that luxury once…

  25. nyokosenpai,

    Seeing their interactions in Satonaka’s bedroom was bad enough, but seeing Nanao break down when he got home, believing so fervently that Kuon is good and true and upright and honest, and that he himself is the exact opposite, that all he had to offer was his body, that he intended for it to be Kuon’s and Kuon’s alone for the rest of his life…and then thinking that now, he had absolutely nothing left to offer…

    GOD. Just, right in the heart man ;~;

  26. Thanks so much for your hard work! :D

  27. Thanks a ton for the new chapter!

  28. Thank you sooooo much … otsukaresama I love you guys and I love your releasing pace XD

    My eyes got wet toward the end I almost cried, I understand how Nanao feels, it really hurts to think you let yourself be touched by someone other than your lover especially if that lover treasured you and is faithful to you, even if you didn’t mean it still hurts because being lovers mean that your everything belong to this person and this person alone.
    its heart breaking because you betray yourself and your lover.

    anyway if that jerk satonaka doesn’t get a beating I wont be satisfied >_< how dare he make our sweet Nanao sad however I don't think they really did it, I have a feeling there is a big lie in between all this mess.

    we'll have to wait to see, my comment is longer than usual :P

  29. this is by far…. the worst cliffhanger in the world….. OMG i want to read chapter 4……………….. NOW!!! hahaha thank you for the translation! you guys are great =)

    (also.. I accidentally commented in your forum discussion board… not realizing my mistake I posted it and I can’t seem to delete it…. i’m sorry ㅠㅠ if possible please delete it ㅠㅠ i don’t want to make a mess of your website)

  30. Nanao ;_; Okay, taking advantage (repeatedly!) and raping Nanao was enough to get him to hate him but the fact that tried to further hurt him by lying about Kuon calling seriously pissed me off. Not to mention his carefree attitude and finally implying he did everything out of pity. Just fuck right off Satonaka. I want him to suffer greatly for what he did.

    But I don’t really want Kuon to go kill him as soon as he finds out, but instead stays with Nanao and help him understand it wasn’t his fault and he obviously has more to offer than just his body. The only problem is Nanao blames himself so I doubt he’ll tell Kuon what happened in a way that will portray himself in a good light. Hopefully Kuon realizes what actually happened.

    This chapter really really upset me. Nanao has had such a difficult life and is finally opening up and happy in love and this had to happen. Argh. I demand a new volume full of fluffy cuteness after this. Thank you for scanlating such a difficult chapter!

  31. @fencer_x:

    I know! It just… Man, it really CANNOT express just how awful I feel for Shirahane right now. He has so much more to offer than just his body. He’s witty, charming, earnest, and has an adorably sweet side to boot, and I really feel for the guy because he’s troubled and just can’t see that. I’ve really liked this series so far, and after reading this chapter, I can’t help hoping that sensei doesn’t just try to neatly smooth things over. I don’t want Satonaka to be let off lightly. I also don’t want it to end with Kuon going all “How-dare-you-lay-your-hands-on-MY-Nanao-san-you-bastard! HULK-SMASH-rawr!” Sure, some butt kicking is definitely in order, but… What I really want to see is the two of the working together, Kuon lending support and being patient, to try an move Shirahane towards more positive thoughts and Shirahane’s eventually trying to accept (either fully or in small doses–either is fine). Since the content of this series is a bit sensitive, sensei has the opportunity to do some pretty cool, heart-felt things with it. I just hope she does, because again: I really like Shirahane.

  32. nyokosenpai,

    Only slightly related: but on the bright side, I really loved Kimiko this chapter! As if I needed any more reason *____* The last bit, where she entrusts Nanao, who she likely knows has Not Had a Good Day, to Kuon, asking him to take care of him… ;~;

  33. thank you so much


    My nanao just going to get his beautiful happy ending.. WHY MUST YOU DESTROY HE’S HOPE!!

    I really hope you guys would update this as soon as possible.. I’m very thankful of you all for translating this beautiful manga.. I just cant wait for more.. THIS CLIFFHANGER IS KILLING ME.. Not to mention I just had my heart broke after seeing that short trailer for Thor The dark world.. DAMMIT LOKI!! DONT YOU DARE SHOW THAT FACE TO ME I SUPPOSE TO LOVE THOR NOT YOU!! GODDAMMIT CANT YOU TWO BROTHERS BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER..

    .. sorry for the capslock.. as i was saying pls plsp pls plsp pls update!! and thank you soo much!

  35. Thank you for your work on the new chapter! =D

  36. Thank you very much for sharing. This chapter absolutely tore me apart (sobs).

  37. aww this is breaking my heart…

  38. thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu so much as always september scanlation for translating this piece.. my heart break when read the raw … TT^TT makes me cry ..
    but still, thank you

  39. UGH What a cliffhanger! And the next chapter will not come out till winter. T_T That effing Satonaka-sensei. I hate him!!! Nanao-san’s so pitiful. :(

  40. Okay so, first I’m sad because Nanao look so in pain at the end, it’s horrible. Second, Satonaka need to be punched in the face and to learn how to mind his own fucking business! He also need to pay for what he did and I hope that Kimiko(Nanao or Kuon) will fire her rage at him.
    Then, I really hope that Aikawa and Nanao won’t break up because it’s not Nanao’s fault. He didn’t do anything wrong. I want Nanao to have a happy ending because he deserves it so much. Sakuraga-sensei please don’t screw this up, I beg you.

  41. Dammit I’m feeling so frustrated right now. I’ve always loved all 3 couples in the Warui Koto Shitai series, and I’ve enjoyed every single chapter until this point. I’m fine with some drama and cliff hangers, but why-oh-why did we have to see poor Nanao getting raped!? I am glad that we didn’t see any violence or whatever during it, as that would’ve made it utterly unbearable to read, but still knowing that the whole time that Nanao was blissfully dreaming of Kuon, he was actually being molested by that sick bastard, is just awful. Then when he realised what happened… oh my god, it just broke my heart. I really wish Sakuraga-sensei hadn’t done this. There was no need to include rape into any of the stories in this series. I think in the future, no matter how sweet the resolution may be, I won’t be able to read this particular volume again. Speaking of the resolution, these two better not break up, even for one moment. Otherwise I will seriously table-flip. I’m hoping Kuon will just support Nanao and make it clear to him that he loves him for more than just his body. And I hope he does beat the snot out of Satonaka this time. It was bad enough in Otoko (I think that was the one) where he abuses Nanao’s mouth then later jokes it off like it’s no big deal. I always wanted Nanao to stay away from him after that, cuz it was clear he was no good, but here we are. And once again, Satonaka will probably get away scot free. Uggggh. So unhappy.

    But, I do want to thank you for scanlating this so quickly, and of course the quality is perfect as always! No matter how much I dislike the content of this chapter, I can’t fault your groups’ work. So thank you! <3 Also, quick question, am I right in assuming this comes out at the end of every odd month just like Love Stage and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi? Or is it less frequent?

  42. Wow, thank you so much !!! I love this series !!!

  43. I am so pissed off! OMG I just want to destroy Sakuraga-sensei. How could he? I just….poor nanao the scene with him in the shower broke my damn heart. This is just upsetting. I hope when Kuon finds out he gets completely destroyed. How could he take advantage of his weak moment like that what was he thinking? Did he think they would be together after that? I am just…T_T Thank you for the chapter I don’t know how I will make it waiting for the next!

  44. wait! not Sakuraga-sensei! LOL satonaka!! omg lol so mad I wrote the wrong name! XD

  45. Well, as sensei is a bastard for taking that situation; Nanao is partly blame for it also because he always go to sensei for anything at all and since sensei spoil him, Nanao always put his defense down around sensei, as Kuon point out from the start. I do wish that sensei didn’t rape Nanao however, it didn’t really visualize to know exactly what happen in there. I hope Nanao’s sister Kimiko will do something harmful toward sensei since we all know her and kind of sense that her importance in this volume would be needed (BADLY) to his older baby brother. Didn’t understand why Sakuraga sensei make this storyboard like this however she may have a point to point out on this volume.

    P.S. I really hope that Kimiko will DO BAD hard to sensei!!!!!

  46. Thank you so much.

  47. there better be some serious ass beating in ch4… sob.

  48. @lat

    and you just have to say that =/

    fencer will gonna cut you…


  50. just kidding ‘^^

  51. Thank you very much. Argh. Poor Nanao. Come on, Satonaka is a teacher, why would he harass and rape him?! Oh god, I can’t believe and I wonder how Kuon will react if he founds out…

  52. Ack, sorry that was random on my part. Yes I really hope she takes the sensitive route over the salacious.

  53. @fencer_x:

    Now that you mention it, that was really cool of her. Then again, Kimiko’s always awesome, so I’d expect nothing less. XD

    I don’t usually get angry over the things that I read but…idk. I just hate to see people who are already struggling get mind f***ed. The poor boy has it hard enough already.

    Okay, okay. I’ve calmed down now. Sorry for the temper tantrum and thank you for dealing with it so graciously. Most people I know usually just tell me to shut up once I get started. LOL All in all, I didn’t hate this chapter. But do I suck for wishing I could punch Satonaka though? ^^’ You ladies really got the old blood flowing first thing this morning, I tell ya what. Here’s to looking forward to the next chapter and hoping the best for Nanao. Again, thanks for bringing us this chapter.

  54. Thank you thank you THANK YOUUU!!!
    I just saw the chinese raws and was so excited to read it in english and here it is XD
    You guys are awesome!

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  57. That was heart breaking… I don’t want their relationship to end! T-T
    Thanks for translating this series!

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  60. oh no!!!!!! guess we’ll have to wait and see

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    But what can I do now?I’m crying …

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  69. how could sakuraga do this?! I mean I got over the whole giving the guy a blowjob before the moment they got together but now nanao-san slept/rape with the sensei, how can this couple be so horrible. I love Kuon and Nanao couple but this sensei is playing this loose thing too much, does she think its okay to have a scene like this when we are rooting for the main couple. Its like cheating in the middle of a couple’s story. Neither mikado or Yuki have even a hint of things like this but Nanao and the strict-laced Kuon do. I just #!@#$%^ @#$%^ @#$%^&*&$#

  70. i hope its some kind of joke or sensei is lying and the whole thing never happened

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  72. Thank you very much! ^^”””’ (Poor Nanao… :( )

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  74. @hyorinshiro
    you seem to forget that Yukimura was blackmailed and raped by Shinonome but it was romanticized of course that’s why the misconception.

    for the record, Kuon and Nanao is not horrible as a couple but they sure went through a lot of shitty situations.

  75. oh maaan. thank you. i do love this story, but it’s also frustrating AS HELL. i know drama and angst can hook us and all, but so much of this story’s plot is drama at nanao’s expense. and so much of it is self-inflicted even! i hate to sound trite, but i wish he’d just be stronger. >_< on a more shallow note, i also do wanna say that i LOVE the sexiness between him & kuon. good god. oh and THANK YOU for more of your hard work!!!!! it is MUCH appreciated

  76. So happy to finally have this chapter, been waiting FOREVER. After reading it, holy crap I need the next one nao. I wanna see what Kuon’s gonna say and do >.<. Thanks for this!

  77. Thank you very much!

    And that man needs to lose some body parts.

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    Even if my heart it’s breaking right now ;_;, thank you for your hard work :)

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  81. lat,

    NO. NO NO AND NO. Nanao is NOT AT FAULT at all and you are saying EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS that REAL LIFE rape victims have to hear. STOP THAT. If you so much as BREATHE A WORD about victim-blaming in the future in these or any other comments on our website, you will be permabanned. We do NOT tolerate rape apologia and victim blaming.

    The only person responsible for RAPE is the RAPIST. Nanao was DRUNK, too. How on EARTH is it HIS FAULT for being RAPED WHILE HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS.

    I would seriously think about whether or not you need to even comment here in the future, because you obviously don’t have a good handle on what is and is not appropriate.

  82. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes and regards.

  83. Thank you for the new release. (^_^)

  84. @lat

    victims of rape should never be blamed. period. and nanao talks to satonaka a lot because people tend to avoid nanao and he considers him a friend so of course he’s going to ‘let down’ his guard but that by NO means gives him the right to take advantage of nanao and rape him. and i’m guessing you forgot about the last chapter but nanao didn’t call satonaka, his friend did to pick him up after getting drunk. i just honestly can’t believe you’re partly blaming nanao for this.

    on the other hand. thanks so much for the chapter you guys! this chapter tore me apart, ugh i hope aikawa helps nanao through this.

  85. It’s with a really heavy heart that I read this. It just seems like Sakuraga is re-hashing her first arc with Satonaka and Nanao but pushed it more to the extreme, which I think is plain lazy on her part. She’s tried to tidy up the rape a little bit by having Nanao think it’s Kuon (in his drunken fantasizing) so that there’s no violence is also a trope that I really loathe.

    I can see the path that she wants to take – having Nanao realize his own self-worth and valuing the support of Kimiko and Kuon but being able to stand on his own and stand up for himself to the lying, raping bastard that is Satonaka. But it’s a really crappy way of getting there. The only things I liked about his chapter were Kimiko’s interaction with Kuon and the fact that Nanao was holding onto Kuon even as he asked the latter to break up with him. It’s heartening because Nanao shows by his words and actions that he does not want to break up, which is why he asks Kuon to do it.

    Thanks as always for your hard work fencer_x and all the September crew.

  86. When I first saw the word ‘rape’ in this comment, I felt alarmed. I had forgotten the setting from the previous chapter, but I figured that, since this one was released, it wasn’t Kuon who did something that awful. And then I remembered, and I freaked out.

    Satonaka, burn.

    I feel so sad right now. Nanao has serious self-respect, self-esteem and self-awareness issues, and has an extremely poor idea of himself. Kuon has been trying to help him see that he is so much more than that, and really, just when he’s making progress, this happens. And what hurt me the most was the fact that he thought that he was not worthy of being with Kuon anymore because of that.

    I can’t believe Satonaka. I hated him from the beginning, but this, this is despicable. More so than the rape -you’d think he couldn’t make it worse, but he just has to prove us wrong-, I hated the fact that he said that they ‘slept together’. No. They didn’t sleep together. He raped a person, a person he knew was fragile. He had non-consensual sex with a person who he had forced before, a person who had forgiven him, and outright rejected him. He is as low as it gets, and I want to break his face.

    I fear for the future of this couple. Sakuraga-sensei hasn’t dealt with anything that deep before, from what I remember. I wish this to be her chance to break her habit and treat this matter seriously. I don’t think Kuon will go all like ‘You touched my Nanao, die!’. I don’t believe he won’t focus on the rape part, because I think he was afraid that it might happen, given that he’s realised how people see Nanao, and that he knows how they always put the blame on him for their actions. What I’m afraid of is that he’ll snap at Nanao and his attitude towards this incident. The trickiest part here is that Nanao FEELS at fault. Just like he did when Satonaka forced him before. Sure, it’s one’s obligation to protect their own body, but that’s under circumstances they can control and are conscious of, only Nanao won’t cut himself some slack. He MUST be at fault for allowing himself to be raped, right? NO. But he doesn’t see it that way, and he feels even less worthy. He doesn’t even focus on the part that he was raped. He focuses on the part that someone else touched his body, thus making him unworthy of Kuon. Which, in other words, could be understood as him not having faith in either of them. And that just makes it that much worse.

    As bad as I feel for Nanao, I also feel for Kuon. The person he loves and treats most preciously was raped. The body he treasured was ‘used’ by someone else without consent. And if he went in a fit of rage against Satonaka for forcing himself on Nanao before (I’m pointing it that out because Kuon was indeed upset over it being non-consensual -more than he felt possessive, ), I except he’ll fly off the handle this time around. And rightfully so.

  87. Oh god, I seriously might cry. That was really horrible, poor Nanao. :(

  88. I read this chapter back on September 25, and I’m still upset today as I was then. Satonaka sensei is STILL a complete douche bag for his actions, however, I still feel that he did not go through with it in the end. Yes, he marked up Nanao up, and completely took advantage of the situation, but I’m hoping that Sakuraga sensei wouldn’t pull something like this for the sake of needless drama. Nanao already has self esteem issues as it is, and if this really happened, I just feel it would completely break him.

    Satonka sensei, on the other hand, is and has been a troll since his introduction, so I’m hoping this is just another game he’s trying to play. Needless to day, once Kuon finds out what did, (or did not happen), Satonaka’s balls are going to fry,

  89. KiraYamato44,

    I’m unsure of whether he did it or not; he didn’t say ‘had sex’, simply said they slept together (and it carries the same double entendre in Japanese as in English), so they could have not actually had penetrative sex–but the fact remains that he’s sunk lower than ever with this act :/

  90. i hate this i hate this Dx i just hate this chapter
    T-T WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the 1st time im not excited waiting for the next chapter
    T-T heart broken WHY!! this is my fav couple and series
    now it’s ruin RUIN!!!!

    but aside for that…. thank you for the translation, still u girls the best
    Ganbatte T_T)b

  91. Thanks so much! Your warning made me worried and rightfully so, it turns out. I thought Satonaka was disgusting before, but I didn’t think he’d turn out to be that horrible… Poor Nanao. And I fear Aikawa’s going to become a murderer.

  92. Thank you so much for the new release!!!!

  93. **fencer_x, I’m trying to reply and I don’t know if this is going to work. orz!*

    Yes, I completely agree whether or not he penetrated is moot in that regard, (but I hope for Nanao’s fragile state of mind that it didn’t happen). This is why I’m hoping against hope that I’m not just entering the delusional zone and he stopped.

    Regardless, sensei’s actions are deplorable and reprehensible. Game or not, if he really did care even an iota for Nano, he wouldn’t do something so atrocious.

    Now I’m hoping that Kuon just complexly annihilates him.

    This one is going to be really hard to listen to come drama CD time. My heart broke into pieces when Nanao said “別れてくれ.” Gut wrenching.

    I also wanted to thank you guys on your great work on this series so far. I forgot to do it in my first post. XD

  94. KiraYamato44,

    This one is going to be really hard to listen to come drama CD time. My heart broke into pieces when Nanao said “別れてくれ.” Gut wrenching.

    Just gonna put a big NOPE.GIF here for that D: Nanao’s expressions those final few pages, going from moved and comforted to absolutely miserable just, UGH.

  95. @ fencer_x

    Those final pages were like getting punch in the stomach repeatedly. It felt like torture just watching poor Nanao. My poor kokoro got punted into the depths of despair.

    Now, we have to wait some time before we get any sort of resolution. Cruel, just plain cruel.

    **I’m really sorry, but the reply function is not working for me. :( **

  96. KiraYamato44,

    (sounds like you may be having issues with javascript? I believe the reply function relies on javascript. If it’s worked before, you can probably try restarting your browser?)

  97. Thank you for a new chapter! :D

  98. Yup, it seems I’m having Java issue. I’ll have to update it; it seems.

  99. even though this chapter is just so depressing, but can we just appreciate those little things like Kuon and Kimiko’s interaction?

    i really loved that bit because in the Warui verse where the elder sibling is pretty much against their younger brother’s relationship or is just completely clueless about it, here we have Kuon and Kimiko being aware of those matters and have this kind of understanding between them. and i have to hand to Kuon’s straightforwardness thus Kimiko trusts him in return because she is just awesome like that. i am loving their dynamics.

    and with these two people backing up Nanao, i hope he can see how loved he is and value himself more.

  100. au,

    That was probably my favorite part! As if I needed another reason to love her–she clearly understands that something’s up with Nanao and that Kuon is ‘different’, special. She loves Nanao in her special sisterly way and knows that what he has with Kuon needs to be nurtured, and that Kuon truly loves him ;_;

  101. @fencer

    i know~ that interaction only occupies a page but it rather speaks more than that. we need this kind of interactions between other Aikawa and Shirahane siblings too especially the Aikawas.. not just them being portrayed as this one-dimensional, protective big brothers to Towa (although i can somehow see their point about their dislike towards Mikado because he is manipulative and he does not really give them a reason to like him AFAIK). i am hoping that this kind of plot would be used hopefully for another installment of Mujihi and that Hisa-nii would not just be a wallflower-like character. i am awaiting for his moment.

  102. OMG!!!!
    Going to read it right now!!!

  103. Thank you so very much for all the hard work, potentially heart wrenching hard work, put into this chapter!

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