[summary] No.6 ~ 33

October 6, 2013 // no. 6

Type: Summary
Chapter: 33
Series: No.6
Author/Circle: Kino Hinoki, Asano Atsuko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Notes: Here’s where we start to veer drastically away from the anime, following instead the original novels to their ultimate end. Strap in and don’t worry if you don’t remember the anime going this way :)

The countdown to the climax has started! In front of City Hall–the Moondrop–rioutous crowds have gathered, demanding the mayor be brought out for them to pass judgement upon.

The mayor, Fennec, watches in horror from the Moondrop, heedless of the words of his associate who seems unruffled by what’s going on. How can he possibly remain calm in the face of such chaos?!

His associate reasons that this is simply something they must endure until they collect enough energy to awaken that. Once they do, and have it under their control, these little kerfluffles will die down.

Another 24 hours…and this will all be over. Fennec can’t wait that long–it must be awakened within 12 hours.

“Oh? Someone’s quite impatient… Don’t tell me you’re still laboring under the notion that the Moondrop is the core of No.6?”

Fennec is confused–so his associate elaborates. What No.6 needs most now is the Correctional Facility. It’s now the brain and heart of the city. The Moondrop is little more than an administrative body; so long as the Correctional Facility is sound, No.6 is safe.

Just then, though, word comes in that fires are breaking out across the city as city computers self-destruct–and that includes the Correctional Facility.

Now it’s time to panic.

They view video footage of the carnage–and within it spot a great shadow.

But…She was supposed to be far more beautiful than this ugly wreckage they see now, so much more elegant

Shion watches everything explode.

‘This is a dream. You escaped the correctional facility and are now back in Lost Town. So this is a dream. You’re hallucinating.’

Shion hears these words, but they don’t quite take–it’s far too real to be a dream, so does this mean he came back to watch?

And what is that…?

Nezumi: It’s Elyurias.
Shion: Nezumi…?

Shion wakes to find himself in the clinic he brought Nezumi to–Inukashi is dozing against him, and Rikiga is out like a light snoring on a narrow bench.

Shion remains convinced it wasn’t a dream though–he was seeing something real.

He rustles about in his pocket and finds the thumb drive that Rou gave him–then hooks it to a computer and begins to inspect its contents: all of Rou’s research on the founding of No.6, the Correctional Facility…and Elyurias.

A door opens behind him, and out comes the doctor–they’ve managed to save Nezumi’s life. Shion nearly breaks down with gratitude, thanking him over and over again.

The doctor addresses Shion by name–and when asked how he knows it, the doctor remarks that he recognized Shion from a news report on his being remanded to the Correctional Facility. He couldn’t believe that an elite student such as Shion was a murder–in large part, because the same thing had happened to his younger brother, 5 years prior.

The boy had refused to pledge allegience to the city and been called to the Moondrop. Two weeks later, he’d returned, but while he’d been very bright and talkative before, he now hardly spoke a word. A short while later, he took his own life. The shock made their mother collapse, and she died in short order after that as well–two victims taken by this city.

This man is a victim as well, Shion recognizes, and wonders just how many lives No.6 has been responsible for taking over the years.

The doctor compliments Shion’s mother on managing to stay strong despite Shion being taken from her–probably because she believed so surely that Shion would come back. And now he has. Changed though he may be, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Inukashi enters here, remarking that West Block residents have always seen the city as some blood-sucking parasite, like a vampire, never any manner of utopia.

Shion is anxious to see Nezumi and asks for leave to do so–which he receives, and is directed to the second floor where he’s resting. Shion hurries toward the staircase, passing Youmin along the way, but he’s far too focused on seeing Nezumi again to give more than a passing thought to Youmin just now.

Shion: ‘I want to see Nezumi…! I want to see him… Nezumi…!’

He takes a breath…then reaches out and slides the door open.

The nursebot attempts to stop him from disturbing her patient, but Shion begs to be allowed to see him. He’s grateful to her for her help. but he desperately wants to see Nezumi.

She agrees, and Shion draws back the curtain…

Shion: Nezumi…

He slumps against the side of the bed, relieved. Nezumi sruvived. He’s alive. Nezumi is alive. It’s all he can think, and the soft sound of Nezumi’s steady heartbeat echoes in his ears.

“Didn’t I tell you? This guy always manages to make it out of tough scrapes! There was never any reason to worry.” Inukashi and Rikiga finally join them in the room. They ask the robot–Aria (note: is this the robot’s actual name in the novels as well? Or is this a nod to the magazine it’s running in, Aria?)–to bring along something to eat, and they’re shortly presented with some steaming cups of soup, quite akin to manna from heaven at this point.

He silently begs Nezumi–Open your eyes. Open them and have a cup of this soup… Show me those eyes brimming with life just–once–more.
Shion sips the soup–it’s tasty, and makes him recall such soup enjoyed with Nezumi on more halcyon days than this.

And remarkably, Nezumi moans softly–though he does no more. Rikiga suspects the anesthesia is still working on him, so he probably won’t wake for a while.

Inukashi is just glad they all managed to make it out alive–and the Correctional Facility is now destroyed, to boot! Shion says it’s all thanks to Inukashi and Rikiga that they made it out, and Inukashi wonders aloud if it never crossed Shion’s mind when he jumped down that garbage chute that the two of them wouldn’t be there waiting for them.

Shion: Nope, I never thought that. I knew you two would be there, waiting for us. And I wasn’t the only one; Nezumi trusted as well, I’m sure.

Inukashi reminds Shion that he owes them big time now and fully intends on collecting for all this life-threatening activity they’ve gotten involved in. Rikiga states that he intends to invoice ‘Eve’ for a fair amount of money later.

…But they all quickly dissolve into laughter, a respite well-earned.

Shion recalls silently, though, that Safu had been waiting for them as well. She’d been smiling, at the end, and he’s sure she had waited for them so that she might escape too. But he couldn’t save her… He couldn’t be there for her like Inukashi and Rikiga were there for him.

He’ll never forget her–never could, even if he’d wanted to. He’ll forever remember what she has given to him.

Inukashi wonders what will become of West Block; with the Correctional Facility destroyed and the entrance gate blown away–maybe the whole wall will come down next. How will the people of West Block be expected to interact with the citizens who’ve treated them like filth?

Shion understands the confusion–what’s going to rise up in this world with no walls now? There’s no way it will be all sunshine and daisies. He can’t even begin to imagine now.

Nezumi is immediately awake and on guard–

Nezumi: Douse the lights! Out with them–quick!

They immediately move to comply, and before Shion can protest, Nezumi orders him to be quiet and not to move a muscle.

The four wait in the darkness–and then everything explodes to life again as the Security Bureau burst through, ordering everyone not to move or they’ll fire.

They’re trapped.

To be continued…


  1. wow just when i thought things might get a little better, more stuff happens. I want to see Shion’s mom though and what’s going on with her.
    Thanks so much for the summary! I get so excited whenever you post it up! We all appreciate it.

  2. AAAAAAH! Thank you! <33

    FFF, for some reason Nezumi reminds me a lot of Rin now. Or well, Rin reminded me of Nezumi a lot while watching Free! (the "go ahead and laugh~" + the way he improvised the "let's write messages on the bricks" thing and seemed so comfortable being the centre of attention? I could totally see Rin go into acting, he's so dramatic already & he wouldn't even need a stage name. ALSO friendly reminder that Rin'd make a really freaking hot Ophelia: http://lanessa29.tumblr.com/post/60956591185/couldnt-resist-xd-hey-there-pretty-lady-xd <- guh.) so now I can't unsee the resemblance… not to mention the OP (with the boys standing across from each other) and time skip. :'D

    FREE! HAS ME SO BRAINWASHED. Why am I commenting about Free! on a NO.6 post? I am so sorry.

    BRB imagining Rin with longer hair.


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