[summary] No.6 ~ 32

September 8, 2013 // no. 6

Type: Summary
Chapter: 32
Series: No.6
Author/Circle: Kino Hinoki, Asano Atsuko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Notes: HAPPY SEPTEMBER 7, 2013! In case you didn’t realize, Shion is canonically born September 7, 2001–which makes his 12th birthday (and the day he meets Nezumi) September 7, 2013 :D Hope you celebrate properly~!

When we last left our boys, they’d just come tumbling out of a trash chute, battered and bloody and unconscious as they landed safely on a mattress before Inukashi and Rikiga.

Shion is the first to stir, urging Inukashi to see to Nezumi, whom he feels is the worse off–he has to get Nezumi to a hospital, quickly.

Rikiga tosses Nezumi over his shoulder, and they all three make a break for it as the Correctional Facility loses stability, exploding around them.

They make it out just in time–but Nezumi is still unconscious and refuses to respond to Shion’s urges to wake. Inukashi tells Rikiga to bring the truck around, but Rikiga argues that it’s too dangerous to move him after all the blood he’s lost, and there’s nowhere in West Block with the facilities to care for him.

Shion isn’t so sure, though–he knows where the perfect hospital is:

“In there.” No.6 is where they must take Nezumi if they’re to save him.

Inukashi and Rikiga are certain it’s impossible, hut Shion adamant and asks Rikiga for the key. He’ll drive Nezumi into No.6, while the others hang back.

Rikiga maintains it cannot be done; it’s far too dangerous given what they’ve just barely managed to escape–

“GIVE IT TO ME. Give. Me. The key.” Shion will brook no more contest, and the dark look in his eyes dares the others to challenge him. Inukashi can’t even recognize this as Shion anymore.

But Nezumi rouses at this and tells Shion to stop, it’s enough; Shion mustn’t go near that place anymore.

Shion ignores him and bows his head low and begs Rikiga for the key. Inukashi eventually convinces him to give in and let Shion go–and Inukashi will go along as well…which pushes Rikiga to invite himself along for a ‘pleasant little drive’ too. They all four pile in and are off!

The gate is a flaming mess, though–but nevertheless, Rikiga barrels through in the truck as they all brace for impact. They manage to make it through. Shion directs them into the interior of No.6, where they head for the nearest medical facility. Only No.6 residents can enter the facility, but one of the doctors there is a patron of Karan’s. Their only choice is to rely on them to save Nezumi.

They pass through the forest on the outer edges of No.6–and when they break into No.6 proper, the sky seems to be on fire. Everything is burning.

Karan comforts Renka, Lili’s mother, who’s lost contact with her husband, Getsuyaku.

The television screen flickers on–revealing Youmin of all people, who’s urging the citizens of No.6 to recognize the lie they’re living, tossing up an image of all of the people killed by No.6 for voicing dissent.

Including Shion.

The citizens must rise up and take back their city–fight, fight, fight. Mobs of angry residents demand the mayor make an appearance and answer–but No.6’s army stops them, ordering them to disperse.

The citizens are wary at first–but given that residents from all walks of life, Lost Town and Chronos alike, are here, they are certain force won’t be deployed against them.

They’re quickly proven wrong, but the deaths at the hands of the soldiers only foment more resentment and more uprising. Karan watches it all unfold, seeing the city finally exacting its revenge on the people who’ve tried to control it, maintaining order at all costs.

But this isn’t the way to go about this, she silently warns. What good can come of involving innocents like this? What will they put in place of No.6, built on the bodies of all these sacrifices?

She resolves to try and think of another way to avoid disaster with Renka–they still have hope in their children.

Shion and the others finally arrive at the hospital, calling out for the doctor to save Nezumi.

The doctor recognizes Shion vaguely, and he reminds him of his identity as Karan’s son. He begs the doctor to help Nezumi, to please save him, and the doctor responds that it is his solemn duty to help with all he has when there’s someone hurt standing in front of him.

They maneuver Nezumi onto a stretcher, but Shion can’t bring himself to let go of Nezumi completely and has to be bodily pulled off by Inukashi. The doctor disappears into the back room with Nezumi to see to him, and Inukashi tries to calm Shion down, offering to stay by his side.

Inukashi holds him close, commenting that they always thought comfort wasn’t worth anything…but if Shion wants to be comforted, they’re there to do so.

“He’ll be just fine–as if he could kick the bucket like this. He’s nowhere near frail enough to just drop off from this kind of thing.”

Inukashi urges Shion to sleep–otherwise they can’t fight again tomorrow. Their battle isn’t over yet.

Shion reflects that he understands that perfectly well–he knows they have more to do…but if he lost Nezumi…if he had to face the next day without Nezumi at his side, he couldn’t remain a fighter.

/What a weakling. So frail, you can’t do anything./

‘Ridicule me, Nezumi. Scorn me, tease me–I don’t whether it’s a sneer or one borne from derision, just…I want to hear you laugh again…’

‘I beg you…let me hear it again.’



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