[manga] Porotto Koboreta

September 3, 2013 // puchitto hajiketa

Type: Manga
Series: Porotto Koboreta ~ Drip-Droppers
Author/Circle: Kanda Neko
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Notes: If this sounds a lot like Puchitto Hajiketa ~ Cherry Poppers, it’s for good reason! This is a one-shot that just ran in Drap featuring Rui, Ashitaka’s friend from Cherry Poppers, and a man of his own :D It does seem to be just a one-shot and not the start of a new story focusing on them, but if more should come out, we’ll be sure to get right on it!


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  4. Yesh! Since I read Puchitto I have been wondering if there’d be any stories focusing on Rui. And BAM! This appears! This seriously made my day!
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  13. “If this sounds a lot like Puchitto Hajiketa ~ Cherry Poppers”

    exactly my first thought when I read the newsletter mail xD

    thanks for the work, I’d love to see more of them, let’s hope for another short story or even more x3

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  17. Thaaank you very much! It’s really sad that it’s only a oneshot… Are you going to scan the other spin-off from Puchitto?

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  37. Thanks so much! I could’ve handled a few more chapters of this though. I adore Rui and feel like he deserved a lot more in the development of this relationship.

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  39. WAIII~~! Thank you so much! I love Kanda-sensei and all works written by her! I can’t wait to sit down and read it after work tonight! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

  40. super cute =) =) I like how the seme wears his collared shirts with the sleeves rolled up… thank you for this lovely one shot! this author’s art is so nice to look at. =]

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  43. Thank you for this! I love the Puchitto Hajiketa world, so any little dip in there is loved! And I do hope that sensei decides to make this into series, even if it’s a ‘smaller’ one like Poppers. But even if not, it’s cute, adorable, and quite enjoyable. <3

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  51. nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can’t believe it! I’m actually crying, this is one of the best manga ever written and is so short! ;_;

    I was hoping there’ll be a secuel, but i’m glad that Neko-sensei at least publishes some more (even if it’s from Rui)

    Thanks for translating! ^^

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  56. OMG! This is soo nice. Hahaha. I always loved this story, too bad Cherry Poppers is so short. :'(

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    Those two are adorable~

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    If you want a series update quicker, feel free to hire us. Otherwise, sit quietly and wait. We will get to it when we have the time and manpower.

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  102. omg! puchitto is my fav~ thanks for a different angle to Rui’s love life~ though i though Rui would prefer those super semes type. btw drools at Rui’s one shot @@ *nosebleed* thanks for this update. as always, keep up the good work!

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