[subtitles] Free! ~ Iwatobi High School Swimming Club Minutes, CD 1

August 24, 2013 // free!, subtitles

Type: Subtitles
Series: Free!
Author/Circle: Kyoto Animation
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, mediafire
Notes: This is a subtitled version of the first Free! drama CD which recently went on sale. All of the tracks included in the drama CD have been stitched together to make this AVI subtitled version, so it’s a bit lengthy (~44 min) and therefore a little large (~65 mb). Hope you enjoy! We’ll be doing the second CD when it’s released as well :D Many thanks to tumblr user fujoshidiary for letting us use her rip since our copy was on back-order and hasn’t made it to us yet!

As a note, anyone is free to upload mirrors or to video sharing sites if they feel like it to help others enjoy ^^ Please be sure to credit us, though! This was a lot of work @___@


  1. THANKS!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this! :3

  3. Awesome!! Been reading the teasers on tumblr XD So now I’m really curious to hear the rest!
    Thanks for such quick work on the drama CD!!

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  5. Could you re-up on another place?? Mega doesn’t work for me T.T

    Anyway, thank you so much!!


  6. woahh awesome,! thank you!

  7. Nice! Thanks loads! <3

  8. Rena,

    As we tell everyone who asks such things: No, please resolve downloading issues on your own. Unless there is some problem with the upload in general, please wait for someone to upload another mirror or ask a friend to help you. We have already done enough, and uploading mirrors is more time taken away from our already busy schedules.

  9. Fencer,

    Hmm, I see. Sorry for the trouble. Will ask my friend who can do it then ^^

    Thanks a bunch!!


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  11. Here is a mirror, hope it works for people who can’t use mega: http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/18339649/file.html

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  15. Thank you very much for this! I’ve read the translations on tumblr and I’ve been really wishing to listen to them! Keep up the good work! Have a nice day ^^

  16. uhh, i can’t reply to my own post, so here is a video stream as well:


  17. xKiYoMiNaTiONx,

    Will you be posting it to tumblr? I’d like to reblog it if you do :) (I’m pretty sure you can embed vimeo links in tumblr, right?)

  18. @fencer_x, yep I just posted it on tumblr =) my username on tumblr is the same on here, and i just messaged you on there earlier ;)

  19. Thanks so much for this!!! :D

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  21. Thanks for another great Free! release. You guys are great!

  22. wahh Thank you so much for translating this!

  23. omg awesome! =) I had originally just saved a translation in a word doc and was going to read along but… AWESOME SO AWESOME *happy* thank you so much!!!

  24. Thanks for the hard work ^^

  25. Bless you all for doing this <3

  26. So happy that you love “Free!” as much as we love <3
    Thank you for all your hard work~!!

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  28. Thank you! You did a great job on this. It was hilarious. :)

  29. This is the best, i never had listened a cd drama because i didnt understand but this is the first time i watch it in this form!! and i love it :D Thank you very mucho!

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  33. Thank you so much for subbing the Drama CD and sharing it!!! XD
    Nagisa always crack me up with all his nonsense hahaha~ And I seriously love the Samezuka side in this CD~ Once again, thank you so much for your hard work!!! ^^

  34. May I ask why you still use inferior .avi files instead of .mkv ones? The latter’s quality is much better than the former’s after all.

  35. anon,

    Because they’re easier to work with and just how much ‘quality’ do you really think is being lost when the ‘video’ consists of a black background and white text? lol.

    We’re not subbing anime here; we’re putting translations and audio together in a visual format to facilitate appreciation of both. AVI is easy to work with, easily recognized by our users, and there’s no POINT in using anything that’s going to give ‘better quality’ when there’s no reduction in quality to be appreciated.

  36. Yes! I was wishing that you guys would do this!! Thank you so much!!! I’ll be waiting for the 2nd one when it comes out hehe.

  37. Thank you!

    Out of interest, are there any plans to translate/sub the Free web radios? They’re hilarious from the 50% that I can understand.

  38. Thank you!

  39. OMGGGG THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!! there are a lot of scenes i’d really DIE to see the animate version, like Rei on cosplay, OMFG.. and the little Haru wearing girl’s swimsuit, aiyayayaya, and the show-off-muscle-at-public-bath scene o____o /droll/ Gou now i know your feeling haha^^
    thanks for this, very very cute^^<333
    and thanks to xKiYoMiNaTiONx also for the mirror^^ my IDM can't merge with mega, so you save me from the trouble^^

  40. omg! thank you so much, having so much fun listening to this!
    once again, thank you!! :D

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  46. Thank you !!!! this drama CD is so cute !

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  48. Thank you!!! I hope there’s more drama CDs coming out :O

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