[manga] Otokogokoro ~ 14

August 21, 2013 // otokogokoro

Type: Manga
Series: Otokogokoro ~ A Man’s Heart
Author/Circle: Kanda Neko
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Forum Discussion: HERE
Notes: This is it! It’s touted as the ‘climax’ to their story and has a very final title to it (simply “Heart”), so I think now is, unfortunately, the time to bid our farewells to Saki and Jun! Perhaps we’ll see them again if she explores Kii’s potential relationship that was hinted a few chapters back–we’ll be sure to keep you posted! We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed these darlings~!


  1. Thank you for all your hard work!! Gonna miss Saki and Jun, but I hope Kii will get his story after this XD


  2. Thank you so much!! Very sad to see them go – what a lovely manga! Thanks very much for all your hard work throughout another brilliant series :D

  3. Thank you! Hmmm… I wonder if I how early I can drop my kids off at school…

  4. aww, noooooo~~ *silent scream* I am soo hooked with them, I will totally miss them! Yeah, hope sensei will be interested in Saki’s affair, and maybe some time in the future wanting to continue this too! Thank you very much for your hard work!

  5. Thank you so much for the final chapter! I do hope there is a extra or something, that gives us a peek into their lives after they start living together! =) it would be funny to see Kii’s story as well- I really came to like him as the series went on. Thank you again for all your hard work! =D

  6. Thank you so much for the release!

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  8. Of course we’ve enjoyed this lovely couple’s story~! And thank you guys so much for all your hard work!!! <3 <3

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  10. Thanks for this! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this pair!! ^_^ Job Well Done!

  11. Thank you for the release!! It’s been really fun reading about Jun and Saki :’D Thank you again for bringing us this lovely project!

  12. Thank you very much~!! ^^

  13. Thanks a lot for the last chapter of the series! Really appreciate all your hard work!!

  14. Thank you !

    I’ll miss them but I’m not losing hope about seeing them again, in a side story about Aki and Alvah (I always had a little problem about that chapter, I mean Alvah appeared just like that, gave us some hints and bye bye disappeared … just like that「(°ヘ°) )

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    THANK YOU!!!!! *chu*

  16. Thank you so much for all the hard work.

  17. Thank you very much! ♥

  18. Thank you for the hard work! Aww, sad to see this series end.

    How come Jun is so blurred in the last panel of the last page? :0

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  20. Love these two – gonna miss ’em! Thank you so much!!<3

  21. AppleShark,

    Issues with flattening the magazine, and we couldn’t get it corrected in time for release :/ We’re working on making sure it doesn’t happen again!

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  23. Thank you so much.. =)

  24. awww thank you. i just love re-reading this author’s work (and thanks to YOU, i am able to!!), so if the story’s done, it’s for the best. have loved it. xoxo

  25. I feel extremely sad that it has come to an end. I LOVE JUN/SAKI SO MUCH!
    But thanks for bringing it to us!

  26. Thank you so much for this~ Absolutely adore this series ♥


  28. Aww.. thank you!! Love these cuties!

  29. thank you so much <3

  30. Thank you so much for sharing ^0^
    I hope there’ll be more ufufu

  31. Thank you for this series!! It is a great one and I’m sad that it is over.

  32. Waaaah!! Another cute manga has been finished!! I’ll miss you JUn! Saki!
    Uuuuuuu!!! T.T

    I hope there will be a story for Kii… I’m interested for the progress of them :D

    *Crosses Fingers!!!*

    Thanks guys for doing this!!!

  33. thank you for this release! i will surely miss this couple.

    this is the happiest day of my week~

  34. Thank you sooo much for this wonderful manga …. Really appreciate the time and effort you all put in to brink this to us xxx

  35. thank you for the hard work :)

  36. Thank you so much for sharing this cute, loving story with us. I’ve really enjoyed reading this. Sensei writes such sweet stories. (^_^)

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  38. I’ll miss this couple, thank you very much for all your hard, lovely work!!!!

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  40. omg, thank you so much for these two. I have enjoyed them sooooooo much, thanks to you guys!! I will soak up as much as I can while reading thiissss.. T_____T then rinse and repeat as I read the whole thing over again lol. Thank so mucho!!

  41. Thank you so much for the chapter! I love it!

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  45. Thank you guys so much! I was so happy reading this story and I’m sad it’s over now I’ll miss them so much ~_~ . Even so I’m so greatful for all your hard work! Thank you.

  46. Thank you very much for your hard work and for sharing!
    Although I’m a bit sad if this is really the end to this series T_T

  47. Thank you so much for this! I’m sad that his is the end but hopefully she might do more! XD

  48. Thanks!!

  49. Thank you so much! It’s so sad to see them go. This is one of my favorite titles, and by far one of the cutest.

  50. Nooooooo I don’t want want it to be the end! I love Saki and Jun so much. ;__; I really want to thank everyone at September for introducing us all to Saki and Jun, and for all your hard work. <3

  51. ohhh, thank you so much for these! I want to thank you for introducing me to KANDA Neko, I’d have never read her otherwise. Thank you so much!

  52. No!!!! The final??? so sad….
    Thank you so much for the new chapter!

  53. So it finally ends, it was bound to happen sooner or later :/

  54. Dzięki, naprawdę podoba mi się ta seria. pozdrawiam

  55. Aww, sad that it’s ending, but it was great while it lasted! And maybe you can do another April Fool’s Day panel with them, lol. Anyway, thank you very much for your work on this series! =D

  56. Thank you soooo very much for bringing to us this awesome couple!! I’ll miss those two a lot!

  57. Hope we can see them once in a while T_T thank you very much for bringing this sweet couple to us! *bows*

  58. thank you so much, I realllly loved these two, so warm and sweet,
    I will miss them

  59. Thanks so much!!! :D

  60. Thank you very much for the releases and your hard work~!!!!!
    I am really happy to read the stories of Jun & Saki ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
    actually I don’t like the idea of ending their story now, they just so pure, so pitter patter and lovely story to be waited. Jun & Saki character are just so cute cool and completed each other..
    I’ll miss them a lot..and hope there’ll be some extras stories..

  61. This was so sweet. Thank you for all your hard work. I truly enjoyed this lovely manga. ^^

  62. Thank you very much for this release~!

  63. Thank you very much for all the hard work on this story. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

  64. Thank you; I enjoyed this series so much; I think Jun is the cutest character ever <3. I loved everything about it; the story, the characters and the art, but the whole thing was so much like a really good day it leaves a really good feeling and nothing you want to talk about, since talking would kind of spoil it ^^'
    Thank you once again for the lovely experience ^^/

  65. Thank you very much! <3

  66. Thank you very much for new release!!~)

  67. Thank you so much. ^-^

  68. Thanks so much for scanlating this and for all your hard work! I’m really gonna miss saki and jun

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  70. thank you so much :D

  71. Thank you for your hard work!
    I will miss this series. But, I have this inkling feeling that there will be something more.
    I hope my feeling is right.
    Thanks again!

  72. Thank you so much, so very-very-very very much!!!
    I’ll miss for Saki and Jun, esp. for Jun (he is so sweet!).

    But I still hope there will be at least something about them, maybe a little extra or so.

  73. thank you so much for completing this! all the best to you guys! <3

  74. Thank you so much! <3

  75. Thank you very much for your hard work. I’ll miss them: !!Jun is so cute and saki san is soooo cool. Very sweet and heart warming story..Thank You sensei, and thank you guys !

  76. Thank you very much!!!^-^

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  78. Thank you very much! But I think it still will have another chapter. http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=99072

  79. Ana,

    …Why would you think that link in any way indicates it will have another chapter? o_O It’s done, the magazine said it was. If it was because that FAN-RUN site said it wasn’t completely scanlated, well I just changed it to say it was. That’s how easy it is to fix it.

    It’s in no way to be trusted over the scanlators.

  80. Thanks for the release! ^_^

  81. Waaaahhh.. So sad seeing this series end!!! ;o;
    Jun is damn one of the cutest uke EVER–like, he’s naturally fluffy unlike e.g., Okane ga Nai’s Ayase (I can barely see him as a boy, lol). In terms of innocent ukes, he’s on par with Katekyo!’s Rintarou =w=
    Well, hope this couple would make a cameo in Alva x Rin’s arc (if there is one). Thanks for your hard work!! ^o^)/

  82. ,,Alva x Kii*

  83. Awww… so sad this series has come to an end. I absolutely adore this manga and I’m very glad you guys shared it with us. It’s been a lot of fun and hopefully Kanda-sensei will show more of this couple again in the future. :)

    Thanks for your hard work~!

  84. Thank you so much!!!!! I’m really sad that this story is coming to an end- it’s one of my favorites and always makes me happy when I read it. Crossing my fingers for a story about Kii!!!!!

  85. >.< too bad its the end
    thank you so much <3

  86. Aaaaaaw, I am gonna miss cute Jun and gorgeous Saki-san, what am I gonna do?, sobs.
    Thank you so much for the hard work ^ ^

  87. I swear I say this all the time: can these two get any freaking cuter!?!?! Let’s hope for more of these two, especially living together, OMG! That’d be fantastic. And yeah, Kii needs some loving too. ^_^ Thanks September Scans for this wonderfully adorable series. ^____________^

  88. Thank you for all of your work on this one!

  89. Thank you for your hard work!!!!! Awww this is the end…it’s kinda sad :( But thanks for all your scans!!!! <3

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  91. come onnn, time jump!! *crosses fingers and hopes* thank you so much for your work, they are as adorable as ever !

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  94. Thank you so much!
    Saki and Jun really are darlings… I’ll miss them so much. ; v ;

    If there is a continuation with Kii’s story, it would certainly be hilarious especially with that other guy’s (forgot his name) pursuit for his love. <3
    However, I think I saw this from somewhere but someone said that Kii's voice actor would be pretty damn amazing if it was Miyano Mamoru… I died of laughter. Every time I see him when I reread Otokogokoro, I hear Miyano-san's voice. "orz
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going to miss this manga so much.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work! (:

  95. AWW MAAAN IM SO SAD ITS OVEER T___T they are the cutest yaoi couple ever…probably my favourite of all time, Thank you very muccch! ^___^

  96. Thanks you thanks you for the new chapter of this series!! I love this series so much!

  97. Thank you for introducing me to this manga. I love this couple. It’s very refreshing to read a no fuss love story….

  98. Thank you so much for this :)

  99. I love this manga! Many, many thanks for the release!

  100. Thank you so much for your hard work

  101. Aww, I’m both a bit sad and a bit glad their story is over. Glad, because all good things should end instead of being drawn out past their “best before date”. Hopefully there’ll be an extra or two when the tank comes out (one can hope). But man, Jun is so cuuute when he’s flustered (“really really wants to” scene)!

    I’ll also catch up with commenting on other releases this summer:
    Yukina no baai was, again, so cute. I really started to like both Yukina and Kisa-san much more since experiencing them from Yukina’s eyes. That said, Yukina & Ritsu scene from the cover of Sekaiichi volume had me rolling on the floor. Tee-hee.

    Yokozawa no baai book 4 – yeah! Chapter 8 – double yeah! Manga extra – I ran out of yeahs… Thanks for introducing me to this couple and providing the steady steam of high-quality translations. And not to mention very readable fan-fiction: now I’ve realised you were crossinthenight on AO3, let me tell you how much I’ve enjoyed “From the Ground Up”, and am looking forward to further installments of your new AU. :)

  102. I’m gonna miss reading new chapters on this sweet couple! Thanks for all the releases!

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  105. Thank you very much :* hoping for more chapters to be released in the future >.<

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  108. will miss them. thank you:)

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  110. thanks a lot for all the hard work! I’ll be missing them! çwç

  111. I love this manga,thanks for your hard work *-*

  112. Love the story, thank you so much for the release ^_^

  113. Many thanks for the latest chapter of this lovely manga and your hard work!

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