[doujinshi] Free! ~ Blue Monday

August 17, 2013 // free!, rin/haruka

Type: Doujinshi
Blue Monday
Series: Free!
Author/Circle: Hagi
Pairing: Nanase Haruka/Matsuoka Rin
Rating: NC-17
Language: English

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  1. Hagi is awesome. Thanks for spreading the love. I hope more people get to know about this doujinshika and support her work!

  2. Thank you!!! Looking forward to seeing more Free! doujinshis from you guys XDD (especially sharkbait stuff!)

  3. kery,

    It’s my first time seeing her work, but A+++++ author would buy from again!

  4. ukyaaaaa thanks for working on Free! doujin!! kyaa kyaa
    ah eventho too bad you amazing guys and girls aren’t HaruXMako shippers, i think can live with any Free! doujins you’re working on^^ ganbatte september scans team!

  5. A Free! doujinshi !! Thanks a lot, I love it :) Hope you do more of them ^^

  6. You guys are into Free!?? I’m so happy, I’m crying!!! I kinda like them the other way around lol, but the art and the sex and Rin and Haru were still super delicious! :D And OMG a Free! doujinshi event? I’m so jealous! Can’t wait for any Rei/Nagisa too!

  7. Thank you so much !!!

  8. Thank You, Thank You!!!! <3 You ^_^

  9. OMG! Thank you!! ///

  10. Thank you so much!!!!<3

  11. Thanks a lot!! really tho! <33
    Glad that you guys are sailing the same ship as I am. ;D

  12. Thank you, I love this pair. <3

  13. Thank you, I love this pair <3

  14. Woah, such a surprise, thank you very much for Free! doujinshi! I’m not Makoto/Haru shipper either and I love so much for the two pairing you guys ship!!! thanks a lot!

  15. Kyaaa <3 Rin e Haru <3 Thank you so much!!!!

  16. FI. NAL. LY.
    owh too bad, since because of the latest episode, I kinda wanna see Mako x Haru XD

    Thank you so much for your hardwork! :D

  17. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Reigisa and rinharu are my main ships!!! You made a non-makoharu shipper like me feel less alone and happier!!! Looking forward for the rest of the doujinshis!!! Thank you again for you hard work!!

  18. Arisa,

    All the cool kids ship Sharkbait 8D Great minds!

  19. gilgamesh,

    There are plenty of groups doing that pairing; we’re not interested in them at all, so we won’t be touching anything with them in it, sorry :/ We don’t ship multiships, so any pairing you see from us will be the only pairing we do doujinshi for with those characters.

  20. Thank you so much.

  21. Thank you ^_^

  22. uwaaa I love you guys!! C: THANK YOU!!

  23. Thank you!

  24. Thank you!

  25. Thank you so much.. =)

  26. I can’t thank you enough. This was absolutely wonderful and fabulous. I totally will hunt for this doujinka’s work in the future now–thanks for sharing her lovely piece!

    I can’t wait to see more of what you have stumbled upon and are willing to share with us fujoshi (and fudanshi). Free! is just so fantastic~~~ :>

  27. aw :'(
    i wanted a makoharu since that otp is too precious.
    ah wells, i’ll just wait for rei/nagisa.

  28. Thank you sooo much LOVE rin\haru very beautiful art ^•^

  29. tyler,

    -_- we’ve said we don’t like that pairing at all and will not be doing it. Please stop the whining for it :| It’s quite rude when we’ve said we don’t like a pairing to come in and say you wanted it.

  30. wahhhhh!!! seme haru here :D Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! <3 hopefully there is seme rin out there. . . also can't wait to read reigisa too :3 XD

  31. Thank yoouuuuuuu! <33

  32. Wow, thank you so much!

  33. Thank you very much~~ I love this pairing <33

  34. Oh wow! This is the first time I’ve ever differed in my taste of pairs with you guys, but I’ll deal ;). I look forward to your Haru/Rin doujinshi (or vice versa)! You guys never fail to impress me with your releases. Thank you for all your hard work.

  35. ohhhhhhh my god. i am ALL about this. rin/haru YEAH!!! you guys just simply rock i swear. thank you, yet again, for the amazing work. xoxoxo

  36. YES! UKE RIN!
    I love this dj to pieces; was grinning ear to ear through the whole thing. Thanks, September Scanlations!

  37. That was very cute. Thank you for that. I look forward to the other rin/haru doujiin you guys translate

  38. That was cute, thanks!

  39. Thank you so much <3
    I'm so happy with your pairing choice! :)

  40. Awww that was really CUTE XD

    THANX guyz

  41. Thank you so much for this~! I’ve only read one other Free! doujinshi so far, so I’m really glad you’ll be picking them up too ^__^

    Tbh, Nagisa x Rei are my OTP as they are just so cute together, but of course SharkBait are awesome too XD I’m glad you aren’t doing Makoto x Haru ’cause I don’t like that ship either, they should be best friends only in my opinion.

    Thanks again for this, and can’t wait for more XD

  42. Thank you so much! :D

  43. Thank you so much :)

  44. Thanks so much!!! ^^

  45. Thank you!

  46. Thank you very much! I really love your works.

  47. Oooh, lovely! I’m open for pretty much any pairing as long as it includes Rin, thanks a lot!:D

  48. so awesome – thank you!

  49. Guys thank you so much, you made my week with this!
    I just watched Free! yesterday and was kinda sad that most part of the fandom were Mako/Haru shippers and here I was with my burning love for Haru/Rin but AAHH O(≧∇≦)O I’m so happy that you guys ship them as well.
    So now I can wait for beautiful scanlations and translations of these stupid cute boys ♡ thank you for your work!

  50. Thank you so much! Never have I been to devastated to discover that a series was not BL – especially since it has the typical format and set-up. It seems such a shame to not explore what that would look like…and in comes a great fandom! Thanks so much!!!

    Also, of course it is Haru and Rin. That’s the whole set-up of the first episode, and anyone who’s read a lot of yaoi knows that whoever gets there first, wins. Also, they are far too obsessed with each other for it to go any other way.

  51. Thank you! =)

  52. Thank you!

  53. Yay, lotsa hugs for this Free! dj!. I have a question about the Sun/Mon joke. I get the Monday part but why is R so sluggish on Sundays? (< Sorry, would this be considered a spoiler?)

  54. Yay~! Thank you very much for this release~!

  55. LeoZ,

    I believe it’s because Haru gets there on Fridays, wants to screw all weekend, and so Rin’s really lethargic and exhausted on Sundays XD Which is when Haru is WORST about wanting to screw.

  56. marcia2sydney,

    That’s pretty much how I see it too XD; The best friend never wins unless the rival is a complete and utter asshole–and Rin’s pushy and selfish, but only because he ~needs~ Haru. If this were BL, I’m sorry Makoto, but your sweet ass would be friendzoned so hard XD;

  57. It is so sad that you don’t like Makoto I think he is very cute and I love the fear he has from ghost but I do love rin too!!!! XD
    Thank you so mo much guys!!!

  58. Thanks a lot for sharing ^^v

  59. You don’t know how much I love you right now . . .



  60. kyaaaa my OTP >.< Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  61. Congrats on the first Free! release! You’re stack of doujins looks beautiful on tumblr. Thank you very much!!

  62. Uwaaa! Love it, so cute!! Thanks so much!! ^^

  63. Thank you so much! I was a little bit surprised, that Rin is uke here, but his special teeth make a cute animal out of him. Aaah, I want him to bite me too )))

  64. I love you so much Fencer.! – (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Thank you very much !

  65. thank you :) I read it on your reader ’cause I can’t download from mega

  66. Mega is ignoring me today for some reason.
    Can you check that or add extra link if possible?
    Thank you.

  67. Thank you>>> I really love love love this pairing so much kyaaa ^3^

  68. angua,

    We do not provide mirror links. Please either wait or find someone to upload it somewhere else yourself. We have already done enough to make it available; mirror links are not our responsibility just because one or two people can’t manage to make it work. We’ve said this many, MANY times before.

  69. Thank you so much! Uke!Rin is my absolute favorite. I’m not a fan of MakoHaru myself.

  70. @fencer_x
    Some of the releases have more than one link.

  71. Thank you! I’m lookin forward to more Free! djs! ^__^

  72. angua,

    Our doujinshi never have, and we have explicitly asked before for people to NOT ask us for mirror links.

  73. Thank you very much! ♥

  74. thanks a bunch :D

  75. UGHH. This was so delicious. I loved it. It was super super super hot. <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!

  76. thank you <33333 i love uke rin xD

    btw, there was a typo on page 11 xD the first time i saw a typo in a September scan release i think *0* it's no biggie but i thought i'd point that out :3

  77. vy,

    Which part is the typo o_O “Let them all meld together” seems correct to me…

  78. I might just die of nosebleed right here D:

  79. Thank you for sharing ^0^

  80. OH sorry O_O i just assumed you meant “melt”, i probably rarely ever see “meld”. my bad, my bad xP

  81. Ahhh thank you! I love seme Haru :3


    It was sweet and hot.

    How about MakoRin? Just curious.

  82. Thank you so much for the release! ♥

  83. Thank you sooo much for this ;A; I largely prefer Rin bottoming <3 And I'm glad you don't do MakoHaru , cuz' I'm don't ship it neither.

    HaruxRin and NagisaxRei are my ultimate OTPs.

    I love you so much.

  84. kyaaa!! Thanks guys I’m so happy! :D I love Rin/Haru and Rei/Nagisa pairings too, I’ll look forward for your future releases, and thanks again! Have a nice day :D

  85. Woah! HaruXRin! I’ve always seen them the other way around so this was refreshing :D
    I’m so happy that you guys are Scanlating Free! Doujins!! I’ve been looking for good ones everywhere and it’s so difficult to find. Kinda sad that you guys don’t ship MakoXHaru they are my fav. LOVE YOU GUYS and keep up the great work <3

  86. Fujyoshikochan,

    MakoHaru already has more than the lion’s share of fanworks. We’re quite happy not to contribute to it when so many more interesting ships need material.

  87. Thanks for Free! DJ. I love this pair. <3 Rin x Haru & Haru x Rin rock!

  88. Ohmai! I haven’t read it yet but I guess it’s going to be worth the download!

    I’m a fan of MakoHaru but if it’s RinHaru, I don’t mind shipping them either. ♥

    Thank you for scanlating them! >///o///< I'll look forward to more ~ //excited to read it already

  89. マルカ,

    We appreciate everyone giving it a shot–but we really don’t need announcements from everyone about how they don’t ship this pairing but enjoyed it anyway :| It’s kind of a buzzkill hearing every other comment start off with “I ship MakoHaru but…!” or “Sad to hear you won’t be doing MakoHaru but…!”

    We don’t ship them because we patently do not like them :| You’re not endearing yourself to us by saying you ship them :/

  90. Thank you!

  91. I read this doujinshi so many times. Hagi is such a great artist <3

    Rin was such a cutiepie, still is. (I really love when Rin bottoms)

    It is a bit sad that almost all the Free! doujinshi are dominated by MakoHaru…I honestly only like those two as friends. They have a good bromance.

  92. Favourite ship from a great series in great style – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  93. ahhh i want to say thank you so much for scanlating this!! you guys did a superb job and it’s for my #1 free! otp too <333 i look forward to your nagirei pieces also!

  94. I’ve read it like 20 times. So hotttt~~~! ^^

  95. Thnx!!

  96. okay good, haru/rin is perfect.
    totally perfect.

  97. Uwaaaaa I love RinHaru so much ;A; thanks for ur translate I love you ;A;

  98. Uwaaaaa I love RinHaru so much ;A; thanks for ur hard working I love you ;A;

  99. Yessssss!!!
    Bless you and have a nice week!!
    Thank you very much for your hard work!!

  100. Thanks ! I love this anime so I really enjoy this dojin !!

  101. thanks :) this is an awesome doujin.

    though it’s kinda sad that you won’t do MakoHaru. i want to see haru as an uke. i’m excited for your future free! doujins scanlations.

    keep up your awesomeness :)

  102. diane,

    We’re quite glad we aren’t doing MakoHaru; there’s plenty out there for those, and fans of other dynamics deserve some nice HQ doujinshi too.

    We have plenty with Haru as uke as well, though. In fact, our next one coming up is RinHaru porn.

  103. Oh my god bless you guys and your rinharu shipping hearts. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more! <3

  104. Is Free! ridiculously big in Japan right now? I personally love it and it’s become a huge deal in China lately, not enough to be broadcasted on tv but enough to have baidu crash every other friday night… just wondering…
    Thank you for this, HaruxRin is the way it should be!

  105. Thank you very much

  106. I love you guys even more coz you’re not Makoharu shippers. Thanks for sharing *^*

  107. Cool, another Free doujinshi!! Thanks again!

  108. [reply removed due to user being banned for ignoring warnings from site mod]

  109. makomabel,

    I imagine they’re getting the idea from the fact that it’s true, lol? MakoHaru dominates the tumblr landscape, which is where 90% of the fandom activity takes place in the foreign side of things, and MakoHaru tables have outnumbered RinHaru 2:1 at recent doujinshi events in Japan–there were actually more MakoHaru tables than any other pairings put together.

    But we find that pairing exceedingly boring and far less interesting than the dynamic potential Rin and Haruka have, so that’s all we’re going to be doing.

  110. [reply removed due to user being banned for ignoring warnings from site mod]

  111. makomabel,

    When people who have been shown to be more knowledegable than you on a subject make a point, it’s best to just sit back and accept the lesson, not wall-of-text at them to say “well I like MakoHaru because it’s sweet and you suck because you don’t do it”. We were sharp in what we said about the pairing because people like you and others in comments STILL come at us and demand we scanlate a pairing we do not like. You compound our distaste for the pairing.

    If you want to be this hostile, by all means take it to tumblr or similar venues. But not in our comments. If you make such comments again, you will be banned.

    You will either conduct yourself in a polite manner here or you will not engage here at all. This is my website and I will choose which kind of discussions I want to have held on my personal site. Take it to social media if you think your voice ~needs to be heard~ and that I’m a big bully for saying how I feel about a pairing on my own site.

  112. Can we have some MakoHaru too? -^_^-

  113. le awesome me,

    No, as we’ve said time and time again: we do not like MakoHaru and will never translate anything with it, even as a background pairing. We strictly translate RinHaru/HaruRin and NagiRei/Reigisa. Please STOP ASKING :| It’s quite common knowledge that we do not like MakoHaru and you could have easily discerned as much from previous comments.

    • hi fencer_x,

      although i’m more of RinHaru/HaruRin and ReiNagi/NagiRei fan…

      i’m just curious, as to why you guys don’t like or wouldn’t do any MakoHaru Dj.
      if this was explained already may i have link of that post about it? * o *

      keep it up and long live RinHaru/HaruRin and ReiNagi/NagiRei pairings <3

      • Why would you ask this when the very comment you replied to explained why we don’t do it? We don’t like MakoHaru. We do like HaruRin. It’s that simple… Why would we scanlate something we don’t like?

  114. thanks for posting the download link , i thougth i had lost this doujin forever T.T

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