[doujinshi] No. 6 ~ After After the Credits Roll

February 14, 2012 // nezumi/shion, no. 6

Type: Doujinshi
After After the Credits Roll
Series: No.6
Author/Circle: Guragrit
Pairing: Nezumi/Shion
Rating: PG
Language: English

[Access frozen indefinitely]


  1. Karan’s timing is… XD thanks again

  2. Thank you very much! Gotta refresh on the previous doujin before reading

  3. This one was so adorable and funny!
    Thank you very much for this doujinshi! I missed my No.6 doujinshi dose xD

  4. Thank you! I’m so happy you guys do no.6 dj’s. I don’t think anyone else has done any <33

  5. Thank you!!

  6. Thanks very much for the doujinshi~!

  7. Thanks a lot for this story!

  8. thank u! and happy valentine’s day to u =)

  9. Gosh that was cute :) Thanks guys!

  10. Thank you! ^__^

  11. Thank U very much!

  12. thank you!~

  13. Thank you!! XD XD

  14. Thank u

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