[manga] Miwakujikake Amai Wana ~ 02

August 12, 2013 // miwakujikake

Type: Manga
Series: Miwakujikake Amai Wana ~ Lured into a Sweet Trap
Author/Circle: Nekota Yonezou
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Notes: Like the first chapter, this chapter also contains homophobic slurs, comedic (?) threats of sexual violence, and serious mentions of past sexual assault; read at your own risk! Given Nekota-sensei’s past issues with problematic content, this series is still on “probation” as we wait to see if it will be remotely tasteful in its treatment of sexual violence–meaning we reserve the right to drop it at any point we feel it’s not a fit for us. We’ll be sure to let you know if we do, though, so no worries about never knowing the fate of the series ^^

Given the sensitive nature of the content and the fact that we’re kind of tired of receiving lots of, “Well *I* didn’t think it was anything to get upset over!” comments, we’ll be turning off our comments for this series until we’re sure how we’re going to handle the series. We appreciate your thanks, and sorry to deprive you of the opportunity to show your gratitude, but just keep tuning in for more releases ^^


  1. I’ve never read Nekota’s work that have sensitive issues as you’ve warned us. Guess the scans out there has already limiting it into the fluffy ones ^_^
    Thank you for the release…

  2. Thank you for your hard work on this one!

  3. Mayuzu,

    If you’ve never read Hidoku Shinaide, I wouldn’t then :/

  4. Thank you so much

  5. @Mayuzu: Kami-sama no Ude no Naka: I think this is the one with problematic content.

  6. thank you so much

  7. Jae,

    That wasn’t the one I was referring to, since I haven’t read that (as I hear Michiru Heya is better than the original it’s based on, funnily enough), but it’s unsurprising to hear that an author that’s misstepped once is bound to do it again :/

  8. o.o She had some problematic contents?? D:
    I didn’t think it was that BAD considering other worse — far worse plots than this one :\
    Anyhow, crosses fingers, cuz I seriously like this plot. It’s very realistic C:
    Thanks for the scans :) And yeah, I do wish it won’t get too far from what you’ve expected until you’d stop this :)

  9. lynn,

    The fact that there are series with far more offensive content than any given title doesn’t have any effect on the level of problematic content in that title :/

  10. Thank you for your hard work! I’m looking forward to viewing this chapter! Have a good week!

  11. I really never saw Hidoku Shinaide as having problematic content as such. Yes, it had sensitive issues, but as it was, it was only in the first couple of chapters, really. Then it became a ‘normal’ yaoi with the same relationship issues as any other.
    The homophobic slur in this series is not one I’m fond of, but it is part of the character who does it for now.

    Anyways, thanks for the work on it.

  12. A,

    Blackmailing for sex = rape, and regardless of when it happens, it happens and informs the entire relationship. Rape does not automatically become okay just because it happened in the past of a sexual relationship, and the fact that Nekota treats it lightly is more than enough reason to give her future series wide berth.

    Comparing a character using a slur to a character raping another seems a bit ridiculous :/ They’re both reprehensible, but that’s about where the similarities stop.