[manga] Heart no Kakurega ~ 06

July 20, 2013 // heart no kakurega

Type: Manga
Series: Heart no Kakurega ~ Hideaway for the Heart
Author/Circle: Natsume Isaku
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
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Notes: This is the end of the formal book–there’s still a short omake coming, which’ll probably be up in the next 24 hours. The end of chapter 6 DOES say “To be continued”, though–so keep your fingers crossed! There’s a sequel already in the works that tells Jin’s and Momo’s story, but we probably won’t be doing that (probably; we’ll check it out, but not making promises). If Izumi and Haruto get another book, though, we’ll snatch it up!


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  2. ooooh, thank you for this! Natsume-sensei is one of my favourite mangakas, and I hope we get to hear more from Izumi and Haruto. And I hope the next book is something you want to do!

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  4. Oooh, thanks youuu! I don’t usually like Natsume Isaku but this one is hella funny XD and this chapter is extra hilarious too. I nearly cracked a rib reading this.

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    Do it please!! the Jun x Momo piece xD
    has it already been published as tankoubon?

  11. Fleur,

    The Jin/Momo storyline involves a tsundere, though, which very often leads to forced sex scenes (and tsunderes in general are something we really don’t like scanlating). We will not be doing such a story if it doesn’t bring something special to the table, and as it sits, that doesn’t look to be likely.

    • Any idea, on when the story will be released? Also, could you let us know if you guys decide to do it or not, when it comes out? Thanks! ^_^

  12. Thanks for the latest chapter and for completing this particular volume. It’s a shame you won’t do the next, but I understand that it’s a personal preference on your part. Hopefully, someone else will pick up the next arc, thanks again for your scanlation!

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  18. I swear, the reactions between Izumi and Haruto are so freakin’ adorable, >.< [plz, PLZ let there be more stories of them in the future, =D]

    Thank you scanlating their story ~ X3

    Hey, fencer_x (!) So what did you think of Heart no Kakurega compared to Natsume Isako's other works, ?_?

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  23. oh man, Haruto is like ridiculous funny! xDDDDD <– me from what can come out of his mouth. Thank you! Love this group!

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  29. Thanks for doing this scanlation, this manga was really sweet! I’d like to read the one with Jin and Momo too, but of course it’s up to you if you like it well enough to scanlate it. Thanks again for your great work!

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  36. Thanks for scanlating this!^^
    But I have to say that I was really disappointed by the end of this story. Maybe that’s just because I don’t like Haruto’s behaviour and don’t think he’s adorable at all.
    Usually I like Natsume Isaku’s work very much, but not this one I guess.
    Too bad you won’t be doing the sequel, because that one seems not to lack the substance
    I was missing in the first one^^

  37. hm~,

    “Substance” is relative, and I’ve yet to find more than one or two stories involving tsunderes that have anything in the way of substance–including most of Natsume-sensei’s works. I think you’re probably in the minority who find Haruto’s behavior not endearing–he’s smiling all the time, a bit of an airhead, and nice when you get to know him because he’s been through a lot. I’m not sure what more you could expect from someone who’s been traumatized…?

  38. yippy!!! new chapter
    Too bad you won’t be doing Jin’s and Momo’s story…. but Thank you so much for the last chapter, can’t wait to read the omake

  39. Thank you guys for an update! I love natsume Isaku sensei’s works! it’s a pitty you won’t continue it for the 2nd volume as well. T_T But anyway I’m really greatful you scanlated the 1st one! ^_^ I love your group!

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  41. @fencer_x

    I don’t know why you feel so offended by my opinion which obviously differs from mine?
    I have the same negative opinion about airheads you have about tsunderes and as it seems about substance as well(regarding this oneshot). I don’t see any problem with that. Everyone has a different taste. No need to tell me I’m in the minority only because you don’t like it. And my opinion won’t change either even if I’m in the minority (which you can only assume).
    Sorry if I misunderstood you, but you’re comment came off as pretty agitated and even a little insulting. (Now I feel offended >_<)

  42. hm~,

    I’m sorry you choose to see any difference of opinion to your own as ‘being offended’. Though you did come off as being quite insensitive in calling Haruto’s personality in response to emotional abuse ‘annoying’. It’s kind of gauche to speak that way.

  43. yay thanks for another chapter! Hopefully they’ll get another book soon >_<

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    I’ll be looking forward to the omake then ~

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  51. Wow, you guys are so fast! Thank you for the “ending” to this. ^__^ Awww I kinda am intrigued about the whole Momo x Jin saga, but hey you guys are the hard workers so its definitely up to you guys to pick and choose what you want. ^__^ Thanks for at least providing us with Izumi x Haruto —- I’ll have to remember the other boys and search for raws at a later date. *_*

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  72. This is without doubt one of the best work of sensei! Thank you for continuing with the project and I hope to read soon about the other couple as well:)

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    However, I understand that you have every right to choose the projects you take and we readers can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!
    Hopefully, another scanlation group will continue this project.
    Once again, thank you for all your hard work and for giving us readers the chance to enjoy the wonderful stories. *hugs*

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