[manga] Cuticle Detective Inaba ~ 03

June 27, 2013 // cuticle detective inaba

Type: Manga
Series: Cuticle Detective Inaba
Author/Circle: Mochi
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt


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  6. To anyone who is not read yet. It super hilarious. Read it!

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    I love Inaba
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  9. Thank you! This manga is awesome and funny <3

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  13. Waah! I’m happy tp to see more updates on the manga but at the same time sad when you guys finish the first volume. :x

    Thanks again for the hiroshi madness and Valentino’s cuteness.

  14. Ah, thank you sooo much! Best comedy!

  15. Thank you for the chapter…
    only a few chapter left in volume 1, so sad.

    Maybe you could try another poll, after releasing the volume 1. With more chapters in hand the result might be different… it’s seem more appropriate to judge if you wanna read more after 1 volume instead of 1 chapter… especially since everybody might not have seen the hilarious and cute anime.

    In any case, thanks again.

  16. vert-coquin,

    It’s also based on our own desire, though, and we don’t really have much desire to continue after this volume.

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    …But we’ve already said we’re only doing one volume :/ We’re stopping with volume 1.

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  26. Yay! Inaba!! Y^u^Y It’s such a shame only 1 volume will be translated u_u Well, one is better than nothing!! hehe. Thanks a lot! I was waiting for my dosis of non-sensical fun :D

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  34. EveryoneVoice,

    Of course. Please do not ask these kinds of questions and simply wait–we’ll get to it when we have time. We’re already going as fast as we absolutely can, and comments like this only serve to irritate.

  35. I just wanted to say “thanks” for all the hard work. I know you were not much interested in this project from the beggining, so I think the hard work and the value of it is much greater, because it’s almos ‘against will’, isn’t it?? So I really appreciate it. I love the way your works end up being incredible clean, understandable and the high quality of all the projects, so I will enjoy the rest of your works while waiting this volume end.
    Keep your hard work, that it’s all amazing!!!

    (sorry for any mispelling or strange way of writting, it’s just that english isn’t my native language, I hope the comment to be understandable, anyways)

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