[manga] Gakuen Heaven Revolution ~ 14

June 15, 2013 // gakuen heaven

Type: Manga
Series: Gakuen Heaven Revolution
Author/Circle: Higuri Yuu
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Forum Discussion: HERE
Notes: This is the final volume in this series, so hang in there while we bring you the last of Gakuen Heaven Revolution! Of note, it seems that a Gakuen Heaven 2 video game is coming out (featuring, IIRC, Itou Keita as a teacher at BL Gakuen — one assumes this will be filthy gay porn just like the last one 8D), as well! For any of you GH fans out there ^^


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    Can you tell me many chapters are left? (without extras/specials/omake)

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  7. Anon,

    I don’t have the book with me at the moment, so I don’t recall how many—I want to say there were 4 total, though? (each chapter is about 40 pages, and these books have about 160 or 170 pages of content)

  8. Oh, so awesome, thank you very much for this! Was the first video game good? Was it actually smutty (unlike the anime, which was very cute and fluffy but smutless)? Since I’m learning Japanese, I might have to check out the games, if I can get my hands on them… =D

  9. Kevinearthson,

    I’ve never played the games myself, but you can find screencaps from it on google, and while I wouldn’t paint it as being as smutty as, say, a low-grade hentai porno, there’s definitely sex going on.

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    Final volume…?

    I hope it goes over well, darn, I was hoping it'd stretch out farther and we'd see the other couples. *sigh* Oh well, I certainly hope that sometime she'll release more~
    The video game looks really good~
    Can't get it though xD
    At least, not with my sisters watching over my shoulders….lolz

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