[summary] No.6 ~ 29

June 2, 2013 // no. 6

Type: Summary
Chapter: 29
Series: No.6
Author/Circle: Kino Hinoki, Asano Atsuko
Rating: PG
Language: English

“Safu, I really want to show this to you: the place where I lived in West Block.”

Shion: It’s amazing…there’s hardly anything but books here!
Safu: Books?
Shion: Yeah! Not the digital stuff–real actual BOOKS!

Safu is dumbstruck–she’s never seen so many books. Shion watches her and reflects that this is where he started out–this miraculous place resurrected him, let him be born anew. And he really wanted Safu to see it.

He introduces her to Inukashi, singing their praises as a wonderful person. Inukashi gives Safu a sniff–


–and pronounces Safu rather nice-smelling, sure not to give anyone who eats her a stomachache. Shion explains that despite Inukashi’s language, they’re quite trustworthy and will never lie to you. Safu stretches out her hand in greeting, rather surprising Inukashi.


Then there’s Rikiga-san, a friend of Shion’s mother who–despite his drinking and language–is a rather nice fellow who’s often the but of Inukashi’s and Nezumi’s jokes.

But more than anything else…he has to tell her about Nezumi. He wants her to know…all about him.


How they met four years before on a stormy night, how Shion has felt captivated by him ever since then.

“Safu…his words and gaze pierce right through me–slicing into me, overwhelming me…rescuing me. Thanks to him, I’ve been melted down and built back up, given new life.”


Safu is, to him, a precious, irreplaceable friend–one whom he could never compare to another.

Alarms are sounding, instructing all to leave immediately, and through a distant haze, Shion sees himself being dragged away by Nezumi, with Safu leading the way for their exit.


They’re all three fleeing together. They’re all three alive and safe, and they’re going to escape from here and see sunlight again. Escape…and make it back safely to that place. That nostalgic, memory-filled place.

But then–Safu pauses and points the way out, urging them to leave. Shion reaches for her, begging her to come with them, but she states that this is as far as she can go.


Shion is having none of it, calling her name and begging her to wait. Safu thanks him and Nezumi–


–and bids them farewell. When Shion continues to struggle, Nezumi delivers a sound punch to his gut, dragging Shion’s dead weight away as the alarms continue to blare about them. They make it into an elevator and have a few moments to recover, which Shion spends continuing to call for Safu, no longer strong enough to stand, so heavy in body and soul.

What are they doing here? Where is Safu? Why did they leave her behind? Nezumi told him not to rely on others–to figure things out for himself, but he wants, so badly, for Nezumi to say the answer right now. Tell him what’s right. Why are they here..after leaving Safu behind?

‘Please tell me, Nezumi.’

“Are you satisfied, now?”

Safu realizes that it’s Elyurias speaking to her here, and the voice continues to ask if she’s truly fine with how things turned out, if she’s satisfied with this. Safu isn’t entirely sure…and tears begin to stream down her face.


Shion…has left. He came this far, and she’d thought it would be enough, just seeing him again…so what is this feeling she’s left with now?

‘Shion…why is he the one standing by your side? Why…isn’t it me? Why didn’t I…get to be the one who gets to spend their life with you?’

Elyurias reminds her here that even if she couldn’t have lived her life with him, they could have at least shared their death together–but Safu didn’t want that. Safu shakes her head–no, she never wanted that in the least. She wanted Shion to live–to live…and change the world. So that none ever had to suffer and die needlessly like her again.

She asks Elyurias what she plans to do now–and receives the reply that Safu should just sit back and watch if she’s so very curious. Safu doesn’t quite understand this, but Elyurias announces that it’s time.


And the world erupts into explosion.



Shion is hit by the knowledge that it’s over, and Nezumi must rush him out of the elevator, huffing and looking on uncomfortably as Shion breaks down, holding his head in pain.

Everything explodes around them as the facility shuts down, destroying all, and Nezumi jerks Shion along behind him, ordering them to head below-ground. Everyone is in a panic when they reach ground level–some have wounds from explosions, others are being trampled to death by the mob; there’s blood and death and confusion everywhere. Just then, a blast of air precedes the release of all VCs in the facility, freeing everyone to run amok and creating even more panic. Nezumi’s losing hope that they’ll be able to escape safely and grabs Shion’s wrist to leave–but Shion refuses to budge.


Shion: “Why did you kill her?”


Nezumi is shocked into silence, slowly releasing Shion’s hand.

Shion: “Answer me…Nezumi.”


Shion: “Why…”


Shion: “…did you kill Safu?”


  1. Thank you!!! I wonder what did Shion mean by ‘why kill Safu?’ … I guess we’ll find out in next chapter! ^__^ Thanks a lot!!!~ ^3^

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  3. Misha B.,

    Nezumi forcefully dragging Shion out and refusing (as Shion saw it) to try and save Safu (even though she COULDN’T be saved and didn’t WANT to be saved) amounted to killing her, so that’s what Shion means when he accuses Nezumi of killing her.

  4. The thing I love most about this chapter and the chapter before it is the faces that Nezumi makes. Since Shion was so focused in the manga, and hardly paying attention to Nezumi at all, we didn’t get to see his response to everything. Here, you can see that everything about this truly pains him, but he’s trudging on anyway; surviving just like he always has. I truly can’t wait for the next chapter when he wipes that expression off of his face and tries to act tough and cruel when he really just wants to find a corner, curl up, and sleep in it.

    And the way that Kino Hinoki portrays Shion is both breathtaking and heartbreaking. The expressions he makes, those dead eyes, the way he’s breaking apart inside and you can actually see it… it’s all so great. I will never get over how much I love this adaptation, because it captures their essence so perfectly. You can see the strength in Safu, and the way that she’s breaking apart too…how scared she is, how sad…but she smiles, right up until the end. Safu is beautiful and strong, and Hinoki really captured that as well.

    I honestly have no idea how anyone could hate Safu. She’s just so… wonderful. Such a great character. Yes, she loves Shion, but it’s very obvious that she gets in the way of absolutely nothing. And sure, she made a mistake in charging headlong into this to go after Shion, but who wouldn’t? It was a very understandable response, very human. She’s in love, and she would do anything in the world for him because of it. I think she’s a very relatable, and strong character.

    As always, No.6 takes my breath away, and your summaries are wonderful! Thank you for always being here for us! We’d be so lost without you. ♥

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  10. fencer_x,

    Well… You could say so… But if Shion REALLY wanted to save Safu he WOULD convince Nezumi to rescur her or break free from Nezumi to save her. In my opinion he lacked will or true deire to save her. Accusing Nezumi in killeng her is very egoistic because to Nezui Safu is noone important. That’s I guess very human nature to push guilt on another one. even though in reality the ones who killed her is facility workers.

  11. Misha B.,

    I…don’t really think that’s what it was? He’s not exactly in the most stable of mental states and hasn’t realized that Safu was literally nothing more than a brain stem by the time they reached her. He could not have saved her–not in the form she wanted to be saved–because there was nothing left of her to save beyond memories and neural impulses. Also he has no clue that Nezumi doesn’t really care about Safu so much as destroying the facility, AFAIK, so there’s no way he’d be conscious of it being egotistical to blame Nezumi. He’s blaming Nezumi because Nezumi’s the only person there is to blame, as he hasn’t comprehended yet (or refuses to comprehend) that saving her was impossible from the beginning.

  12. Ugh. Just…ugh. The amount of emotion in this chapter just kills me. Thanks once again for summarizing and translating bits of the images. You’re my only link to a decent current translation of the manga, since I can’t read Japanese or Chinese, and it will take forever for the “official” translation to catch up to this point when the books are released in English.

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    So Shion has just lost his mind? He has gone insane (that is typical of him now that I think of it…). So this knot will just be solved by Nezumi holdin Shion close or yelling at him and slapping him bitting in him some sense and Shion will be ok… And everyone will forget about poor Safu. t_t

  21. Estoy gratamente impresionada por la actualización y por como va la historia, Shion y Nezumi son de mis favoritos…me encantan, espero leer pronto la continuación, siempre agradeceré el tiempo que dan en estas traducciones.

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