[manga] Mazu wa Hitokuchi ~ 01

May 30, 2013 // mazu wa hitokuchi

Type: Manga
Series: Mazu wa Hitokuchi ~ Just a Taste for Starters
Author/Circle: Moto Haruhira
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
Summary: Oda and Hasegawa are childhood friends bound by a very special secret: Oda’s a third-generation pig farmer on a farm that raises FLYING PIGS. But when a nosy reporter starts investigating tales of upward-mobile porkers in the area, the two must band together (and thereby grow closer in doing so) to protect Oda’s family’s livelihood as well as the good-luck-giving swine.
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  1. Waaah~! A new series~! Thank you~!

  2. Hahaha, what the hell is that setting.
    Thanks for this anyway, can’t wait to see the rest.

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  13. haha this one sounds funny, thanks a lot :)

  14. The summary is a lot more hilarious than I thought it would be. Thank you for picking up this series and doing a beautiful job with it. I’ll be looking forward to the next release! :)

  15. Thank you c: The art is really familar… Did you already do another work from the mangaka?

  16. Mikado,

    Nope, never! But her art’s quite similar in some respects to Kakine (Kissing on Top of the Rainbow), IMHO.

  17. Thank you very much for the new project! It looks interesting. Flying pigs…

  18. new series !! wow iam so happy thanks for the release :*

  19. Ahahah this sure is the weirdest plot I’ve read this far, but the lil’ piggy is sooo cute!!!!^______^
    Thank you so much for this new release!!!!! (^v^)

  20. Yayy, a new project! owo Thank you for the release!

  21. Aww, really cute. Thanks for this!
    I love the pigs showing up in random corners of the panels.

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  23. The summary and the cover look interesting so I’m gonna give it a try.
    Thanks, September team for another project :)

  24. Oh my, what an odd summary! Looking forward to reading though! Thanks for this ♥

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  26. this is soooo cute! Im glad I read it. thank you for sharing it! cant wait for more

  27. Yay, a new series by a new mangaka! The setting sounds amusing, can’t wait to read it! :)

  28. Awesome~ >w<
    I was just discussing a 'when pigs fly' topic with a friend. xD
    I can't wait to show them this~<333
    Thank you~ TwT

  29. uwaaaa so excited…
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  31. … flying pigs?? So cute!!
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  35. Flying pigs! wow, so cute! How can I resist this? and by Moto-sensei too! thank you so much!

  36. thank you so much:) wonderful new one!

  37. Love the summary. Verrry different.
    He should have said, “I meant ‘frying’ pigs, not flying pigs”.
    But I guess that only works in English. ;). Thank you.

  38. OMG finally! T_T thank you so much for picking up this title~ you’re so awesome guys! *hugs and kisses*

  39. Thank you so much for this

  40. What an interesting project! It’s from the same mangaka who did Koketsu Dining, isn’t it? I really like it so far, and the flying piglets are super cute, lol. Thank you very much! =D

  41. Waahh I’ll never yet bacon again… talk about adorable!! *scowl* I already am boo’ng the bad guy :-) thank you for this!!!! Now hurry up and get on the next chapter *cracking whip* LOL

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  47. Oooh a new series! Forget the couple, I’m interested in the flying pigs! XD Thank you, thank you! You guys are amazing~! Thank you!

  48. Flying piggies!! XD I saw raws of this manga – glad that you picked it for scanlation!!
    Thank you very much for 1st chapter!!

  49. You guys… find some of the most crack-addled projects to work on. o_O

    Downloading! ;D

  50. Thank you!:D

  51. omg this looks

  52. omg this looks SO CUTE!!! right up my alley, i love “childhood friends that fall in love” stories!!!!! *^_^* THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN <3

  53. Thank you guys for picking it up. Actually, I became a fan of this mangaka some time ago and wished to be able to read this work in any langauge I know, which is unfortunately not Chinese and my Japanese is still beginners level. Thanks again. I truly appreciate!

  54. Yaaay! I’ve wanted to read this for a while! Thanks so much! I’m super excited! ^^

  55. Flying pigs….


  56. AWW this is so cute!!! i love this artist! thank you so much!

  57. I guess flying pigs are a tad too silly for me. :0

  58. New series! Thank you so much! You guys rock as usual <3

  59. hazydawn,

    o_O Really? THAT’S what you’re taking out of this? The story is sweet, the pigs are adorable (there’s really only one you see a lot, because it becomes like a pet), and this book actually breaks the traditional BL mold given the balance between focusing on plot (oftentimes not related to the farm at all) and the relationship rather than being solely about relationship drama.

    To dismiss this as ‘too silly’ because you think it’s some goofy gag manga about flying pigs is more ridiculous than the premise itself :/

  60. <3 <3 <3 I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING NEWS I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG, LONG WHILE! (I admit that the BL I want to read always tend to fall in my lap, but this is just so, so, so AWESOME!)

    Some time ago I bought the original, because I fell in love with it while I was searching for non-scanlated projects of Moto Haruko. And I SO WANTED SOMEONE TO SCANLATE this! So much that it feels like a dream! When I saw the email I was like: NOOOOO WAAAAAAAAY DID I REALLY JUST SEE THAT? I almost got a heart attack;P teehee~

    Really, thanks a lot guys! I'm honestly happy right now!^^ Do you have any plans for other titles of hers?

  61. Nana,

    Some of her titles like “Koketsu Dining” are already being handled by other groups, and unfortunately many of her titles are published by Libre, which are known to be very strict with scanlations and so we won’t touch anything released by them. I’m quite fond of her stories and style, though, so she’s one we’ll be keeping an eye on in the future ^^

  62. Thank you guys so much for the new series!

  63. “upward-mobile porkers”

    omg that’s adorable

    Thanks for the release!

  64. OMG: I love this mangaka! Thanks so much!!!

  65. Thank you for scanlating this!
    Oh gosh, I love both the main characters! (Especially the tall one whom I guess who will be the seme?)
    The flying pigs were beyond cute and I love the addition of the 3rd wheel character! haha :)
    I also really love her drawing style! It sort of reminds me of a cross between Ogura Muku x Junko x Yamamoto K. sensei~ That’s just what I think anyway! Anyway, it gives me a similar feeling when reading their manga which always manages to make me love them from the start Maybe it’s because they create characters which people can like so easily; I don’t know. :)

    I hope maybe in the near future you guys will perhaps decide to pick up more of her stuff even though most of them are under Libre, which is close to frustrating. I guess I need to study harder at Japanese and buy her actual stuff! :) Thank you again!

  66. fencer_x,

    Ah, yes, I know:) She’s one of my favourites, so I’m keeping track of her as much as I can^^ I was referring to the non-Libre non-scanlated titles, which, admittedly, are not that many:/

    In any case, I’m glad you guys are working on this! Hope you’ll be able to work on more in the future!^^

  67. if you are translating it, obvliusly i’m gonna read it!
    All the stories you choose are really the best (Y) keep the hard work!

  68. hitachiintwinlover May 31, 2013 at 11:14 am Reply

    THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!!!!! (I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this, but I LOVE your projects!!) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  69. Flying piggies in yaoi?! My two great loves! Kyaaa!
    XD Thanks You!!

  70. Thanks a ton for the new series! :D

  71. This sounds really cute! Thank you so much for sharing this :)

  72. kyaaaaaa, a new project!!!! moreover it`s by Moto sensei !!!
    Thank you soooo muuuch for picking up this one !!! Awesome!!!
    Can`t wait to read! They look adorable,tehehe
    Thanks for the hard work ^^

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  75. This looks so cute. I love new projects. Thank you for sharing!!

  76. wwww What’s with those flying pigs?! wwww Thanks a bunch!!! ^__^

  77. It sounds very interesting XD haha. Thank you very much!

  78. This sends like an interesting new series! Thank you for scanlating!!

  79. Thank you for your hard work! Haha, just from reading, the appeal is in the FLYING PIGS. I’m looking forward towards it <3!

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  82. Yeaaahhh! ahaha… such fun! Thanks so much!

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  85. Thank you for this new project… very funny and interesting!! :D

  86. Thank you for the new project release. It sounds cute and funny. (^_^)

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    It seem like the story look interesting to me =)

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  89. this is so cute! thanks for picking this up! i especially love the art~ Hiro is so cute!!

  90. thank you so much for this new story!!!!

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  92. Thank you for working on this new story. Flying pigs & BL…hmmm, sounds interesting. I can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

  93. Thank you so much :)

  94. That was pretty cute, and weird at the same way. Never expected to read a manga about flying pigs XD
    thanks for the hard work~~

  95. thank you so much for the release…looks like a great read!

  96. Thank you so much for the release^^ Great work guys ^^ Thanks

  97. You guys always pick out great titles so I know I won’t be led astray. I can’t wait for more of this one! It’s right in my wheelhouse!

  98. Thank you for your continuous hard work! It sounds like a cute and funny story! I will read it for sure!

  99. New project, I can’t wait to read it. Many thanks.

  100. wow~ new series~
    Thank you so much ><

  101. thank u very much ;)

  102. Heh. The absurd part to me is not that the pigs fly – but that the farming family seems clueless to the weirdness of their flying pigs.

    Love Koketsu Dining, so I’m really looking forward to this one. Thank you!

  103. Thank you so much for scanlating this. I read the raws somewhere some time ago and it was really cute so I’m happy to be able to read in english now. Thank you really much!

  104. Yay new serie!!! Thank you!!!

    Really??? I can’t believe this!!!! Yeahhhhhhh!
    Thank you so much for the new project!!! I was dyind to read this manga I just love Moto sensei!

    Thank you so much guys!!!!!!

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    flying pig neXDXD sounds funny so im gonna enjoy this after my job done:)

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  112. Thanks for the new release …

  113. This one is so damn adorable! Thank you guys for introducing me to yet another new amazing author.

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  115. The flying pigs won me over. This is cute. Thanks!

  116. this is great I can’t stop smiling! thanks so much for choosing this.

  117. wow .. I loved the cover .. thanks a lot ^0^

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  119. Disappear for a few days, and have a few things to catch up on and then I notice RELEASES!! YAY! Thanks for the release and all the hard work you guys put in, looks pretty cute. Shall do some reading before packing to head interstate… $_$

  120. Thank you guys so much as always!

  121. This story is so cute. Thank you very much for the hard work on it.

  122. wanna say thank you for completing this manga! till next time :)

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