[doujinshi] UtaPuri ~ Infiltrating Echo

January 10, 2012 // ren/masato, utapuri

Type: Doujinshi
Infiltrating Echo
Series: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji Love 1000%
Author/Circle: BlueButterfly
Pairing: Masato/Ren
Rating: NC-17
Language: English

[Access frozen indefinitely]


  1. On this like white on rice! Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing :-)

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  5. Thanks a lot for this release! :D

  6. Thank you! I kinda miss watching this. ;_;

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  8. Thank you so much for it :)

  9. Oooh! An UtaPuri DJ ♥ Thanks for the scans!

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  13. thank you so much! i’ve always wanted to see ren as the bottom :DDD

  14. Thanks for the release~

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  16. UtaPuri!! w/ MasatoxRen :O yayy
    Thanks a lot for this =)

  17. Thank you for the smut! XD

  18. So I actually bought this is Japan last year, and thought I understood enough about it to get their it was a little bittersweet and all. And also pretty realistic for a Masato/Ren.

    a;ldkfja;lfkjas;d Thank you for sharing the scanlation! Now I can fully enjoy it! (and see how much I actually understood correctly lol)

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