[doujinshi] K Project ~ The Culmination of a Promise

April 15, 2013 // k project, kuroh/shiro

Type: Doujinshi
The Culmination of a Promise
Series: K Project
Author/Circle: zai
Pairing: Yatogami Kuroh/Isana Yashiro
Rating: PG
Language: English

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  1. Thank you!! So awesome

  2. If there any fushimi and misaki doujinshi it would be better. . . hahaha I LOVE the tsundere misaki ;p

    Anyway, thank you. . . I like this couple very much!! <3

  3. Thank you!! Yeah, Kuroh/Shiro doujinshi =w=♡

  4. freakish88,

    We do have a couple of Fushimi/Misaki coming eventually as well–but we absolutely loathe tsundere anything, so don’t expect to find that in ours :P

  5. Thank you! <3

  6. my my, finally I can see Kuro/Shiro in action! XD thank you so much guys!! XD

  7. Thank you for your hard work as always! It was so sweet ehehe :) and it provided enough closure maybe until season 2 comes along and rocks things up. ^^

  8. Oh Thank you so much!
    That was a beautiful piece of Kuro/Shiro. I really like it! I always enjoy the doujinshis you work so I’m really happy you like this pairing as well~ It helps me, waiting for season 2 knowing how season 1 finished… yeah, these two give me so many feelings. Thank you again! :D

  9. Thank you for your hard work

  10. Kyaaaa~! Finally! KuroShi doujin!!! I mean, I love SaruMi & MunakaSuoh and such, BUT GOD FINALLY KUROSHI. THEY ARE SO SWEET! Kyaaa~! Forgive me but all my feels god they are just so sweet and drawn so beautifully. The dialogue was also perfectly in character. I LOVE IT. <3

    Excuse me while I go reread it a few more times. OTL

  11. I’m still so hooked with this series, I somehow like each and every couple :D

    thanks a bunch for this ^^

  12. Aww.. That was so sweet! On the first page, I thought I for a sec that it was Shion+Nezumi. Then I looked at them closer and it wasn’t… They look kinda similar lol

  13. thank you!

  14. Thank you! =)

  15. Yay~<3
    Thank you sooooooo much~<3

  16. Thank you ^•^

  17. Thank you!

  18. Thank you ^^/

  19. Thank you so much for the release! I love this pair.

  20. Hi,
    Thank you for scanning it. I read it on your reader, but I can’t download it, so I was wondering if you’re able to provide another download link from a different site.

  21. Yay~! Thank you for this release~! I adore this pairing^^!

  22. OH!!! the same problem whit links……..

  23. sindy,

    Mega is down for the moment; give it a bit and I’m sure it’ll be back. You can see from news around the web that this is the issue :P


    *points* one of the largest online tech blogs on the web.

  24. Thank you!

  25. Awesome! Thanks so much!

  26. Thank you for letting us know. I thought it was just me with the problem of being unable to download.

  27. Thank you very much!

  28. Thanks a lot!

  29. Oh, really, really lovely… Thank’s for this beautiful doujin.. I like so much Kuroh and Shiro..!!

  30. fencer_x,

    thank you for the info fencer x

  31. Aaaw, this one was so adorable! And the drawing style is so pretty~
    I’m glad it had a happy ending, I already had my eyes bawling thinking it would have a sad ending.
    Thank you very much for bringing this to us ♥♥♥

  32. Dream comes true!! This is so nice ,so sweet and so…..(can’t put into words….) They’re together in the end!! love this paring the most! Thank you so much for translate this doujinshi!!

  33. Thank you so much.

  34. Thank you!

  35. Chayanee Erythrubriks April 16, 2013 at 9:50 pm Reply

    Finally!!! Kuro/Shiro pairing!!

    I love love and love this pair so much!!! TTwTT

    I love every doujin your guys translated! They are well plot and nice drawing.

    This doujin so sweet… cute and perfect!!!

    I am so glad that I have a change to read this!!

  36. Thank you

  37. thank you so much……
    it’s been a while since i read K dj

  38. thank u so much :)

  39. Thank you sooo much for releasing this KuroxShiro DJ!!!!^^

  40. OMG Thank you so much for this DJ! I love KuroShiro to death & you guys too :)

  41. Thank you!

  42. oh my god i just… i don’t know what to say. Just thank you so much of my god finally kuroshiro doujinshi. it made me so happy i just thank you thank you thank you thank you. they are not as popular as sarumi so it is really hard for me to find any translated doujinshi with them and it just makes me so sad. so thank you again. you guys are just awesome, bless you. seriously thank you so much. hope you will translate some more stuff with them any time soon : )

  43. meow,

    They’re my personal favorite pairing of the series, so we’ve got several more to do and will be on the lookout for more :D

  44. woooo! kuroh/shiro is really rare so thanks for this!
    looking forward to other k stuff~

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