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April 9, 2013 // otokogokoro

Type: Manga
Series: Otokogokoro ~ A Man’s Heart
Author/Circle: Kanda Neko
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
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Notes: And that’s all folks! There’s still a short omake to round things out, but the tale of Saki and Jun has now ended, alas! Hope you enjoyed it, and please continue to look forward to our other series! We’ll be back with more Mayonaka no Oyatsu and Love Monster as well as continue getting caught up on Super Lovers and Michiru Heya, plus there’s a new O-mairi Desu Yo chapter coming your way soon :) According to a helpful commenter, there’s at least one more chapter (and therefore likely more to come after that as well) published in an issue of Drap last year, so we’ll be purchasing that and getting it (as well as the tankoubon extra) out to you ASAP, after which we’ll keep an eye out for more new chapters ^^


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    The omake’s from the tank, yes. If there’s an extra one-shot, we can look for that. Is it just a special for some reason, or does it look to be a continuation of the story?

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    The omake’s from the tank, yes. If there’s an extra one-shot, we can look for that. Is it just a special for some reason, or does it look to be a continuation of the story?

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  125. sparklingkira,

    Close — Chapters 3-7 were Koibitogokoro. Chapter 8 was the first of Koigokoro (the cover changed even), and Chapter 9 will be the last, with a final little extra to come (Chapter 9.5).

    So the ‘new’ chapter we mention in our revised note above will be Chapter 10, the first chapter of the next volume (which seems to be called ‘Magokoro’)

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