[translation] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Ch. 7 part 2

November 23, 2011 // sekai-ichi hatsukoi, trifecta

Type: Novel Translation
Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: Nakamura Shungiku, Fujisaki Miyako
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
This time: And then there was porn and sexy bedroom banter and promises of switching in the future ♥

Chapter 7 (cont.)

Just as he felt the wind whip up, the sun disappeared behind the clouds rolling by in the sky above, and a chill suddenly snapped through the air. At Yokozawa’s stifled sneeze, they decided to head back inside. Recalling only now that it wouldn’t have been impossible for a neighbor to have overheard their conversation, a cold sweat broke out across Yokozawa’s brow.

He couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d just said something completely unlike himself, carried along by the heat of the moment. Eager to shake off the strange mood that had draped itself over them both, he cut the tension with a purposefully normal comment: “…Well, I guess I’ll go do the prep-work for dinner. I promised Hiyo earlier that I’d cook tonight.”

The reason it now felt even more awkward than it had out on the veranda…was probably because this was Kirishima’s bedroom; it made him hyper-aware of Kirishima’s presence. He’d never been particularly good with strategizing to begin with–leaving his only options being to push or pull.

When he endeavored to quickly remove himself from the bedroom–before he could even grip the doorknob, the door was pressed shut before him.


Kirishima then locked the door soundly and wandered back to the veranda window, drawing the curtains. “Let’s start over.”

“Start over?” As he stood there stock still in the dimly lit room, he felt something press against his body, and a moment later he found himself toppling backward as he was shoved onto his back on the bed. “What the hell are you–”

When he tried to lift back up, Kirishima mounted him like a horse, pressing down with all his body weight. As Yokozawa faltered for just how best to respond to this, blinking several times in succession, Kirishima stared down at him, confessing abruptly, “…I lied to you, before.”


“…We didn’t sleep together that night. You just misunderstood–and I decided to let it go. Though, we did technically sleep together in the same bed, at least.”


“Wasn’t that nice of me? Not laying a finger on that lovely meal conveniently spread out before me?”

“What the–fuck! Why the hell didn’t you say so in the first place?!” The truth of Kirishima’s words finally hitting Yokozawa, he felt like an utter idiot for having worried so much about what had happened in those blank parts of his memory.

“Shouldn’t you be relieved? Or–would you rather we’d actually done it?”

“I–never said that!” He hadn’t said that, no–but Kirishima had a point; most people would’ve felt relief at learning the truth…

“So–that’s why I suggested we start over. We both have feelings for each other now, after all–so there’s no need to hold back anymore.” He set to work peeling off Yokozawa’s shirt–and had managed to reveal his chest when, realizing what Kirishima was trying to do, Yokozawa jumped in.

“Wait wait wait!” he snapped frantically, but Kirishima paid him no heed. Yokozawa reached down to grab the hands that were roaming over his chest and abdomen now, but Kirishima lithely twisted out of his way.

“We’ve waited long enough, haven’t we?”

“Weren’t you depressed not five minutes ago?!” He tried to shove away Kirishima, who now had his face buried in the crook of Yokozawa’s neck, but it was no use.

“You cheered me up.”

“Then–for now, let’s just talk this out–”

“If you’re so intent on talking, let’s do it right here.”

Managing at last to loosen Kirishima’s hold over him, Yokozawa started to crawl over the bed to escape–but Kirishima quickly grabbed him by the hips from behind and effectively paralyzed him. With his free hand, he reached around to loosen Yokozawa’s belt, dragging down the zipper.

“W–we don’t have to do this right now!”

“Don’t you agree it’s important to go through the proper procedures with this, though? Besides–if I let you go now, you look like you’ll run off with your tail between your legs.”

“Like hell I would!”

He knew Kirishima was just trying to rile him up, but he couldn’t help the words that just fell off his lips. Just then, he hated the side of himself that couldn’t back down from a challenge.

“…You sure you wanna say something like that?”

“…A man never goes back on his word.” His words were nothing more than pure show–truthfully, on the inside, he was already regretting saying it. The reason Kirishima looked like he was trying not to laugh was probably because he could see right through this facade.

“You’ve got some balls on you.”

“Just–get on with it then,” he ground out, backed into a corner as he was. The more time that ticked by, the more his resolve wavered. Blessedly, as he was being held from behind, at least they didn’t have to look each other in the face. He didn’t much care for staring into a lover’s eyes while he fucked.

“…That is so not sexy at all. Pay a little more attention to the mood, would you?”

“Shut up! I’m not cut out for that kind of stuff…!” His breath stuck in his throat at the heat he could feel from Kirishima’s hands even through his clothing. He felt heat rush to his groin as Kirishima traced the outline of his cock through his underwear.

“If you’re scared, you can just close your eyes.”

“Like hell I’m scared.” He tried to keep his mood prickly and shifted his gaze off to the side, focusing on the sunlight bleeding through the curtains to keep from having to see Kirishima stroking his crotch. He was trying to best to avoid thinking about it, but his thoughts kept being dragged back to the task at hand, feeling each and every stroke of those fingers along him.

At length, he felt the fingers slip beneath the hem and move to press his underwear down further as Kirishima wrapped his fingers around Yokozawa’s cock directly.


He’d expected a dry sensation–but the fingers that held him now were slick with a liquid. In surprise, he glanced down at himself, noticing a small bottle with a pink cap tossed to the side.

“This should get the job done faster, don’t you think?”

“Where did you get…?” Kirishima’s fingers seemed to be slicked with baby oil, obviously intended to be used as a lubricant now.

“When Hiyo was little, she had really bad dry skin–so I’ve always got some on hand.”

“Don’t remind me of Hiyo at a time like this…!” Hiyori probably even slept here from time to time; it was too much to handle thinking about the dirty things they were doing in that same place.

“Oh, well I’m so very sorry about that. I’ll help you forget I even mentioned it.” With that, Kirishima tightened his grip. With only a few strokes, Yokozawa’s cock now stood taut and erect.

“Haa…ah…” Kirishima’s skillful fingers, slicked along by the oil, drove Yokozawa to new heights. “…ngh, oi. Why am…I the only one being touched…?” At this rate, he was going to climax alone–and he had no intentions of showing such a pathetic side to himself at a time like this.

“What, you want to touch me, too?”

“If I let you have your way, we’ll never get through this.” He forcibly twisted around, changing their positions so that they now faced each other. Intent on relieving himself of the frustration of being toyed with unilaterally, he loosened Kirishima’s pants and stuffed a hand down his underwear.

Kirishima gasped softly at being grasped without the slightest hesitation, and Yokozawa at last allowed a small smile to grace his features, pleased with drawing out the reaction he’d hoped for. “Well aren’t we the sensitive one?”

“Just a little taken with how bold you are.”

“If you’d rather have a blushing virgin, you’ll have to look elsewhere.”

“I doubt I could find anyone else as pure-hearted as you, though.”

“How about I make it so you can’t spout any more mushy shit like that?” Intent on accomplishing just this, he started moving his hand along Kirishima’s cock and swiped a finger over the crown, finding it already dripping.

“God you’re slow…” Kirishima pressed his hips forward and brushed their cocks together, and Yokozawa could feel their rising body heat and racing heartbeats pulsing through them both everywhere they touched.

“Oi–what the hell are you–”

Kirishima had grabbed him tightly, forcing their strokes into concert. “It’s faster this way, right?”

He could hardly shove the guy away after coming this far, so he’d have to grit his teeth and go through with it. Telling himself this, he poured his focus into bringing Kirishima off. He’d come this far already–so he fully intended to make the guy climax first. “Ha…ah…!”

“You’re hard as a rock…”

“You too…”

They were close enough that Yokozawa could feel his breath on his face, and he found himself unable to tear his eyes away from Kirishima’s half-parted lips. He was struck by the sudden intense urge to kiss Kirishima–and likely wouldn’t have hesitated if he were at all the type of person to give in to such urges easily.

He licked his lips to distract himself–at which point Kirishima grunted out softly, “Is that an invitation?”

“Huh? Ah–oh, I didn’t mean…” At Kirishima’s question, he realized how suggestive the action had been and flushed in shame.

“Then stop being so fucking adorable without intending to.”

“Stop calling me adora–nngh…!” His lips were quickly covered, forcing his objection back down his throat and drawing out a soft sigh at the gently forceful sensation.

A warm, wet tongue pressed into his mouth and held Yokozawa’s own, sucking hard enough to paralyze, practically ravishing Yokozawa’s mouth. It was official: Kirishima was a damn good kisser.

He could feel his very core melting just by Kirishima sucking on his tongue, and when he brushed against the inside of his mouth, his entire body felt on fire. Being toyed with relentlessly like this, he couldn’t help giving in to the sensations driving him crazy, and released a shuddering breath. “Ah…un…”

Yokozawa somehow managed to keep his swiftly dwindling sensibilities in check through sheer force of will, distantly noting that if he dropped his guard for even a second, he was going to peak.

Kirishima eventually broke the kiss, staring down at Yokozawa with a worried expression. “…Did you not like it?”

Realizing he must have been grimacing rather sourly, Yokozawa somehow managed to reply with surprising honesty: “…I hate to say it–but I didn’t dislike it.” It pissed him off not being uncomfortable with the whole situation.

“…Good, then.” Stealing his chance when Yokozawa loosened his mouth, Kirishima pressed in again for another kiss. He didn’t dislike it, just as he’d said–but it was dangerous the way Kirishima’s kisses could sap his strength like this. It wasn’t rough or forced–and yet he couldn’t resist.

“Nnn….nn?!” Distracted by the kiss, Kirishima had started to drop his hand further down between Yokozawa’s legs, brushing around beneath him to ease a finger underneath. Shaking his head to break the kiss, Yokozawa hissed angrily, “Oi–hey. Where the hell do you think you’re touching…?!”

“Don’t stop stroking.”

“Listen to me, dammit–ah…guh…!” A finger pressed inside, tight and painful despite being greased with the baby oil. He let out a soft cry at the intrusion, then immediately grit his teeth. “Quit…that…!”

“You really don’t like it?”

“I don’t…like being touched there…!” It wasn’t…as if he’d never been touched there, but he couldn’t stand the idea of being so utterly open and defenseless beneath someone else.

“…Wait, don’t tell me this is–your first time?”

“…NO COMMENT.” He didn’t want Kirishima getting any ideas in his head about Yokozawa’s past–and even less so did he intend on dredging up Kirishima’s own himself. While it would be a lie to say he wasn’t at least curious, he knew full well the powerful force his jealousy could become.

“…Well, whatever. Your first time or not, doesn’t change how it’ll go.”

“Then don’t ask!”

“What? I thought I’d go gentle with you if it was your first time.”

“Hah, like hell you would.”

“With an attitude like that–are you saying you’d rather I teased you a bit more?”

Tease–!” Kirishima pressed his finger deeper and forcibly spread the narrow passage. His fingers, usually so clumsy, now moved with unbelievable proficiency. When Yokozawa paused to consider how those fingers which couldn’t even properly peel an apple now had him at their mercy, it was almost too humiliating to bear.

“What, done bitching already?”

“Shut…the hell up…!” His breath caught in his throat as the fingers continued working inside him, and he could feel them slipping in and out, brushing against him. Every now and then, Kirishima would pause to reapply the oil and add another finger. “Haa…!”

At each stroke, he’d let out some new, obscene cry–and even if he’d wanted to plug his ears, his hands were otherwise occupied. Yet despite his best efforts to continue pumping Kirishima’s cock, he couldn’t keep his focus.


“What’d you say?”

“Don’t tell me your hearing’s going already, old man. I said get on with it.” At this rate, he was going to wind up climaxing first, without a doubt. If they were going to do this, it may as well happen while he was still too out of it to care.

“Then–couldn’t you at least say it a bit more sexily?”

“Do you wanna do it or not? Personally, I wouldn’t mind sticking it in you, myself.”

“I certainly don’t mind if you want to try that–but for today, let me do you. I want to cum inside you.” He whispered this in a low, husky voice, and Yokozawa’s ears went numb. It was impossible to tell what kind of moves Kirishima had up his sleeve.

Taking Yokozawa’s silence as consent, he withdrew his fingers and peeled away Yokozawa’s pants and underwear entirely. Yokozawa patiently bore the humiliation and allowed his legs to be spread without protest.

“Oh by the way, I’m out of condoms right now, but–you don’t mind, right?”

What?! Of course I mind–ngh!” Kirishima didn’t wait to hear his reply, slowly pressing in and situating himself inside Yokozawa, who grit his teeth against the pain and discomfort of having his body forcibly invaded, being opened up as he was. “Guh…ngh, ah!”

An indescribable shudder ran up his spine as Kirishima pressed in deeper, leaving behind only a cramping pain and a feeling of being filled, inside and out. He could feel Kirishima’s cock within him pulsing with a thudding badump badump.

“…Are you all right?”

He glared up at Kirishima, heedless of the concerned expression he was favoring Yokozawa with. “Of course not. And–fuck, if you cum inside me I swear I’ll kill you…!”

“You’re not convincing anyone all teary-eyed like that.” Yokozawa felt the stiffness in his body shatter as Kirishima jerked against his hip with the full weight of his body. Everywhere Kirishima was touching him throbbed with a numbing tingle, and his sensitive skin cried out to be touched.

“I realize this is a rather tactless question, but…what was it like when you were with Takano?”

“…NO COMMENT,” he responded breathlessly, flat-out refusing to answer. That was one thing he definitely didn’t want Kirishima imagining.

“Not that it really matters to me. You both look like bottoms to me.”

“I’ll bet everyone looks like that to you.” If someone with as harsh a mien as Yokozawa could look cute to this guy, then surely anyone could.

“I’m talking about on the inside. Or, what–are you saying I’m such a sex magnet you don’t mind my fucking you even though I’m a guy?”

“That wasn’t a compliment!” he barked back at Kirishima’s banter. If he had enough left in him to be talking stupid shit like that, Yokozawa really wished he’d just get this over with.

“Seeing as it seems you’ve still got plenty of fight left in you, I won’t hold back then.”

“You haven’t been holding back since this start–ngh, ah!” Yokozawa’s body jerked, flinching as Kirishima pressed in deep and continued to thrust with teeth-shattering intensity, forcing a strangled cry from Yokozawa’s mouth. The cock roughly thrusting in and out rubbed and chafed his insides, and despite his best efforts to bite back his cries, groans seeped out from deep with his throat, perfectly timed with Kirishima’s rhythm.


“Come on, louder.”


“Though the sight of you holding back turns me on just as much…” Kirishima chuckled gruffly and bent forward to lick the long strip of skin bared before him when Yokozawa threw his head back. A shiver traveled down his spine at the sensation of Kirishima’s tongue against his skin, and he felt himself clench tighter around Kirishima in response.

He convulsed around Kirishima with shivering jolts following each punishing thrust, and he worried his lip each time he felt himself being washed away by the pleasure being forcibly impressed upon him.

“Haa…ah…!” At the very least, he wanted to keep his pride intact–and so he kept a firm grip on his senses to keep himself from drowning in pleasure, but…he was nearly at his limit. The searing cock swollen with desire continued to bore into him, and his mind grew hazy through it all.

Shit I think I’m gonna…” The rhythm of the thrusts grew even more violent, and his senses couldn’t keep up. The point where they were joined was slick and tight, but he could hardly even feel it anymore. “Ah…ah–ah…!!”

Kirishima thrust in deep, and Yokozawa felt his vision flicker and flash before him. In those few seconds, Yokozawa’s senses returned–and his body shook with a jerking tremble as he climaxed, clenching tightly around Kirishima still buried within him.

“…hngh…!” Kirishima gasped sharply and then shuddered violently. Yokozawa immediately knew from his expression and the feeling within him that he’d climaxed–after he’d outright warned him not to cum inside of him!

“…Kirishima-san, you…”

“Ah–sorry, sorry. I was a little late there…” The apology was nonchalant, his words lightly delivered–he didn’t look like he was ~sorry~ one bit.

Yokozawa glared up at him harshly. “You’d better be prepared to fucking take responsibility for that.”

“I will, I will! But–now that it’s a done deed, how about I take care of it after one more round?”

“What the…just fuck off and die!” He tried to paste on his angriest glare, but it didn’t seem to translate to Kirishima.

“I will, I will–but after one more round?”

“You–!” But his words were cut off as a pair of lips descended on his own, and he couldn’t bite out his complaints any further. No matter how he struggled, he was without a doubt at a disadvantage right now. Vowing in his heart that he’d get back at this guy later, he relaxed himself and just gave in.

When he stepped out of the shower, Yokozawa found Kirishima sipping a beer at the dining table.

“There’s one for you chilling in the fridge if you want it.”

“Didn’t I buy that?” It may have seemed like a benign comment to most onlookers, but given that it had come from someone Yokozawa knew full well didn’t even know the contents of his own fridge most of the time, it grated a bit.

“Well, guess I’ll hop in the shower too, then.”

“Hurry up.”

Yokozawa felt a sense of gloom sink over him when he recalled that they needed to think up an excuse for Hiyori to explain why they’d both showered in the middle of the day when it wasn’t even hot outside. He even felt judged by Sorata right now, and the cat couldn’t say anything. Kirishima finished off the last of his beer and stood–at which point Yokozawa asked, “That reminds me–what the hell were those ’embarrassing pictures’ you were always going on about? Did you seriously even have anything?”

Yokozawa had half-forgotten, himself, but he now recalled that this had all started because he’d been practically blackmailed into hanging out with Kirishima to begin with. Now, he supposed it had just been another ruse to keep Yokozawa from getting suspicious over what Kirishima had been trying to do. Still, he did want to find out if such pictures actually existed or not.

“Oh, that. You wanna see?”

“You actually have some?!”

“I made sure to save them so I wouldn’t accidentally delete them or anything…ah, here we are! There.” After pressing a few buttons on his cell phone, Kirishima seemed to have found what he was looking for and turned the screen so Yokozawa could see as well.

There Yokozawa found several images of himself sleeping peacefully, with eyes red-rimmed either from drinking too much or perhaps from sobbing himself to sleep. It was a bit anti-climactic for Yokozawa, who’d been thoroughly convinced they’d been decidedly racier images, but after the sense of relief washed over him, it was quickly replaced with seething anger. “You–asshole! I can’t believe you threatened me with these kinds of pictures!”

“Hey, these are plenty embarrassing, don’t you think? Not even Hiyori would cry herself to sleep anymore!”

“You–!” But well, he had a point. He wouldn’t have hesitated one bit if he’d been asked which was more embarrassing–the apron shot or these ones.

“If you think it’s not embarrassing, then do you mind if I make it my wallpaper?”

“Of course I mind! Gimme that! I’m deleting these immediately!”

“Mmm, don’t wanna.”

“I’ll sue you for defamation!”

“Go ahead then; I’ll just get up on the stand and testify that I couldn’t help myself wanting to take pictures of my cute lover.”

“What the…!”

“…You’re adorable, blushing over something like this.”

“I’m–not–!” He flushed even further, still not completely used to being told things like that. He had no hope of ever winning against Kirishima’s utter lack of social mores. His only choice was to just avoid engaging him at all, it seemed.

“I’ll just have to keep saying things like that until you get used to it, I suppose.”

“Please don’t.” He shuddered at the mere thought–and yet, deep down, so long as it was Kirishima paying these compliments that didn’t seem to fit him at all…it wasn’t so terrible.

“Now don’t say that–my love is deep, you know. I’ll definitely make you happy.”

“Seriously?” He couldn’t help snorting at Kirishima’s bold display of confidence.

“Have I ever not been able to accomplish something once I’ve said I would?”

“…I don’t suppose so.”

This was Marukawa’s leading hit-maker, who brought to fruition everything he said he would despite being derided as being nothing more than a big-talker–if he said he’d do it, then there was no mistaking that he would.

While Yokozawa could hardly say he wasn’t worried in the least, this wasn’t going to be a relationship that made him want to cut himself down as before; there was no need to swagger and stiffen–they could let their feelings grow little by little.

“…Still, how are we supposed to face Hiyori now?” Once the sun started to set, she’d be on her way back from her friend’s place. While Yokozawa had no intention of telling her what had happened between them, he also didn’t trust himself to be able to meet her with a straight face either.

“Just the same as you always have.”

“Maybe you don’t mind it–but I’m not as ballsy as you are, you know!” For Yokozawa, it was less of an issue that he’d slept with a guy, and more of one that he’d slept with Kirishima. While she was close with Yokozawa, if she found out that he was in a romantic relationship with her father now, there was no way she wouldn’t be confused and concerned as his daughter.

“It’s fine–she’s my daughter after all! She doesn’t have a bigoted bone in her body!”

He colored at the unconcerned reply and snapped a hand out to grab Kirishima’s collar, jerking him forward. “Oi–you’d better not let her know about this, all right?” This wasn’t a matter of bigotry; while he understood that some day they’d need to discuss it with her, it didn’t have to be now.

Kirishima smiled as if scheming something. “Well I suppose that all depends on your attitude, then.”

“What the hell–are you trying to threaten me again?!”

“Nah–just playing with you a bit~” Despite the fact that he kept a straight face through the correction, this was hardly much better.

“I changed my mind–you can fuck off and die a hundred times over.” He shoved away the collar he’d grabbed, through with taking the guy seriously. Kirishima’s shoulders shook as he watched Yokozawa get riled up.

He really hoped he hadn’t made the wrong choice… Feeling a tinge of worry as he cast a sidelong glance at Kirishima, who seemed unable to stop himself from laughing, he released a long sigh.


Final notes: Thanks to everyone for reading this far! We’ll be compiling a full-length version into a PDF, as well as a few e-reader versions if we can manage it for those of you with devices better suited to handle those formats, so that’ll be up shortly.

This is NOT the end of these two, though: Fujisaki Miyako is including a two-part Yokozawa no Baai short story in the Dec 1 and Jan 1 releases of two unrelated novels. I’ll be purchasing both and translating those as well (it’s a two-part short story, so likely there’ll be some sort of nastly cliffhanger in the Dec 1 one :P), so there’s at least that to look forward to!

For now, I hope you enjoyed Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai!! Spread the love o^-^o


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  99. raven,

    Highlight if you wish to see details:

    In the anime, Chiaki wakes up to find Hatori kissing him on his couch for no reason; in the novels, Chiaki wakes to find Hatori kissing him on his couch for no reason…and then Hatori proceeds to violently and painfully rape him while he begs him to stop, confused as to why he’s doing this. Chiaki eventually passes out from the pain and confusion (plus he’d had a fever and been sick during it all) and they never speak of it again.

    Most of their subsequent encounters are Chiaki feeling like if he doesn’t give in, Hatori will leave him, and eventually he convinces himself he’s in love with Hatori, not minding Hatori’s jealous fits.

    It’s one of the worst relationships I’ve seen in BL :| And I’d rather not be a part of helping more people ‘enjoy’ it.

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  103. fencer_x:

    Highlight if you wish to see details:

    In the anime, Chiaki wakes up to find Hatori kissing him on his couch for no reason; in the novels, Chiaki wakes to find Hatori kissing him on his couch for no reason…and then Hatori proceeds to violently and painfully rape him while he begs him to stop, confused as to why he’s doing this. Chiaki eventually passes out from the pain and confusion (plus he’d had a fever and been sick during it all) and they never speak of it again.

    Most of their subsequent encounters are Chiaki feeling like if he doesn’t give in, Hatori will leave him, and eventually he convinces himself he’s in love with Hatori, not minding Hatori’s jealous fits.

    It’s one of the worst relationships I’ve seen in BL And I’d rather not be a part of helping more people ‘enjoy’ it.

    Indeed it sounds bad enough and totally different from the anime.
    No wonder it somehow reminded me of the pairing Usagi / Misaki from Junjou Romantica. (I didn’t much enjoy Junjou for this reason actually, even though the usual cliches gave me some good laughs some times).

    Anyway, I used to pity Hatori who seemt to have no luck with his romance, while I laughed at Chiaki who seemt (like Misaki) to be one hell of an indecisive idiot… Your information quite turned the table around and I completely understand you do not wish to promote this creepy view of “relationships”. (It always bothers me in manga in general).

    On a completely unrelated topic, since I’m mostly a shonen guy I’m not familiar with shojo canons : is it an absolute principle for gay couples to be only in a uke/seme relationship or do roles sometimes get mixed up ?

    Personally I think the romances could get even more intriguing if the roles were not explicit (as it now seems to copy the heterosexual traditional relationships).


  104. Ah my bad,

    The spoilers didn’t remain obfuscated. Sorry about that.


  105. Akihika,

    Strangely enough, Romantica is the only pairing in that series I can tolerate–mostly because Misaki knows from the outset what he’s getting into and there’s no confusion or feeling like he’s been betrayed by someone he trusted. His only sense of being beholden to Usagi is that he needs a place to stay…but that’s a very thinly veiled excuse, so it’s clear Misaki is going into their relationship with full disclosure

    Regarding the seme/uke dynamics, yaoi/BL isn’t meant to reflect real life gay dynamics at all (that’s what bara is for by and large), so you’re going to see lots of things that don’t seem ‘normal’ for couples, like these hard roles–because they’re fantasy for women, much like harlequin romance novels (and rife with just as much problematic content). In that sense, I don’t know that I really can honestly think of any BL that has had switching so far (which is why I jumped up and down for Yokozawa no Baai), though there are series where the roles seem less leaking into their actual personalities and more just how it goes in the bedroom (seme/uke stereotypes usually dictate the personality too; occasionally it doesn’t, though, which is refreshing).

  106. Thank you

  107. fencer_x,

    Yeah, I know what you mean with Misaki/Usagi. Clearly Misaki is giving himself a whole lot of false excuses, wich also makes the pairing funny. In this regards, Chiaki’s case seems indeed even more creepy.

    Personnally, I don’t think the bara genre reflects that much more “reality”, well it is a compilation of cliches in their own ways and for what I’ve seen so far it’s only about muscled BDSM which is in its way very homophobic (or homo-reactionary as we call it). However it seems, for what I’ve read here and there, that things have started to evolve and there is an increase of romance not necessarily involving muscled tanks. I don’t know which titles are interesting though.

    As far as Shojo BL goes, I also think things are evolving for the best. Frankly, I used to dislike very much shojo manga (except from Ikeda’s maybe) because I only view them as a jumble of stereotyped stories while Shonen used to be more open.I now find that things are evolving the other way around and aside from some old series (like hunter x hunter), shonen mangas are (mostly) digging their own graves with boobs and endless boring fanservice, while shojo mangas are getting more equivocal and intriguing.

    In that sense, sekai-ichi, by making the genre evolve and toying with a lot of light and self-deprecating puns, is seriously refreshing indeed.

    (Not too mention the oh-so awesome N°.6)


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  109. fencer_x,

    i’m so disappointed! =( from what i read from the manga, it seemed like tori would do anything for yoshino and tolerates all his selfish whims. it kinda reminded me of “i cant breathe without you.” i cant believe he would do something like that….i guess he snapped? i mean, i know rape is common in yaoi, but this sounds different, and not something i would expect from this mangaka. you’re right, it sounds really scary…..

    but thank you for the short summary! i really appreciate it!

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  113. I like your discussions about Junjou and Sekaiichi cases, I enjoyed them. I´m with you in the sense of not endorsing or promoting things like abusssive behaviors in manga in general. On the other side.. I think it shouldn´t be taken so seriously, at the end of the day, it is JUST BL MANGA or BL NOVELS. so of course nothing true, nor close to real life. It is stereotype with a twist (like superheroes in comics). And also I think we´re forgetting that it doesn´t matter how occidentalized Japan is now a days, it is still another country and there for, another culture; so their points o f view about love, relationships and what it accepted and not accepted inside them it´s obviously differente from our western point of view.

  114. Sariuxis,

    If you’re trying to indirectly defend the violent, unwarranted rape in Yoshino’s case as being part and parcel of liking this genre, please stop right now.

    There is dub-con, there is the ~rape-is-love~ trope and ‘no means yes, harder’, and then there is what Hatori did to Chiaki, and they are not the same and should not be accepted as such :|

    I live in Japan, have lived here for some time, have been exposed to fandom and people’s ideals–I’m quite aware of the tropes that continue to invade the thought processes of fangirls here. This is not one of them that should be accepted period.

  115. O.K. The controversy continues. Sorry if I didn´t comunicate properly my thoughts in written english (which is not my mother language). I repeat my statement. I´M WITH YOU IN THE SENSE OF DO NOT PROMOTING NOR ENDORSING ABUSSIVE BEHAVIOR IN MANGA IN GENERAL , more specifically sexual abussive behavior and not only in in BL or yaoi, but also hentai, shonen, sienen, etc, etc, etc. So NO I´m not trying to defend this kind of situations in manga, indirectly.

    What I wanted to say, is that in the real world those things actually happend, and let´s knock on wood, but maybe it is closer that what we think, it can be your neighbor, a close friend or even a member of your family and not only that, there are issues such the rising violence around us, kidnapping for money, social manifestations of discomfort and well… the list goes on. My point is that those real issues are the ones that that should deserve more of our atention and preocupation, those are the things that really require our help.

    Of course, preventing this by not giving publicity to material with this topics, helps. But… I don´t know… maybe is my context, but YES I believe that there are more important issues to be concerned about. And I´m more worried and upset by the stories in the newspapers about real victims of not only sexual crimes, but of all kind of crimes you can imagine and honestly compered to that, BL and yaoi issues are just fantasies of some women that make a living writing and drawing this kind of realtionships.

    Also i have to say that I´m not very familiar, with the novels of Hatori xChiaki relationship, I had just a glance of it froms the anime and the little interventions they have had in the manga. But from what you guys have posted, it seems that Hatori “took” Chiaki by force once on the sofa, and then somehow he was very pushy or manipulative with Chiaki, until he convinced himself, he was in love with Hatori. If that how the story goes, then is one of those stereotypes that appear quite often in yaoi…

    In other yaoi titles, this situations at the end were not rapes, but it was more of an uke trying to come to terms with his feelings and with the fact of being gay. (I don´t know if Chiaki´s story is this kind). And a gesture of loving someone so desperately to not being able to content those feelings. The abussiveness is justificed or softened, but it still rape…

    Should we endorse it, should we accept it ? NO! but then…why does still exists? Because there are many people who buys it! That something to think about.

    And we can enjoy what ever we want, but being consciuos (as you are) and being informed.

    Also… as a final comment, we are always free to read or not read things that maybe do not go with our way of thinking, or with principles. And not loosing them is the most important thing.

  116. Sariuxis,

    no offense, but i think you’re the one taking this a bit too seriously.

    at the end of the day, the ppl at september scans are not comfortable with translating yoshino no baai, and that is that. you may not agree with their reasons—or i guess, in your words, you’re more willing to accept the ambiguity of rape in yaoi—but they are entitled to their opinions. whether it has anything to do with not promoting abusive behavior or taking the story too seriously, it is their choice and it is their right.

    but if you feel so strongly about this, please translate the novel—i admit that i would be one of those who would read it, cuz i’m still curious. but as we are free to read what we wish, the ppl at september scans are free to translate what they wish. there’s no need to argue about higher moral principles.

  117. thanks for taking your time out to translate this for all of us. It is much appreciated. if you ever need any help (thou honestly I don’t know what I can do to help you) just ask, and I’ll try to respond to it.

  118. Wel.. I guess I take things seriously yeah! But it´s my way being, I´m like that in everything. So (I know it going to sound as a cliché but it really is form my heart) It´s nothing against to or translator and scalator, in the matter of fact I feel kind of proud of them for sticking to their believes and not trasnlating Yoshino´s story.

    And yeah, people who brings scans for us have the rights to published what ever they want, and what it goes with their believes. And we, the people who consume it, are entitled to choose what to read and give our interpretation.

    I won´t translate the novel because of what we have been discussing, also because I don´t think that my level of english, and japanese is high enough to give a proper translation, and also because from all the cases of Sekaiichi… it is the less appealing to me. My point was never about convincing the translation group to bring us HatorixChiakis case from the novel.

    And I didn´t mean to say that I have higher moral principles nor that our scalator have. I just think that our priorities are different, but it is right to have them.

    But i´m curious about what the mangaka and the writter would have to say about this… does anybody knows how to contact them maybe an e-mail or P.O. Box?

    The editorial company would be glad I guess… The higher ups must be saying.: “There is not bad or positive publicity, the point is having it and if it is free, the best!”

  119. I TOTALLY LOVED IT!! why all the good things must come to an end?? ;___;
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m so grateful! I cant thank you all of you enough for all you’ve done for us! you guys are just too much awesome!

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    i don't know how to thank you for this, it's amazing! and i'm so happy! wish ic ould do somth for you miss translator D: <3 i freaking love you! and gotta love kirishima's name. it's beautiful. Kirishima Zen just sound sexy.

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  122. OMG!
    Thank yoooooooooooou~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  123. fencer_x: raven, Highlight if you wish to see details:In the anime, Chiaki wakes up to find Hatori kissing him on his couch for no reason; in the novels, Chiaki wakes to find Hatori kissing him on his couch for no reason…and then Hatori proceeds to violently and painfully rape him while he begs him to stop, confused as to why he’s doing this. Chiaki eventually passes out from the pain and confusion (plus he’d had a fever and been sick during it all) and they never speak of it again.Most of their subsequent encounters are Chiaki feeling like if he doesn’t give in, Hatori will leave him, and eventually he convinces himself he’s in love with Hatori, not minding Hatori’s jealous fits.It’s one of the worst relationships I’ve seen in BL And I’d rather not be a part of helping more people ‘enjoy’ it.

    OMG-i didnt know hatori was like that…..sounds like their story’s just awful,confusing,disgusting blah blah….ehile yokoxkiri on the otherhand just stole my no.1 favourite BL couple from takanoxritsu-wonder if they’ll get the spot back~:D

    true;true..no need to translate it….

  124. Why did kirishima ask yokozawa how was it like with takano? seems like a awkward question to ask in the middle of sex lol

  125. I came back here to say that I truly appreciate the excellent work that you’ve done with the translation of this novel!
    When I downloaded it, I haven’t read Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, so I went first through all the volumes available and then read this.
    OMG. I loved it! It was fun, adorable, sweet. I’ve liked Yokozawa from the very beginning because I always thought he had a tender side and his rough mask made him one of my fave characters (probably because I like tsunderes?), but after reading this? My love for him increased a 100%!!!
    I also love Kirishima (such an amazing guy for Yokozawa!), little cute Hiyo and Sorata the cat.
    The reading flowed nicely so I understand that when this happens, it’s because the translation is good ^^
    This couple had become my fave one, I hope they appear in the manga!
    Thanks so much for making this available for us who don’t understand Japanese!

  126. xinxin,

    He was in top, that’s the first and the last time we saw Takano-san as an Uke

  127. fencer_x: bara

    From what I gathered from reading comments in random yaoi forums , i was of the opinion that there have been quite a few yaoi mangas that have shown reversible couples as well? ‘ Haru wo Daiteita’ is one of them i think….

  128. fencer_x,

    From what I gathered from reading comments in random yaoi forums , i was of the opinion that there have been quite a few yaoi mangas that have shown reversible couples as well? ‘ Haru wo Daiteita’ is one of them i think….

  129. barnchak,

    A lot have hinted at reversibility, but I personally have never read any where the couples switching–though I have heard that they switch in Haru wo Daiteita.

    At the very least, aside from possibly that one, I’ve never heard of any popular BL manga that involves switching–a sad, sad shame.

  130. You guys are awesome! I love this series. <3 <3 <3

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