[manga] Kanda Neko Special

April 1, 2013 // otokogokoro, puchitto hajiketa

Type: Manga
Series:Otokogokoro ~ A Man’s Heart & Puchitto Hajiketa
Author/Circle: Kanda Neko
Rating: PG-13
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Notes: This is an adorable short crossover between two of Kanda-sensei’s more famous works that recently ran in Drap! Enjoy~!


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  23. Daw forgot it was April fool’s day today! Wondered why the credit page was at the end hahaha! :D Was hilarious, I loved Jun’s present!

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  57. Bahaha AMAZING. And I totally believed it! I’m very impressed with your April Fools jokes every year!

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  75. BWAHAH i was totally fooled probably cause jun would totally get all confused like that that was really well done :D

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  83. You’re creativity impresses me and makes me feel inadequate at the same time. Thank you for the laughes.

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  85. wow that was amazing, and even though it was fake, it was totally in character… I could really see that happening.

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  88. Wow, I totally fell for that! And I loved it! It really seemed like it was written by Kanda-sensei herself! I love April Fools :)

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  91. although it’s your own creation i amazed that u did fine creating a manga by by cutting and combining 2 mangas .thanks

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  98. a crossover between 2 great releases! thanks..

  99. Hahah!! At first I really thought it was real but I wondered why Jun had different shirts in each panel when he was suppose to be at that place in that time. Hahaha, just great, you guys!

  100. That was awesome! never thought that Jun could think those things, because he’s just so pure! hahaha… He could be a seme someday! ^_^

  101. wahhh i love kanda neko sensei.. thank you so much for sharing

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  103. …that awkward moment when you realize you enjoyed this more than both those series, but not (just) because it was funny.

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  106. Thank you so much, this was so cute~~! I’ve missed Ashitaka, he’s so hot!! Though I’d love to have seen him have his way with Noshiro… ^^

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  109. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read it! (Although I can see from the other comments that it’s an April Fools’s joke ) ^o^

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    Oh jeez, I totally did not read the “April Fool’s” at the end! VERY nice! =D

  126. omg I cant I cant, that was so well done it almost seemed like the real deal. lol, if only. Their personalities all capture so well and etc.

  127. Hilarious! I would luv to see a lot of couples switch it up some times.

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  130. lol. i thought it was weird saki-san’s clothes kept changing.
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    actually I only had time today to read this HAHAHAHAHA

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    happy April fool’s day to you, too :D

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    ROFL, this was as hilarious as last year’s; if not a bit more so because it was rather believable!
    Happy April Fool’s Day and thank you for the laugh XD

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  142. I was completely fooled! Great job! Totally believable and super fun! Thank you!

  143. Thank u for your hard work !!this one was super fun, and cute (but honestly I totally understand Jun cause I’m in love with saki san too!!)And I really admire sensei’s works..I’m very happy to discover this..Thank you very much.

  144. HAHAHA april’s fool you got XD, but still love it!!!!!!!!

  145. O.M.F.G! That was soo exellent!! I dont care that it was fake. Fantastic! I just about died with all the Puchitto guys’ scenes. I miss them!! “Shittest pick-up line ever.” –died. So shitty…. hahahahahhaaha.

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  151. How fun~~! That was super hilarious. At first I kind of suspected it being a joke, but not until I read the other comments did I know it was an April Fool’s joke. You all almost got me. :P

    Thanks so much. It was cute and really well done (for a fake, lmao)! :D

  152. Thank you so much!! I love this couple, they’re just so cute…

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  154. Thank you, this is my favorite manga right now, the relationship is so adorable, and always makes me smile. Thank you so much!

  155. Oh thank u so much for you hard work, I loved Puchitto and that’s why I’m here with this story. You’re great by giving us this project! ♥

  156. Thank you so much for your hard work! This manga is just too cute :”>

  157. Thanks so much for sharing this adorable story! I found it lovely on so many levels….the humor, teh art, the twists…awesome!

  158. Just got around to reading these series so I spotted this one right away but I wasn’t thinking April Fools.

  159. Aahh, i just found this and from the comments above it looks interesting! Too bad the links are dead T.T I wish someone reupload this!

  160. Yay, just finished reading the main story. Thank you so much for scanlating it!
    Now if only the links for this bonus were working…
    Hope to finish it soon ^_^

  161. i search the world to find this but the links are dead. is there any other way to read this pleaseee???
    these are my two favorites mangas from kanda neko T_T

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