[manga] Love Monster ~ 01

March 28, 2013 // love monster

Type: Manga
Chapter: 01
Series: Love Monster
Author/Circle: Mio Junta
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Download: mega, jumpshare
Summary: Akira’s grown up thinking of his friend Itsuki as something of a little brother–until Itsuki confesses he’s been in love with Akira for years. But while Itsuki is content to keep their relationship the same as it’s always been while he waits for Akira to process the affections he’s just been presented with, Akira finds himself growing increasingly–and inexplicably–irritated with the cool demeanor Itsuki manages to adopt in front of someone he supposedly is in love with.
Note: Another new project, this time from a new author to our ranks! Of the 5 chapters included in this volume, we’ll only be scanlating the 4 that are related (not the final one, as it bore no relation to the other 4 and wasn’t all that terribly interesting to us either).
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  20. Criska,

    There are two related couples in this book–and to be honest, I find the second one much more interesting and entertaining than this first one.

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  77. Thank You guys. I really liked the beginning but towards the middle I was all (O_O) at how things escalated really quickly. I hope the rush has a good purpose because I thought the pace was off, especially for the first chapter. oh well I’ll definitely have to wait for the next one.

  78. infamouslove,

    Mio Junta rarely does length pieces–much more accustomed to doing one-shots, and the rapid escalation was likely a demonstration of her being more comfortable moving a story along quickly than developing a relationship slowly.

  79. Wow! Thank you so much for introducing this manga! I usually prefer to wait until a new (short) series is complete to read it but the cover art is so pretty I had to read this right away. The artwork was really great! I love this type of artwork and Itsuki is gorgeous; exactly the type of bishie I love. Your quality was amazing like always! Again, thank you for sharing this!

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  95. D: Yea, i can understand the boring part XD I mean, the whole intercourse thing is really not logical e_e; No preps needed & they did it at the genkan XD~
    I really love the artwork though, but the plot is e_e “I love you” “But idk, i think of you as ma bro” *Flirts with chicks* “How dare you treat me this way zomg” “At last you confessed to me” “Are you playing around?” “Yeah” LOL~
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