[manga] Cuticle Detective Inaba ~ 02

March 20, 2013 // cuticle detective inaba

Type: Manga
Series: Cuticle Detective Inaba
Author/Circle: Mochi
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
Note: Thanks for helping us decide what to do with this fun series! We told ourselves we’d carry on with the series only if we received a solid 3/4 of votes, and while it was popular, it only received about 2/3 — so as a kind of ‘compromise’, and because we feel fans of the series deserve some ‘closure’, we’re doing the entire first volume and then calling it a day! That way anyone in the future who feels like checking out the manga can get a good ‘feel’ for it instead of being stuck with just one chapter and then nothing else, and this also lets us move on without feeling like we’ve let down those of you who did enjoy it. So—here’s the second of six total chapters in this volume.


  1. Thank you!!

  2. It´s sad to be only in the 2/3 but thanks for the compromise!

  3. Thanks! (=


  5. Thank you so much

  6. Thank you for another great chapter! It’s sad that more people didn’t vote for the great series, but thank you for doing volume 1! =)

  7. One volume is better than none ^.^ Thank you so much!

  8. Thank you.
    Yuuta is still great!

  9. thank you:)

  10. Thank you!
    :( Though yes… I am sad…but hopefully thanks to your first volume someone will read it and like it enough to continue it… LOL
    *hugs* Thanks so much!!

  11. Thank you for the new chapter though kinda a bit sad but whatever it is, it’s your decision.

  12. eastdna,

    Indeed. Unfortunately we’re just too small and already overburdened to take on EVERY project we like.

  13. I didn’t comment for or against it since the one chapter wasn’t that much of an interest for me.
    After all, the projects that you do have to excite you and not the readers. After all, if the reader gets that hard pressed to find out what occurs in future chapters, they should get Gimp/Photoshop and help a team.
    There is certainly the case of having more projects than time.
    Thank you for doing the projects that you do find the time for.

  14. ah, the story of my life – always in the 2/3 but not in the 3/4 section. Still, thank you so much for bringing these to us. And one whole volume is really lots, so thank you for this!

  15. Thank you for even going to upload one volume! *V*
    I’m glad you guys decided to do that much. <3

  16. waaaaii hiroshi is baack!! ^^

    thank you for your hardwork translating it! even though it feels kind of sad that it doesn’t get enough vote (truthfully I voted to not continue scanning it because it seems like only a gag with very few bl hints, but after watching the anime I really regret that decision…I want to know more about their story! especially ogi and hiroshi’s past tee hee),

    but really guys, I really appreciate you all to still scanlate it even though only for 1 volume :)
    I do find this series amusing but I know there’re many other series you’re working on that can’t be left abandoned :)

    hopefully other scanlation team will continue this project in the future ^^

  17. Thanks so much and I am looking forward to reading the remainder of Volume 1! :)

  18. OMG yes! Thank you very much!!

  19. thanksssssss I love this serie <3

  20. Thank you for your hard work on this (: and I understand your decision. <3

  21. Thanks a bunch for the new chapter!! It is sad to know that it will be no more release after volume 1. People who did not vote for this manga sure never watch the anime. But one volume is way better than only one chapter!! Thanks again ~~~ :D

  22. Thank you so much.

  23. I’m sad that it was only 2/3 :P But thank you so much anyways!!! :D

  24. Always so wonderful~ **
    You sure know how to pick good manga, that’s for sure~<3

  25. Thank you!

  26. Thank you, I like this series (I watch the anime, and am happy to be at least able to read the first volume of manga) where even the villains are likable ^^

  27. Thank you !

  28. Thank you :D

  29. Well, awfully it’s nice of you guys to go ahead and do a whole volume, even though you’re dropping it. :) Only having one chapter out for a year is indeed sad. Cheers!

  30. Thank you

  31. Thank you so much, despite that it is just 1 volume!

  32. It’s too bad that it didn’t get enough votes, but thank you very much for doing the whole volume!! ♥♥♥

  33. To bad… but at least you will offer us the first volume. Thanks !!

    Merci ^~^

  34. I wish this manga would continue forever but having a volume is lucky enough.but this manga is really popular so please reconsider it.thank you so much for choosing this manga

  35. Thank you!

  36. nezumi,

    Given that our own polling showed the exact opposite–that it wasn’t popular enough with our readers–we probably won’t be revisiting it after we’re finished with this volume. That was the whole point of the poll :P

  37. Thank you so much. I’m glad at least the first volume will get scanlated. The last episode of the anime is this week too. I’m gonna cry that day.

  38. Hi! THANK YOU for translating this series! I watched the anime, and fell in love with it in the first sight!

    *Question: Do you know until which volume the anime covers?? I’d like to continue the series by buying the manga, but I don’t know from which volume should I buy.*


  39. aqua11alta,

    I don’t, sorry! But this volume has 6 chapters, which is about 3 episodes of the anime (each chapter so far has covered one ‘case’ each, and the anime has 2 cases per episode), so if the anime is 12 episodes long, that’s 24 cases, and if each volume is 6 cases, that’s 4 volumes :)

  40. I’m happy you guys are a least working on the first volume. I would be even happier if you guys could find another group to pick it up as after you guys finish the first volume. There so much I wish to know and understand ;w; I don’t mind waiting I waited years after someone did the first chapter a while back for anyone to pick it up.

    I love you guys for what you’re doing either way.

  41. Miss Mad,

    If you want the scanlation continued, I suggest going out and finding a promising group yourself and making efforts to make it easier for them to scanlate, such as offering your services in some way.

    We don’t go out and find other groups ourselves, as we don’t really care enough to do so–it’s on the readers who wish to see it continued to try and find a group to do so.

  42. such a shame there isn’t enough votes for permanent scanlations ;__; but thank you for doing at least vol. 1 :D hopefully another group will pick it up afterwards.

  43. Thank you for translating it! Even if it’s just one volume T.T

  44. thank you so much for picking the whole volume 1 (>_<) /

  45. I do feel sad that you all won’t continue with this series, but I completely understand picking up several projects is very time consuming and if the audience (to the extent you would like it to be) doesn’t want to follow the series, then there’s not much that can be done. However, thanks for a compromise at least! I suppose I should go pick up the series at my local Kinokuniya then, and attempt to read it on my own.

    I suppose what I want to say is, thanks for at least translating volume one! It’s really much appreciated!

  46. leftovernotes,

    The manga has furigana and follows the anime very closely, so it would be good practice :D

  47. Thank you for your work on this project despite not having be one of the favorites among the readers! Hope another group will pick it up!

  48. Thanks =D I hope to see more of this manga, it is really good ^^ I love human mangas

  49. Thanks!!

  50. Thank you!

  51. Thank you so much :3

  52. thank you!

  53. Thank you so much for doing at least the 1st vol of this series!!!^^

  54. Thank you so much :”D
    Though it’s kind of sad :(

  55. uwaah i didn’t realize this post,
    so you guys really won’t continue the series?
    i’m a bit disappointed but i will respect your decision,
    thank you for going to scanlate the first volume :)

  56. Damn, I’m a bit disappointed that you won’t continue the manga past the first volume as I really wanted to know what will happen to the detective office guys and NORA after the anime ended but I do understand your stand point too and I really am grateful for the first volume you will be translating. Guess this is the perfect time for me to brush up my rusty japanese skills, especially as this series doesn’t seem too difficult?

  57. aww, I’m sad it didn’t get enough votes! :( But thank you for doing the whole first volume a a compromise! :)

    ;;A;; is it really should end here? Just because the voting? The anime is ended now and the only way to know the continuation is the manga. Is it really just because the vote, or you have no enough staff to continue? (Because I actually can volunteer myself to do some of the works except for translating). I was just happy that a scanlation group actually trasnslating it. So…, thank you. But I really hope you will continue though :v

  59. Shiazen,

    We have said we’re doing the entire first volume, which is several chapters long. We don’t have enough staff or desire to continue past the first volume, and Inaba isn’t the genre we usually scanlate anyway. None of our translators or scanlators have much interest in continuing it past the first volume, so please find another group if you very much want the rest of the series addressed.

  60. aqua11alta,

    The anime adapted about 2-4 chapters up to volume 8 of the manga, meaning 2-4 chapters from each volume aren’t animated, they are skipped.

    It’s up to you whether you think it’s worth it or not to buy these 8 volumes just to read the skipped story. On the other hand, they introduced recurring new characters for the manga (which only appear as cameo in the last episode of the anime) on volume 6, so I would suggest buying the manga starting volume 6.

  61. Thank you very much for this… I wonder if the votes will continue in that way or if someone could realise how great it is and give it a shot. Sorry for the grammar, but as it isn’t in Spanish (such as a lot of mangas translations) I’ve got to get used to read in English, as far as my knowledge allow me, at least. So… I really apreciate your hard work. And as far as I am sad about it will only be one volume, I’m glad that you can force yourself -among your tight schedule- to do it that far… I hope the next series could bring a bit more of addepts.

    Thanks to you all!! And thanks for all the hard work everyday!

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