[subtitles] K Project ~ DVD extra Drama CD, Track 4

February 27, 2013 // k project, subtitles

Type: Subtitles
Series: K Project
Author/Circle: GoRa/GO HANDS
Rating: T
Language: English
Download: mega
Notes: Track 4 is a “nature documentary”, hosted by Totsuka Tatara, of the wild Suoh Mikoto XD


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  7. Is there any chance you could provide a mirror for this download, possibly hosted on a different site than Mega? Thank you very much in advance and keep up the amazing work!

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    Sorry, but no; we’ve stated numerous times that we won’t be uploading anywhere other than where we do for now. Please try a different browser or ask a friend to download; we will not go out of our way to accommodate the few people who can’t find ways to work with mega.

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