[manga] Cuticle Detective Inaba ~ 01 [TEST]

February 20, 2013 // cuticle detective inaba

Type: Manga
Series: Cuticle Detective Inaba
Author/Circle: Mochi
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt
Summary: Inaba Hiroshi is a werewolf with a hair fetish and a history of policework–but right now, he’s running his own detective agency with the help of 16-year-old high-school student Kei and cross-dressing volunteer worker Yuuta; that is, until the day Hiroshi’s old partner strolls in and asks for his help in tracking down a dangerous mafia boss. Who, as it turns out, is actually a goat. With a sidekick who wears a bag over his head. Hilarity ensues.

Note: So, we’re doing something we haven’t done before and releasing only one chapter to see how people like a series. If we feel that there’s enough interest (as determined by the poll below), we’ll happily continue it. But if it’s not going to gain much traction among our readers, we’ll leave it to someone else to take up. We received quite a few requests to check this out, and the anime version currently airing is quite hilarious–so give it a read-through!

That being said, please help us out and read the chapter if it looks the least bit interesting and fill out the poll with your opinion on whether or not we should take this on :D

How do you feel about us scanlating "Cuticle Detective Inaba"?

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  1. Kyaaa! I’m watching the anime and I’m loving!
    It was a great surprise to see that you intend to do the manga, and if you continue with the project, I’ll read for sure.
    Thank you very much!!

  2. I am a big fan of this series and when I’ve heard that there’s a manga, I really wanted to read it.

    PLEASE DO CONTINUE THE PROJECT. I always admire the quality of your works and I will be very thankful and glad if you will continue this project.

    Thank you so much! ;A;

  3. Thank you so much! I adore the anime and wanted to read the manga too, i hope you will continue this :)

  4. Havent seen this yet but it seems interesting enough. Lets see once I read the first chap, is the manga very similar to the anime, like, same same?

  5. That was quite a surprise. I’ve seen the 1st chapter of the anime, and seriously, it was so idiot I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again.
    That’s not something I’ll read, but I’m sure, that if you’re gonna take this project it’ll be as well done as any other project here. So go ahead. :3

    Srry about my english. -v-

  6. Cathdeary,

    Yup, the manga and anime are extremely close.

  7. Ed,

    Sorry you didn’t like it! It’s not so much idiotic as “crack”–kooky and goofy and even witty at times, but just meant to be fun :)

    I mainly watch it for the humor and of course all of the slashiness (the manga runs in the same magazine as Kuroshitsuji to give you an idea of how much slash is worked into the series ;D)

  8. I’m watching the anime and really like it. I’m happy to be able to read the manga as well. Thank you really much :)

  9. fencer_x,

    Is that so? If so, it just contain contain the same thing as the anime, wont that be just bland? Not that it will be bad thing. Will this be just in the Shounen-ai category then, or the manga will be special because it will contain more intimate scene we’ll never get from the anime version?

  10. Cathdeary,

    For some people, the anime might be too difficult to follow–especially since it relies so heavily on jokes and they’re delivered at such a fast pace. To be able to see the manga (with, of course, the mangaka’s original art) is quite useful–I’ve understood the first episode more reading the manga chapter than I did watching the anime :)

    The anime adds some little scenes, too (like the Cuticle Dance), while the manga has some lines that the anime doesn’t. It’s not boring, in my opinion–just a different way of looking at the series :)

    I’m not sure if the anime or manga would be ‘shounen ai’ (though of course there are looots and lots of hints–especially between Hiroshi and Ogino, just like in the anime), but it’s a shounen fantasy manga, so I doubt there will be any serious pledging of love XD; But the manga is a humor manga, not a romance one, so this makes sense.

  11. I read more than I watch anime, except Psyco-Pass, Naruto, Bleach, Gintama and One piece. ^_^
    But, reading this little chapter, I’m kinda interested to see more and even looking at the anime.

  12. fencer_x,

    alright, thank you for going through the effort of answering my inquiries. :) Im yet to read it anyway. So lets see how it afterwards. ^^

  13. I’m more of a manga-person tbh, so I haven’t even heard about the anime version, but I must say this was interesting.

    I love crack and this was its purest form xD The hilarity and idiocy made me giggle like mad even though I’m sure I couldn’t catch all the jokes/references even with the scanlation.

    And it surely isn’t the typical shonen-ai, so I guess it’ll be more subtle? Works for me~

  14. (more more more…) I feel like soccer supporters. I’d really love it if you continue this one. Thank you.

  15. This series shouldn’t be missed, it’s hilarious and i’ve enjoyed it so far plus with the SLASH! I haven’t had a good laugh after gintama. I’m very thankful if you continue this project ^__^

  16. Kat,

    It’s a humorous series in a fantasy magazine targeted towards largely women–so they definitely play on the “ho-yay” trope, but largely to humorous ends XD

  17. Great job as usual! I am happy for those that are eager to read more but it’s not really my thing. Thank you, though, always appreciate the good work!

  18. I love the anime for this series, it’s hilarious and I love the characters. I would LOVE it if you guys continued scanlating the manga!! Thanks so much for considering this title- it’s so great!! ^_^

  19. Lots of fun; I’d like to see more of the manga and I may go check out the anime.

  20. Well, that was… interesting. Yeah…

    There was a lot of jokes but none I found really funny. I guess this isn’t my cup of tea? I suppose I could follow it if you decide to do it, but I don’t think I’ll be very into it.

  21. Just read the chapter; seems like this is shaping up to be a fun manga, but to be perfectly honest, I’d rather September Scans focus on BL titles, what with us not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to groups that produce high-quality scanlations like the kind you lovely ladies put out at an amazing speed. Which is incredibly selfish of me, I know! So I guess you should work on whatever manga you like, as long as you enjoy doing it :)

  22. It’s so fun to read, really make my day. Thank you..

  23. Thank you so much. I watch the anime and I love it, so reading the manga is really great :-)

  24. Thanks for sharing!

  25. This manga is so stupid but soooo funny. Please don’t drop it after this chapter!

  26. Thanks a lot! I´ll give it a try and come back later for the poll.

  27. I have downloaded the first episode of the Anime (because I nearly check every new series out once)…
    and broke up within… maybe it’s simply not my humour or sth, but I just thought that series is too, well, stupid for me in a way…
    If I want this kind of hilarious stuff I’m sticking with Gintama ^^

    I’m sorry, and want to make clear that this is only my personal opinion and it’s not my intention to make people who like this series feeling uncomfortable in any way :)

    But as far as the poll goes many people actually like this so my opinion will be washed away between others xD

    Actually I haven’t checked out all your scanlations yet, but the ones I did I loved all of them, so I don’t mind if there is just this one sries I won’t like! It’s more like a miracle that this didn’t happen before :D

    thank you so much for all of your work!
    I really like your overall taste in picking series ^^

  28. Thank you so much.

  29. Thanks for the scanlation.

    I didn’t care much for the first episode of the anime, (not a huge fan of slapstick). But I found enough bishie and interesting side characters to watch a couple more episodes. (Yuuta is priceless!)

    And I liked it. It is nonsensical. But, as you said, its slash-ilicious. Especially the latest episodes. And it looks like the might be a little more story creeping in. Yay!

    I hope you do continue this series since I spend twice as much time as i should rewinding the anime in order to understand it. So reading it is a bonus.

  30. Uwaaa~ I would love to read the manga!! Please continue this! I really REALLY love your scanlations and seeing Cuticle Tantei Inaba will be taken up by you, I couldn’t ask for more! :D

  31. Yay~
    A new one that I’ haven’t heard of~
    Thank you~<33333

  32. Please please please please do continue scanlating this hilarious series!!
    Godnessss, it’s so refreshing and did you guys just say there will be many SLASHes there??

    Oh God you guys are just tooooooooooooooo great!!!!

  33. The first chapter was so funny! Thank you so much for working on this- I hope it garners enough fans that you continue! =) Now off to check out the anime~! =D (Now, would you say the style is similar to Gintama, goofy, yet heartwarming, or more on the goofy/slapstick side of things?)

  34. Ah, this is a favorite! I was literally just wishing someone would pick up the manga; I can’t believe my favorite scanlation group would do it though… You guys are great!!

    BTW, it’s beautifully done, as usual. Thanks so much!

  35. must admit I haven’t seen the anime and I don’t really care to see more of the manga.
    though even if in the future I pick to watch some episodes of this anime, I probably would never read manga, somehow such mangas aren’t attractive enough for me (and I did download the chapter to be sure :D )
    but I am sure, if you pick to do this series ~ you definitely will do a great job :)

  36. Awesome :’D
    So many silly ‘wtf did I just read’ moments, but this one’s definitely worth following!

  37. I usually don’t like reading the original manga for a comedy if I’m already watching the anime. But this has a different enough flavor that I’d really be interested in reading more of it! :)

  38. Yaaaay! Inaba! Thank you so much, guys, you’re great!

  39. YAAAY :DDD
    I’ve always wanted to read the manga (Mangafox hosts only one chap atm ;A;)


  40. i haven’t watched the anime but i think it’s interesting so keep going~~~~~ >_< /

  41. Thanks, I really like this anime!

  42. I haven’t see the anime, but it’s seems quite hilarious

  43. I ‘ve watched 2 episodes a few days ago and… This is not the series I would read, tough the anime is funny (a little bit idiotic, maybe) and I enjoy watching, it’s not something like “Whoaa, I need more and I’m loving it!” No. It’s more like a pastime, you know?

    And like Frou said, I would rather read more BL titles here.
    But, thanks anyway. The job is really well done as usual :)

  44. I would absolutely love to see more chapters scanlated. Cuticle Detective is one of my favorite shows this season, and it’s sad to think its animated adaptation will be over soon.

  45. I’ve read the first chapter (I didn’t watch the anime and I didn’t know it before I read your article!). But I totally didn’t like it! It didn’t capture my interest :S when I’m not a difficult girl! So I won’t read more than this chapter ^^’

  46. Thank you! I haven’t seen the anime but I’d like to read the manga.

  47. I will pass. Not my taste.

  48. I haven’t seen the anime but I couldn’t stop laughing while reading the manga. It was just too hilarious. Yuuta-kun is the best!

    Thanks for scanlating. I’m interested to read the next chapters.

  49. Oh snap! I love the anime. I was hoping to read it, but was very disappoint when not a single chapter was scanlated. It’d be totes awesome if you guys worked on this. Thank you for the first chapter.

  50. Thanks for your hard work! Though I may not have been particularly into it, if you choose to continue working on it, I’ll probably keep reading. ^^

  51. I’d wanted to read the manga a few years ago (and recently settled for watching the anime) but couldn’t find scanlations, so thank you very much for picking it up! ^.^

  52. I would love to see more of the manga! I’m following the anime and it is absolutely hilarious! But there’s something about reading the manga that just gives it a complete boost :] that’s my two cents on that. And thank you for your hard work on this! (:

  53. I’m so confused. I feel like this is reaching for a cultural touchstone that I just don’t have, or maybe I’m not in the right frame of mind for it tonight.

    I won’t vote, because I’d like to try at least one more chapter, but I can’t say that I’m exactly keen on it. It’s maybe too madcap for me, jumping from one thing to another without much logical progression. (also, perhaps obv, I haven’t seen the anime – this is the first I’ve seen of it at all!)

  54. The anime is great! It is very funny I really love it! And sure enough I want to read the manga too! Hope to see more release of this soon~~~

  55. I never thought my favorite scanlation group would pick this up! I thought the scanlated manga for this was dead and rotting but I was, thankfully, wrong. Hope to see more from this title~

  56. I’m so glad you guys scanlated the first chapter of this! I really hope that there will be enough interest so that more chapters will be done too. ;u;

  57. Hmmm I like the art and while its cutsey and fun…Id kind of prefer more yaoi :P Im a pervert,yup.
    But id say scanlate it if you want to though this probably wouldnt be a series id follow

  58. wrath,

    Just to clarify — our doing this or not will have zero impact on BL translation. If there were other BL series we wanted to do, we would be doing them. Our not doing this series doesn’t mean there will be more BL in its place. So ‘I’d prefer more yaoi’ bears no relevance to the issue at hand.

  59. Not really my type of manga. I have never have really liked gag mangas and none of the jokes worked for me in this. Maybe it’s because I’m not Japanese?

    That’s not to say that I think you guys aren’t doing great work, the manga was good quality work as always just not to my tastes.

  60. Read it and I can say it’s not my cup of tea. But, that’s because I personally don’t enjoy story like this. In fact, comedy manga is just not my thing to be honest. Also, I’ve try so many time, but I can’t even watch Gintama pass the 2nd episode. Not to mention, this to me feels closer to Katekyo Hitman Reborn, but then again, I can’t even finish KHR too. Couldn’t get into it. I endure the first 20 episodes and just gave up after it.

    But, it’s you lovelies call at what you would like to work on. :)

  61. Well, everyone is different I guess…not my thing. I actually like comedy manga and comics, but I wasn’t very impressed with this one. The pacing of the comedic timing in the panels is off IMO. It’s been a bit interesting trying to figure out how I would have done it better, but other than that… Going by the current poll results though, it looks like having watched the anime a bit might have upped my chances of liking it – and I haven’t seen the anime.

  62. I’m very fond of crack humor (guilty pleasure? haha) so I’m quite looking forward to more of this if you do decide to continue.

    Thanks for the first chapter one way or the other. ^_^

  63. Oh, the manga was better than I expected! And you stated earlier that this has no affect on the BL-mangas you’re scanlating, so I wouldn’t mind seeing more. :)

  64. thank u for ur hard work; but i am not into this kind of manga; so i won’t read it :/
    but thank u :)

  65. Gotta say I really enjoyed that, this sort of weirdness definitely appeals to my sense of humour! Would love to see more of the craziness that is sure to follow :) If not, it’ll just have to be my motivation to learn Japanese faster haha :) Thanks for the hard work guys!!! :)

  66. How long are you guys planning on keeping Tests up?

  67. Chigusa,

    Indefinitely? Test just refers to us testing whether or not we want to pursue the series.

  68. cat ears!!! so cute ^O^

  69. I’ve read the 1st chapter and it was funny, I hope you guys continue scanlating this. Now I look forward on watching the anime version. Thank you!

  70. I kinda liked it, so hope you continue doing this. Now I’m off to see if I can find the anime to watch. I always appreciate it when you introduce new series/mangakas to me. Thank you!

  71. Yeah, as I thought, it really wasn’t my thing. Couldn’t even get through the whole chapter, sorry! And some quick googling told me that the anime closely follows the manga, which makes this a bit… I dunno, redundant? I definitely can understand wanting to fully enjoy every aspect of a series, but there are sooo many amazing titles out there that are completely overlooked.

    That said, if this is a series you guys love, I think you should do it — regardless of whether or not the majority is into it. You’re the ones doing all the work, after all, so you should be the ones to ultimately decide! Thanks for asking us though, I think that’s really nice of you :)

  72. I’ve seen the first episode of the anime but didn’t finish it.
    But this one was funnier and easier to understand!
    So, I’ll be happy if you continue it :)
    Thank you very much ♥♥♥

  73. ….I don’t really know what to say….I’m usually the type of person that will read just about anything. But…I don’t know. I don’t think I can handle the mindless idioticy this time ._. sorry.

  74. I’m afraid I have to side with the “this is not for me” crowd. To continue scanlating it is entirely your decision of course. I have no right or reason to object to you doing so, I just won’t be one of the fans downloading it so it’s really no big deal to me either way. Thank you for the preview, though, it’s always nice to give something new a try.

  75. Thank you! lol…I liked it! Please continue this project!

  76. gomen!i got really behind with anime things..but i think tis one is good.so do please have ur way:)

  77. Love the anime xD I wanna read the manga~ plz continue the project xD

  78. I’m watching my anime with someone who liked the anime very much but, like you said, could not completely follow the jokes, so I’m happy I can share manga version with them as well, so I appreciate the thought ^^/

  79. Thank you for doing this, and please do more! My wife and I have been loving the anime, but I always like reading the manga as well for further insight and entertainment.

  80. Please translate more! I’m extremely hooked to this cracky series and I doubt the anime will be more than 13 eps and that definitely will not cover the whole series. I need more NORA, more badly veiled slash and more Haruka/Hiroshi brother complex scenes.

    Would you please become my Inaba crack dealer? m(_ _)m

  81. I’ve nt seen the anime but I’m interested in the rest of the manga. Please DO continue! Thank you!

  82. Pls cont this series. No need to test test.. I’m catching up with the anime & bought the comic too. It’s very entertaining and funny~

  83. Sorry. Didn’t enjoy it. It’s so silly it’s a chore to read. Maybe that’s why Deka Scanlation Group dropped it? (I’ve skimmed over their released before your version) And no, never even heard about the anime….

    Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be people being happy if you decided to take on the series. Afterall, shouldn’t you scanlated works that YOU enjoy? :)


  84. Seraphiel,

    We always scanlate works that we enjoy, and nothing else :) But if it’s not going to be something a large portion of our readers also enjoy, we’re perfectly content to enjoy it on our own by reading the tankoubon.

  85. akyore,

    I feel you…I can’t watch/read both Gintama and KHR too ^^”
    (I just don’t get it. Nor can I work up any interest…)

  86. arrrgh I had never heard of this so I read the first chapter, found it to be complete crack but it also made me laugh, and since you mentioned the anime I decided (like a dork) to go check that out too. Now I’m all caught up on the anime and want to read the manga even more, but there’s no manga to read because you guys are only just starting it and not even sure you’re going to do it :( So my initial vote was that I hadn’t seen the anime but was interested in the manga, and now it’s I HAVE seen the anime but am still really really hoping you guys will continue the manga! The series is completely cracktastic but there were multiple places that made me burst out laughing, and I’d already noticed that the manga chapter was better than the anime episode in a lot of ways, so I’m even more curious about the manga.

  87. Oh and I forgot to say– another reason I’m hoping you do the manga is because the anime WAS a little hard to follow with the jokes at times. It moved at a fast pace and some of them I’m sure I didn’t fully get, but I still found it to be amusing nonetheless.

    Also, I wrote my first comment without reading any other comments and as a follow up now– it’s funny, a few people said they normally love crack manga but couldn’t get into this one, and others said they couldn’t get into Gintama or KHR either. I’m actually usually NOT a crack manga type of person, and I’ve never seen Gintama but I can say I couldn’t get into KHR, either. I tried for several episodes, and it wasn’t like I disliked it, but it never clicked with me so I stopped. So I’m a little surprised by how much this series made me laugh considering that I probably didn’t get all the jokes and it’s not normally something I would gravitate to, but I love the characters and it’s actually kind of refreshing to have there be good vs evil without either side actually being all good or evil, and both sides randomly being incompetent lol

    Also, the latest episodes have hinted at more plot, and I actually think the background plot to this series is surprisingly intriguing, so I’m hoping they get into that more. I personally might have liked the series even more if they’d been a bit more serious with it and had all the gags to lighten it up, instead of being primarily gags with the cool plot popping up the way chibis do in other manga– but, like I said, I laughed a LOT watching this. It’s ridiculous but it’s awesomely ridiculous. Also, Yuuta XD Yuuta is hilarious.

  88. Oh man I was just watching the anime on crunchyroll and was wondering if anyone was translating the manga (I saw it at my local bookstore the other day but I didn’t pick it up, but my ex-housemate did, maybe I should borrow it and attempt to read it). Then when I came here to check for new updates (which you all are awesome, by the way) I saw a trial run for the series I immediately gasped. I completely understand if you don’t gather enough interest to continue scanlating the series, but I still want to thank you for attempting at least!

  89. I loved the anime. The jokes fly by fast, but the voice actors make up for it for their hilarity. XD Just knowing the VA for Grimmjow, Aomine, and Jinguji voices Hiroshi in itself cracks me up. I never thought the guy could be so funny even when some of jokes are interpreted with some yaoi undertones! I’d like this manga to be translated because it’s different from other works September scans have done, and the anime is worth giving a try. (o.o) Even the art for this manga isn’t too shabby. If you guys decide to sub the manga, thank you! Of course, be aware Don Valentino would have your heads, steal your money and send Gabriela to assassinate you. XD shashasha!!

    p.s I LOVE that you added the “shashasha” for Don. XD

  90. wahh thank you!! i would love it if you guys continue to scanlate this

  91. I’m enjoying so much the anime. It would be great if you could continue this project, the anime made me laught so much

  92. I like the anime so much so it’ll be great if you could continue doing the manga also. Well, whatever your decisions are I’ll greatly appreciate it, thanksss a lot for ch1 anyway!!!!^_^

  93. Liked chapter 1 – it was hilarious :) Any chance you guys would pick up other series like – silver diamond by SUGIURA Shiho or Yami no Kodou by YOSHIHARA Rieko? Would love to see both of those series scanlated and you guys are one the best – if the not the BEST – scanlators out there :D

  94. KP,

    Those are both rather old series–with art styles reflecting it. We generally don’t find the art from most styles before the mid-2000s very appealing, and those series are no exception :/ Also Silver Diamond was licensed by TokyoPop, and we don’t really have any desire to continue a series that has already been translated so extensively.

  95. Most of votes wants it to be translated, with a big percentage already (69%). I myself love the anime and can’t wait to read the manga(s) too, esp. since the anime will be over soon! So, when will your decision on whether you’ll pick this or not come out? I’ll be very happy if you decide to really do it as your regular project. Can’t wait! Thanks before.

  96. thank you for scanlating this chapter,
    it’s a very interesting story,
    i love the anime and really want to know the rest of the story,
    i hope you guys will continue to scanlate it :)

  97. I’ve just finished the anime and I totally loved this series! > 7 <)/
    I've just started the manga and you guys are literally the best for scanlating this manga = v = <3
    I would love to see more of the manga though, so pretty please continue this series? ; v ;)/
    I'd love you guys even more, if so. (if that's even possible–)

  98. I haven’t read (darn it slow connection T^T) or watch it. But when I read the synopsis, I think it’s interesting :) so, I think I’d like to see more of the manga ^^

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