[doujinshi] K Project ~ Living Daylights

February 9, 2013 // k project, mikoto/reishi

Type: Doujinshi
Living Daylights
Series: K Project
Author/Circle: SHINKAI/Miho Someya
Pairing: Munakata Reishi/Suoh Mikoto
Rating: NC-17
Language: English
Notes: This is a pre-canon story of the two men meeting for the first time at age 16.

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  6. Actually, I’m rather curious as to why you guys suddenly choose mega sharing site instead of mediafire like before. Is there any problem with mediafire?

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  7. sasunaru13,

    Mediafire’s been removing some of our files, and Mega’s got a much nicer interface for uploading and organizing :)

    Mediafire’s mostly just a backup now. We also needed another site to upload stuff on, and the places we’d been trying were all either temporary (files removed after 2 weeks) or had very low bandwidth.

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  33. Thx for another chapter. Curriously the DJ is not ddl to your side, as with all before them. Mega only supports Chrome -.- (which I refuse to install bcs its Google). Is it possible to use another filehost as well? Sendspace, Rapidshare … there are many wich support a wide range of browsers!

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  35. yumesora,

    As I said in the other comment: if you’re having difficulties downloading from Mega using a non-Chrome browser, this means there is a problem on your end, as others have had no issues downloading using other browsers. Please resolve this problem yourself.

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  39. Thank you very much for this!! This was an interesting setting, and I really like this couple ♥♥♥

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  41. wait… does it seem that Reisi was the soft spoken SEME and Mikoto was the bold UKE?

  42. KoshoHime,

    That’s exactly what it was :P But rather than using the terms ‘seme’ and ‘uke’, since they don’t fit here, just use ‘top’ and ‘bottom’.

  43. fencer_x,

    I LOOOOVE it… i can only find reimiko here <3. Yup… i like your term, seme and uke don't fit them. Both were attacker .lol. Thats it, i gonna use that term

    Thank you so much for your hard work

  44. fencer_x,

    haha that’s something new XD
    although i have to say that reisi was OOC in this doujinshi.

  45. KoshoHime,

    I didn’t necessarily find him too terribly OOC mostly because he was so young (it’s almost 10 years before canon) and hadn’t gotten caught up in the drama of being a King and the warring clans and all yet.

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