[manga] Otokogokoro ~ 05a

February 9, 2013 // otokogokoro

Type: Manga
Series: Otokogokoro ~ A Man’s Heart
Author/Circle: Kanda Neko
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega, ge.tt


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  64. Lookie, a PG rated chapter! I guess things go downhill in part b, eh? ;)
    BTW, I really started warming up to this couple when the second book started. First two stories were kinda usual yaoi fare, and since Cherry Poppers raised my expectations I was a bit disappointed. But now I really do enjoy the stories, and the art too (Jun trying to look serious/sharp just bowls me over).
    If the rest of the stories in the first book are just ordinary yaoi stuff, I’m not surprised that you’re not translating. The second book should be all (or almost all) dedicated to “Otokogokoro” couple, but in the third book there should be at least 3-4 other stories (or a multi-chapter story). Are those good enough for you to translate? They don’t have to be Cherry-Popper good, but if they are on the same level as this second book seems to be so far, I’d really love to read them.

  65. Manekineko,

    Since Otokogokoro was just supposed to be a series of one-shots (Saki and Jun’s story included), I’m not surprised it came off pretty mediocre; Kanda-sensei really needs room to develop a good story (or needs to plan on doing longer pieces from the start) in order for it to blossom. I have to assume that Saki and Jun’s story happened to be quite popular, so that’s why she continued it (or she wanted to herself maybe).

    Unfortunately, she ends their story about halfway through book 3, and rather than write some new one-shots to fill in the rest of the space, she fills it up with really old pieces of hers from years before, so you not only get much poorer art, you get equally inexperienced story-writing :/ It’s interesting to see how her work has evolved, but that’s about all I can say for it XD;

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  100. Now that I’ve read it I got a question.
    Are same sex relationships still a such big issue in Japan? What about lesbians?
    Just as big of a taboo or not so much? Someone here has to know right? ^^

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  102. hazydawn,

    That’s…kind of rude o_O Especially since you seem to think it’s a joke… It’s no Ulysses, but the story’s a simple, cute love story, much like Rutta to Kodama. There’s no need to be so harsh in disparaging the storyline.

    And yes, same-sex relationships are very much still an issue, much more so than in most other first-world countries. Gays and lesbians have relatively few rights when it comes to issues directly pertaining to their sexuality.

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  109. fencer_x,

    Harsh? I just said it wasn’t great, that’s not harsh xD
    To me that’s mild criticism. In my humble opinion the whole industry does not seem very innovative when it comes to plot and characters. There’s this good looking successful businessman + an overly cute airhead, who’s and adult and has no idea how gay sex works, how f*cking(just being facetious for comical effect ^^) likely is that? And in almost any yaoi manga there’s at least one point where I don’t understand the actions of a certain character at all, like “how can a human being even be capable of this train of thought?”. I know these artists might have to finish their work in a very short time and there’s also tons of other manga, so having an original idea is very hard.
    I’m not saying I could do it any better. But don’t call sb. rude for a little criticism, because without that nothing will ever improve(yes I know the artist will never read this >.<).
    Still I very much like this manga, that's why I'm checking almost daily whether a new chapter came out, but like I said thats mainly due to the art.

    Btw thanks for the answer.

  110. hazydawn,

    The comments section on the scanlator’s blog is not the best place to say, “I think this story is pretty shallow and not all that great,” as it comes off quite rude and ungrateful :/

    Offering criticism of something is not inherently rude; but offering it, unwanted, on the blog of someone who’s giving it to you translated for free? Is at best tactless.

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  112. fencer_x,

    I come of rude and ungrateful when the very first thing I wrote was:
    “Thank you for all your releases of this manga!”?
    I did not citicise this group in any way for picking this manga or the quality of the scanlation.
    I repeatedly stated that I like this manga, the reason why I like it, whether it’s the art, the plot, or me identifying with any of the characters(as if! haha) souldn’t be of anybodies concern.

    Btw I also really love Honto Yajuu, Love Stage, O-mamori Shimasu and Dokomademo you are currently scanlating. Since I didn’t take the time to say thanks for those, let me do it now.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    I hope that dispelled your doubts of me being ungrateful, when I sincerely aren’t.
    I’m also thankful that you’re not one of this butthurt scanlators that are on livejournal only giving their stuff to people begging to be let in in their little sh*tty clubs. Or those watermarking every f*cking page with something. Sorry, I just coulnd’t hold back bitching about that now, but again this was not directed at you in any way.

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