[doujinshi] K Project ~ Nights of the Kings

February 7, 2013 // k project, mikoto/reishi

Type: Doujinshi
Nights of the Kings
Series: K Project
Author/Circle: kazao/area420
Pairing: Munakata Reishi/Suoh Mikoto
Rating: NC-17
Language: English

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    A NC-17 one from my fave OTP xD
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  6. Wow. Also read the first chapter just now. You guys are good.

  7. your post always made my day!!!! thank you very muchhh!!! XDD

  8. i c-cant d-download from mega T T Is there any chance to upload on mediafire please? Because I dont just want to read it, i want download and keep it T T. nevertheless, thank you for the hard work!

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    Please use Chrome if you have issues or have a friend download it; we’re using Mega as our main repository now, with only manga backed up on mediafire, due to issues with mediafire removing links.

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  16. =-= Whoa, Reishi as seme?? D:
    Nandeee??? xD Oh well, I do hope this story would go well :x
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  21. Cool I’m so excited to read a doujinshi from K with that rating!! This will be my first! Thanks so much!

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  23. This was good. Nice artwork, story and a nice chuckle worthy line at the end. Thanks so much. Really enjoyed it.

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  29. Is it weird that I didn’t think that Munakata would be topping? :D On the other hand I certainly won’t complain about it :D I hope there will be more doujinshi with these two. Thank you for sharing^^

    Damn ukeMikoto! Supposed to be ukeMunakata LOL!!!

    Yummy K DJs *_*

    Thank you guys for the scans and the share <3<3

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  32. wow … never though him would be the uke XD
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  37. Thank you for your hard work on this! It was a very good read (: I enjoyed it very much so thank you! And couples that switch ftw (: <3!

  38. thank you so much for your hard work or sharing this with us. I was able to read it on your viewer but tried numerous times to download it even on chrome and was unsuccessful.

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    “unsuccessful” isn’t a very helpful term for determining what went wrong. Mega downloads automatically to Chrome’s download folder in most cases, so you’ll want to check your settings and be sure the download started properly and finished properly.

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  41. oh my~ Munakata is topping for once ///7///<

  42. thanks for your hardwork! But i cant download it from mega. If its possible can you upload it on mediafire? because its frustrating. T_T Thanks

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    We’ve explained above why you’ll need to find an alternative way to download and suggested reasons you may be experiencing issues.

  44. Thank you so much for sharing! This was an utterly amazing dj, I actually haven’t watched K Project yet so I almost decided to wait on this and I’m so glad I didn’t :DD Mikoto is my fav kind of bottom, so this made my night!!

  45. May,

    In my opinion, Mikoto’s very in-character in this, so you should definitely like the show if you like how he’s portrayed here :D I hope you get to watch it soon!

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    I tried several times and get the same result. I have yet to have issues downloading before so I’m not sure if it’s my settings and what I should change to fix the problem. I appreciate your help if possible but nevertheless thank you again for providing the scanlations! :)

  51. Thanks for the release guys. And Mega is back? Was surprised for that.
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    The archive wouldn’t open. I tried it several times, but the download doesnt seem to work. Just letting you know ;)

  52. AnaBanana,

    The file downloads fine at 11 mb for me, and no others have reported any real issues–so it sounds like it’s just a problem with your browser :/

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  55. This is good and the art is wonderful! Thank you for sharing <3

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  58. Thank you soo much for translating this doujinshi.. ano ne.. can you pls upload this doujin at another filesharing site, bcuz i’m having trouble downloading from mega..

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  60. Thank you very much for this Munakata x Suoh DJ!!!!^_^

  61. Eleutherios Libertissima Jiyuu February 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Any chance you may consider reuploading the file on sendspace, box, rapidshare, hotfile, beastshare, or zippyshare?

  62. Eleutherios Libertissima Jiyuu,

    No, please see our comments to others and make efforts to work with Mega. We cannot upload to dozens of different websites and ask everyone to please understand our limitations and work to resolve their own issues.

  63. Kokoro_ai (@kokoro_ai) February 9, 2013 at 3:07 pm Reply

    My favorite couple of K, thank you so much for this DJ.

  64. These two are just great together, thank you:)

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  66. Thx for another chapter. Curriously the DJ is not ddl to your side, as with all other DJ before it. Mega only supports Chrome -.- (which I refuse to install bcs its Google). Is it possible to use another filehost as well? Sendspace, Rapidshare … there are many which support a wide range of browsers!

  67. yumesora,

    Chrome is just a browser; it may have been developed by google, but that means little in regards to its security or usability. However, the point is moot–as you do NOT need Chrome to download from Mega. If you’re having issues downloading using another browser, this is a problem on your end, as others have used different browsers without issue.

    We will be using Mega due to its speed and reliability and ease of use. We are not going to upload to a dozen different filesharing hosts because of a few difficulties.

  68. thank you for sharing XD
    I just finished watch k-project last night and while watching it I couldn’t help but ship them right away hahaha ^^

  69. Thank u so so so much for this! The story was awesum n the artwork fantastic. MikoRei is my OTP…that alongwith NC-17 made this Dj a total WOW for me.

  70. No matter how many times I read this. This is still one of my favorite doujinshi. It would be nice to see ven more of those two..

    I read it so many times, The art just got prettier each time hah.

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