[doujinshi] UtaPuri ~ Answer Me This

February 2, 2013 // tokiya/otoya, utapuri

Type: Doujinshi
Answer Me This
Series: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji Love 1000%
Author/Circle: LEGO
Pairing: Tokiya/Otoya
Rating: PG-13
Language: English

[Access frozen indefinitely]


  1. Thank You!!!

  2. Wow~ ^^
    You have a reader now?! Awesome~<33333
    Haha, though, I prefer downloads, it's nice to see a little inside of the manga before I download given that my internet's download speed's only 4kb per second hahah~
    Thank you~<3333
    You're always improving so nicely~<3

  3. Scootie-chan,

    Haha, we’ve always had a reader for doujinshi ^^; Since no publishing house is going to come after us for posting doujinshi, we don’t mind hosting it on our reader. You can see all of our doujinshi up there, and ever doujinshi post includes a link to it :P

  4. thank you!~

  5. I have no idea how to use Mega.. D: But I read it on the online reader! Great art and story. n__n

    Thank you for the release!

  6. Thank you so much!!!!

  7. AppleShark,

    It’s just like any other download system? lol

  8. I’m so happy to see a LEGO DJ, specially a TokiyaxOtoya one! I just love them so much!!
    Thank you very much for this! And I hope I can see more of LEGO in the future, which I’m sure I will ♥♥♥

  9. fencer_x,

    Mega doesn’t load in Firefox for me at all, and in IE it opens an impossible to close pop-up pushing me to install google chrome. I would really love a mirror link, if possible.

    Thank you for putting the doujinshi on the Reader as well. And for scanlating it in the first place, of course.

  10. Julie,

    I only use firefox and I’ve never had issue with it–so if you’re not, it suggests that it’s something wrong with your personal browser :/ I just downloaded the file now to test it, logged out and everything, and had no problem…

    Mega is going to be where all of our files are being stored now due to ease of access, download speeds, and organization, with Mediafire only as a backup, since Mediafire has been deleting downlouds quite regularly now.

  11. Thank you!!!
    I honestly never play the game or watch the anime but… here I am spamming your website together with other Utapuri fans who, I bet, are more knowledgeable than me. Thinking back now, other than Utapuri songs it must have been the doujinshi you girls scanlated that turned me into an Utapuri fangirl when I was not even trying to… be one. xD Thanks! ♥

  12. monn,

    Naaah XD I only really watched enough of the anime to see all of the potential pairings, and then the rest I left up to doujinshi, because there’s a ton of it out there :3

  13. fencer_x,

    Thanks for the answer, I appreciate your efforts wherever you decide to host your files. :)

    Anyway, I dug around and apparently the issue is that the latest version of Firefox (18.01) can’t handle mega at all.

  14. Julie,

    I’ve got 18.0.1 myself, though, and not 10 minutes or so ago had no issue downloading…?

  15. Thank you so much for the release !! ^_^


    I have Firefox and it doesn’t work… Have you tried with Google Chrome ?! This is how I could download the file.

  16. CUTE…~
    Thanks so much for your hard work..>.<

  17. Julie,


    I also use Firefow 18.0.1 and had no issues, it’s just that you have to click more than usal at other mirrors,

    you actually have to accept their terms of service first so check the little field, then push the download button, then it somehow downloads but doesn’t save it. After that it says you need to save it manually. If you push the button it gives you some Mozilla folder so change the location to your files or desktop or where ever you want to save it.

    and that’s it ^^

    And just to come back to the topic :D
    I just recently watched UtaPuri and so love it!!!
    I found out there will also be a second season this year!!!!
    2000% xD

  18. Thank you so much for bringing us this beautiful UtaPri doujin!
    Although I’m quite curios to who would be the seme in that relationship, I actually found it quite astonishing that Tokiya imagined himself on top of Ittoki even though he was shorter and younger.
    Anyway, I LOOOOVED and will keep loving this doujin so a BIIIIIG thanks again for translating it, reading it was a good change of peace. Also, if possible, I would be really grateful if you could, when you have the time of course, to translate more stuff from LEGO [I recognised that art which is the same as in Engagement Ring, another UtaPri doujin I love that has been brought to me and many others by you], I love her [is she a mangaka? or is it a circle? not that I particularly care] and her stories and the art the cute moments and just everything about her.
    Soooo, THANKS again and again and agaaaain [you guys are AMAZING] and more doujinshi will be much appreciated!

  19. Thank you!!!

  20. bronakopdin,

    See, I can’t even load the page in Firefox, it just times out. In IE the page loads, but even after checking the ticky box and getting rid of the pop-ups I just get “decryption error”.


    I don’t know what’s my issue then. In the Mozilla support forums more than 100 people reported the same problems, so I thought it was the version. Perhaps it’s some combo of plug-ins.

    Gonna shut up about my software issues now.

  21. Thank you for the release

    I had the same problem as Julie. My firefox is the latest but every time I tried to download the file, it stopped at 45%… and I tried three times. Internet Explorer (windows XP running system) wont even load the page. I ended up having to download Chrome to download it. I don’t much like having to accept their terms of service every time I download, or that you don’t get to choose where it goes on your computer, but I appreciate how hard it is to find a decent hosting site these days. People are just going to have to install Chrome to download files, I think.

  22. Ooh UtaPri!! <3 yay thank you. =) and… @madisuzy, the download thing lets me pick where to save the file, that's a setting in Chrome you hafta change…I use Chrome as well… yup yup… anyhoo~~ *runs off*

  23. ACK!! Loved it! I really really liked it!! :D thank you so much!!!

  24. Thank you so much! <3

  25. Thanks for the release! Usually I’m iffy with age-gap pairings where one person’s a minor, but I really liked this one :)

  26. OMG thank you, I love LEGO!’a Tokiya x Otoya

  27. Thank you!!! This doujinshi is awesome!!!

  28. Thanks so much for the release! :D

  29. Thank you so much! This is my favourite couple! Otoya is soooo cute! And so happy that makes me melt… *____* I’m not very keen on Utapuri (mainly because of the girl… why is she there?! xDDD :3 ¬¬), but I love the fanservice they do!! >///<

  30. Thank you so much! (*3*)
    I really like Tokiya×Otoya, so it just made my day! :)

  31. Thank you very much! =)

  32. fencer_x,
    I use Opera and the file just won’t download. I accepted the terms of service, it downloaded on the browser for a while, and then said that I have to save the file manually or something. I did that, and the .rar file showed up on my computer but nothing was in it… like when you try to export .zip or .rar when the download hasn’t finished, but in this case it should have been.

    It’s a bit annoying if I have to use a different browser than my standard one everytime I download something from here, but oh well! I’ll try Firefox later when I’m back home, maybe that will work. :D

  33. Ohh, new doujin~ Thanks!! (=


    Yeah, I did the same thing XD

  34. laketica,

    Oh thanks for that! I know nothing about chrome. lol

  35. Thank you for the release~! I love this pairing^^!

  36. thank you very much! had problems downloading from mega, too, using firefox but solved the problem by switching to chrome.

  37. Thank you so much for the release! ♥

  38. Thank you so much.

  39. thank you!!

  40. Thank you very much!!

  41. Thank you!

  42. thanks for the doujin! Like a few others, I’m using Firefox, and I always get a “decryption error” when I try downloading the file via mega.

    I’d say your Reader works so much better and also easier to navigate. I saved the images from there. XD

  43. thanks for the LEGO/tokioto doujin! I really love this circle’s art and the pairing~

  44. Thank you!

  45. Does anyone knows if there’re scans of Be My Family!! by LEGO? I really love when Lego makes doujins with all the boys like the ones in Boy’s Style. It was freaking hilarious and super adorable. And Be My Family!! must be really fun too since it have Otoya, Shou and Natsuki in kids version while the rest are older. Masa looks like the mom XD

    I really really would love to see that one, but I don’t have money to buy and I wouldn’t understand a thing in japanese TT^TT

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