[doujinshi] K Project ~ Loveless Lover

January 13, 2013 // k project, mikoto/reishi

Type: Doujinshi
Loveless Lover
Series: K Project
Author/Circle: Karirenge
Pairing: Munakata Reishi/Suoh Mikoto
Rating: PG
Language: English
Notes: The first of what we hope will be many K Project doujinshi from this group. Enjoy! This work takes place during Mikoto and Reishi’s private “chat” in the woods.

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  1. Yeay first comment!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing ^^

  2. Thank you for sharing! You guys do work very quickly! I’m happy but also sad again haha. It was a sweet but heart-breaking read. Thank you for your hard work! (:

  3. OMG!!!!
    First ever scanlated K doujinshi xD
    Thank you so much for scanlating this^^

  4. Thanks!!

  5. yay for k doujinshi! thanks a lot!

  6. Actually I’m forever-Mikoto-x-Anna but… Naaah I love Mikoto so much *evilsmirk*
    Thank you so much for your hardwork! :D

  7. gilgamesh,

    …Isn’t she his niece? And like 15 years his junior? :|

  8. Thank you so much! This doujinshi’s art is so beautiful! look like an official art!

    Do you have a project for Kuro/Shiro doujinshi translation? I really love this couple. Thanks again for your hard work!

  9. katba,

    Not at the moment. There hasn’t been anything released (at least not at K-books) that really was worth translating–but it’s my personal favorite pairing next to this one, so I’m always on the look :)

  10. thanks for this, have a nice day and a nice week

  11. asdfhjklalk perfect otp ;______; thank you so much /crying/

  12. Thank you !

  13. :3 Thank you very much!

  14. OMG!!! Thank you so muuuuuuuuuuuch!!!

  15. You got me into watching K Project! And now… *nose bleed* I’m so grateful for it!

  16. Thank you

  17. Omg, please do worship Reishi x Mikoto T__T
    Although Fushimi x Misaki is good, RxM’s pairing is so devastating in the anime, I need some lovey dovey DJ to get rid of that memory out of me LOL!
    Thanks A LOT for this release!! Love you guys so much T____________T

  18. Thank you so much.

  19. I felt the BL overtones when I watched that anime.. glad I’m not the only one :)

  20. I will worship you forever ^^
    Thank you!!

  21. Oh this is fantastic! I’ve been suffereing withdraw since the first season of the anime ended, so it’s wonderful to have something else on the series to tide me over. Thank you so much for it!

  22. :3 Thank you! <3

  23. fencer_x,

    Dat make it complete then ( o’__’o)
    I love:
    -loli ( ‘3’) <3<3\\\\\\<)~ <3<3<3

  24. gilgamesh,

    You like…loli incest though? :P

  25. thank you very much!!!

  26. Nice one!!
    Thanks for release!!

  27. Woot K?! Thank you so much! <3

  28. fencer_x,

    I just realized my reply got cut (my mistake). Lemme fix it :9 :
    Dat make it complete then ( o’__’o)
    I love:
    –loli ( ’3′) <3<3\\\\\\<)~<3<3

  29. (but I do not usually read something that has lolicon tag, cause usually it goes to H and has no story -__-‘)
    –age gap romance ( >\\\\\\<)~<3<3<3

  30. –incest ( o’_’o) (though I just knew that Anna is his niece from you) (but not parentXchild. Or cousin)
    –and… Suoh Mikoootooo!!! ( >\\\<)~<3<3.<

  31. I’M VERY VERY SORRY for those sequences of reply >.<
    btw, nice doujin. Mikoto so… adorable ( o'_'o)<3

  32. Thank you so much ^^/
    Thanks to you doing the little “interview” drama, I got hooked on the voices (and the awesome dynamics between the pairs featured) instantly, watched the anime and turned into a proper K fan (can’t help the fact that I like BL) so I’m happy to know you’ll be doing djs as well <3
    Can't wait for the second season… *waits patiently*

  33. Thanks so much! This is my favorite K pairing ^^

  34. gyaaaa~~~ thank you so much
    this is the first K doujin that i have *chuu*

    my very first K doujinshi <3. i knew it that i would lost my "first" by septemberstrawberry scan over and over.
    I hope i would lost my "first" on FushimixYata here too
    Thank you

  36. Thanks a bunch!!

  37. And thank you again!

  38. Yay a K DJ! Thank you very much~

  39. Thanks so much for sharing! This was surprisingly complex, for a doujinshi, or maybe I’ve only read all the bad ones. =/ Made me feel like crying all over again. >.<

    Thanks so much for all your work on this.

  40. I watched the Anime but it left so many questions open, is there also a Manga out there from this series?

    anyway thenks for the DJ :D

  41. Thank you so much! :3

  42. ooomg I just watched K Project for the second time LOL this is awesome!! I love Kuroh and Shiro, and Fushimi and Yata… <3 <3 but this pairing is awesome too!! thank you!

  43. Yay~! Thank you for the new release~!

  44. Thank you so much for this, Mikoto was the only reason that gave me to watched K.

  45. kyaaa~
    my fav couple!
    thanks for scanlating <3 XOXO

  46. bronakopdin,

    There is manga though it’s set before the anime. It’s called ‘Memory of Red’.
    Also – it’s oficial that there’s going to be second season.

  47. Thank You very much !!!

  48. thank you for your hard work !!


    I want saru x misa ; ___ ;


    am I asking too much ???

    but but buttttttttt

    I want to read sarumisa doujinshi >__<

    hope to see it up soon !! chu ~ <3

  49. firery,

    Much of the Fushimi/Misaki doujinshi out right now is very much rape or similar ‘forced seduction’ trope stuff, and they’re my personal least favorite of the three ‘main’ pairings–I would definitely not hold you breath for Fushimi/Misaki from our group.

  50. Thank you very much for this! It’s my first time reading a K DJ!! ♥♥♥

  51. oh..okay…*sob*…

    but heyy I also love rape too you knowww ; _ ;

    -//got shot in the head

    ah ! and and super lovers17 is out now guys >_<!!! that's all !!

    -//roll away

  52. firery,

    :/ Like what you like, but why would you think that an appropriate comment for us when we soundly condemn the representation of rape in BL?

  53. Thank you!

  54. Thanksss a lot for this K goodies!!!! Hoping for more Shirou/Kurou in the future!!^^

  55. Thank you<3

  56. Ohmy, a K doujin. Thanks a lot! Hoping for more in the future, especially SaruMi and KuroShiro! Keep up the good work!

  57. Thanks.

  58. Thank you for the scanlation! I legitimately squealed aloud when I saw it.

    From the cover, I see that this doujinshi covers two pairings. Can I assume from your replies above that you will not be scanlating the SaruMi part? Just wanted to be sure. Thank you again! ^^

  59. carzla,

    It did indeed have a Fushimi/Yata part, but it wasn’t nearly as good (seemed like some kind of AUish thing, or perhaps took place while they were still in high school, and played heavily into ‘no means yes’ and ‘forced seduction’ tropes which are :/), so we’re passing on that one.

  60. thank u very much :D

  61. thank you!

  62. Another thank you to add!!

  63. thanks very muck :)

  64. Thank you!

  65. You are great thanks very much

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