[manga] Stray Dog Story ~ 01

November 15, 2012 // stray dog story

Type: Manga
Chapter: 01
Series: Stray Dog Story
Author/Circle: Miyazawa Tatsuki & Minato Saki
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega
Notes: This is a first for us, as to the best of our knowledge, this manga won’t have any BL to it whatsoever, but we’re still confident it’ll be a good read! This is Stray Dog Story, one of the manga offshoots of the currently uber-popular anime K Project. This manga will follow Yatogami Kuroh, who you’ll know from the anime as the cool, culinarily-talented young modern-age samurai of sorts who’s out to slay Isana Yashiro, starting just a short while before the anime starts and continuing on from there. You’ll learn more about Kuroh’s past, his relationship with his master, and hopefully in the future, more on his quest and how he reconciles his perceived duty to kill Shiro with the strange, quirky relationship they share.

You don’t have to have seen the anime to understand this…but it’ll be about 10 times more interesting if you have! (and if you haven’t started watching K Project yet, believe me you’re missing an amazing show that any slash fangirl or fanboy would be well served to watch! We wouldn’t be picking up this series if there weren’t a good chance of some ‘special relationships’ popping up ;))

Apologies in advance for the largeish file size (we made it as small as possible–but there were several large color images included and it’s a quite long chapter as well) as well as the crappy scan quality. The pages themselves are little better than newsprint in this magazine, and while we’re working on ways to improve the quality in the future, we’re choosing to share this now and possibly come back with improved scans later on.

Summary: Yatogami Kuroh has lost the only thing remotely close to family he had left–and to make matters worse, he’s been charged with a final task by his master that he isn’t entirely sure he’ll be able to fulfill. Follow this young modern-era samurai as he sets off on a quest to track down the next Colorless King and determine if he’s evil or not…and to strike him down where he stands if he is. (Off-shoot manga of the anime ‘K Project’)


  1. I guess i should try this… So there wont be any bl genre into this one?

  2. Cathdeary,

    No more than hints, as with the anime (and there are a loooot of hints)–but then, this manga is not entirely connected to the anime directly, so there’s no way to be sure. But the magazine it runs in seems to be mostly shoujo comedy, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope (but again, this manga definitely isn’t shoujo comedy, so who knows XD;).

  3. i love the series so i think i’m going to like this!!!

  4. Thanks a lot for picking up this project. I really like the anime.

  5. Thanks a ton for the release!! It sounds interesting. I’ve also a fan for K Project and I agree that Kuro is kind of cool ^^.

  6. Thank you so much! I love Kuroh from the anime and it´s a gift to be able to read this!

  7. Thank you so much!!! I love the serieeees!!

  8. Thank you! <3

  9. I hope it not be SHOUJO.
    thanks sooo much (L)

  10. I’m currently following anime so this manga is great treat for me >v<

    Thank you very very much!!! <3

  11. fencer_x,


    ah, maybe i should try watching the anime first for further enjoyment. ^^ thank you. ^_^

  12. Cathdeary,

    You definitely should :) There are some little hints about things that happen in the anime in the manga, so if you haven’t seen the anime first, you’ll miss them. It’s extremely good and extreeeemly slashy XD Don’t let the naked catgirl and large-breasted second-in-command fool you ;)

  13. Awesome~
    You always pick the most interesting releases, it’s really cool, and what makes you stand out among the rest. ^__^

  14. Need to get caught up on the anime. Looking forward to reading!

    Which magazine is this one in?

  15. Thank you. Will have to look up the anime.

  16. fencer_x,

    i went and reseached the anime and i was surprized to discover that the anime is still ongoing. Whoosh! It doesn’t seem expectacular so it did not really caught my interest like some shoujo like Tonari no kaibutsu and Sukitte ii nayo, thank you for recommending this or else i would have definitely passed on this one. So ill get on with it already, and maybe finish all available episodes before i sleep. Have yourself a wonderful night as well. ^^

  17. Oh my god! This is very AWESOME! I’ve been wanting to watch the Anime K Project but I just couldn’t find anywhere to watch them, and since they just only launch it, I doubt I could find any in my place’s video store! T_T
    BUT this is cool! even if this release is the offshoot of K Project, this is definitely Awesome! xDD
    Thank you very much! ♥ :3

  18. Thank you very much!! I’m the one who love K project especially KurohxShiro XD Thanks so muck for the release!!

  19. thank you so much OMFG. thank you you have no idea how happy this makes me. i adore yatogami kuroh and isana yashiro and i am so happy that i am able to read this manga. kuroh is so beautiful here.

  20. thank you!
    the art is wonderful ^^

  21. How didn’t I know there was going to have a K offshoot about Kuroh’s past klwenlewn~lew D: This is really great, I’ve been reading Memory of Red and my only regret is that Kuroh wasn’t in it (and well, since it’s about Homra, that makes sense lol). But aaah, I’ll definitely be reading it, thank you so much for one more project!

  22. Awesome, I was looking for this! Thanks a ton ♥

  23. Thank you very muuch!!! Please keep translating k project manga!!! ^^

  24. Thank you so much !!!

  25. Thank you so much.

  26. Kuro *O*

    I was happy when I saw someone translating the manga about the Red King (whose I name I can’t remember -.-) and now this \o/

    K is really a very good anime and I bet these sidestories will only make it better

    Thank you

  27. Gyaaaaaa…. Thank you so much for picking this manga

  28. The Anime is awesome I so I think the Manga will be even better :D

    thank you so much for doing this!!!

  29. Sounds interesting! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  30. OH MIGAWD!!! Kuro’s story!? Gyaaaa thank you sooo much!! And I must agree, every fujoshi must NOT miss K (if you miss it, that’s a serious matter D:)

  31. Thank you so much for working on this project!! I love K the anime!!!!^-^

  32. Intriguing! Thanks for sharing Stray Dog Story and the rec for K PRoject.

  33. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Thank you! I’ve started watching the anime during the last days (I’m at ep 4) so I’m interested in reading this. Kuroh is one of my favorite characters so far so yay!

  35. I just watched the first 7 episodes of the anime, and it’s fantastic! I’d never even heard of it so thank you so much for telling us about it, and for this release too! I’m really looking forward to reading it now.

  36. I’m sooo agree with you!!!!
    This manga really interesting!
    thanks for taking this manga !!!! <3 <3

  37. Yesss! I’m so excited that you guys are doing this one! BECAUSE I LOVE KUROH SO MUCH. *sobs*

    In addition, I really appreciate the amount of fanservice partial nudity already present in the first chapter. Also excited about that.

  38. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    gfsgfklgf !!!!

    OMG OMG OMG K ! IT’S K !!!!

    AND that’s that’s that’s KURO !!!


  39. Oh! Cool! I can’t wait to read this.

  40. Thank you very much for this!! I’m so happy that you’re picking up Kuro’s story! I love K! ♥♥♥

  41. Thank you! I didn’t now about this anime…I will look into it before reading this!

  42. Thank you so much – today I watched all available episodes of the anime and I’m absolutely loving it. I wouldn’t have checked it out without your recommendation, so really, thank you very much! And thank you for the scanlation, too, of course!

  43. I’ll give it a go! Thanks!

  44. Thanks a lot!!!^-^

  45. Thank you !! Look interesting ! :D

  46. I love K!! The anime really is for any fangirl and fanboy lol Thank you very much for scanlating this!

  47. ill go get d anime,you guys makw it sound interestin’
    so ill yakww thia releasr(^o^)/

  48. Thank you for picking up this series! Ehehe, I’m actually following the anime and saw all the hints at Shounen-Ai hehe! I’m looking forward to reading more from this series because I heard that the anime was only 13 episodes long ^-^. Thank you once again, for your hard work! <3

  49. yeah k anime is awesome!! srsly bummed there won’t be any BL though they’re so cuuuute – love the tid bits of shounen ai in the anime
    as always thx for your hard work xx

  50. arigatou!!!!
    i love K soooooo much!!!!

  51. Ok, so I dled the anime and am about to take all the stuff you got, because if you guys are working on it, it has to be good *firm nod*
    Thank you for spoiling me with cute and yummy things so far and I hope for more of the same ^^/

  52. Thanks for the chapter!! I really love K :3
    And one thing… is just me, or de chapter doesn’t have credits? o.O

  53. cool, always up for a good read,
    thank you:)

  54. Thank you so much!!

  55. Thank you so much for this~

  56. thank u so much ^_^

  57. You evil, thanks to you now i’m addicted to K… lol.
    the seiyuu were amazing. Heard “shion” singing on 6th eps,heard Light yagami being ceerpu Yata, and celty/kirapika as sexy lady. Ah, and cool Gintoki from gintama. The cast were super awesome!

  58. why i cant download it ;;v;; help!

  59. the file isnt found, the file is gone. can you guys please reupload the file until chapter 3. thanks

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