[manga] Gakuen Heaven Revolution ~ 13

October 24, 2012 // gakuen heaven

Type: Manga
Series: Gakuen Heaven Revolution
Author/Circle: Higuri Yuu
Rating: PG
Language: English
Download: mega
Notes: And that’s the end of Volume 3! It’ll probably be the new year before the next volume is released, but rest assured you can look forward to more chapters there. Sorry this one ended on something of a cliffhanger–but don’t blame us! XD;

On an unrelated note: we’re happy to announce that from Chapter 4 on, we’ll be teaming up with the Russian group Rikudou-Sennin Clan in our Super Lovers scanlations :D This group has some great HQ releases and a talented cleaner who’s gaga over Super Lovers and has kindly offered to collaborate with us to help us bring you guys the best quality scans along with the best quality translations :D With this, hopefully our releases of this great series will come even faster :D Look forward to it! We hope to have Chapter 4 out by this weekend :D


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  4. So you mean the SL releases are going to get even better? Such bliss actually exists? You know your scans have always been calming to the eye, it’s just that now I think I might even go to heaven. Thank you for everything guys!

  5. Nana,

    They’ll be in charge of making the scans look pristine, and we’ll be in charge of great English translations and typesetting ^^ match made in heaven~ And hopefully since they’ve got so many chapters already scanned and cleaned, the releases will be even faster :D

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