[doujinshi] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Mainichi Hatsukoi

October 13, 2012 // erotica, sekai-ichi hatsukoi

Type: Doujinshi
Mainichi Hatsukoi
Series: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Author/Circle: mecon+
Pairing: Yukina/Kisa
Rating: PG
Language: English
Notes: SUPER adorable Erotica doujinshi by a rather prolific pixiv artist who I happened to find at Comic City Spark last weekend. I was thrilled she had something to sell and snatched it up right away. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much !!!

  2. Thank you ! :)

  3. I saw the word Erotica and got excited…then I saw the PG rating orz… lol

  4. erotica! *spazzes* thanks!

  5. Thanks a lot!!!^-^

  6. The mistery of Kisa’s shining skin. Onodera will go crazy about that XD

  7. Thank you very much!

  8. Thank you for the release of this DJ! (: It’s seriously soooo cute & fluffy :]

  9. Thank you so much <3 This doujinshi had been so adorable <3 I died from cuteness and laughed so hard at it~!
    But my favorite part had to been about Yukina-chan, the puppy xDDD

  10. OMG!! This is just so cute!!
    Just wondering, so this came out really recently?? Wondering if it’ll pop up in these online japanese bookstores cause I totally want to order it >_<

  11. love the pairing so much…
    Thank you very much ^^

  12. kyoko,

    It just came out last weekend–but I’m not sure if the doujinka is prone to selling her stuff in any stores ^^;

  13. Thank you very much.

  14. hello! i don’t know why but for the past week, whenever i click the download button, i get redirected to a page where all i see are letters and numbers that make no sense. :( is there something wrong with my browser? thanks for the updates! love this scanlation group sooooooo much!XD

  15. gbneko,

    It means, for whatever reason, your browser is trying to DISPLAY a RAR file, which is impossible, because a RAR file is a compressed file, not an image file :P

    Right click and select ‘save as’ :P

  16. Thank you <3

  17. fencer_x,

    Ah ok thanks! TAT
    Oops forgot to say thanks for scanlating this! (got too caught up in the fluffy & cuteness lol!)

  18. Thank you very much! <3
    Have a nice weekend! :D

  19. Thanks a bunch indeed!! :D

  20. Sweet!!
    Thanks a lot!!! <3

  21. Thank you!!

  22. Soooo cuute! I had to stop in the middle of reading it to come back here to give my thanks. Thank you! Like-y, like-y!! Like *thumbs up*

  23. Thank you sooo much!!!

  24. Thank you! =)

  25. Wow, this was really very cute LOL Thanks for scanlating this!!!! ^^

  26. Thank you so much! :D


  28. Thank you sooo much for this lovely goodies of Seka-koi!!!!^^

  29. Thank you so much guys for the new release!

  30. Thank you!

  31. OMG!~!!
    that was super cute!
    my fav pairing ever!
    Kisa and kou is so perfect for each other! >.<

  32. Aw cool! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Thank you for the release (it’s so cute><)!

  34. Thank you so much! <3

  35. Thank you very much ^^

  36. thank you so much

  37. thank you so much for sharing!!!

  38. Thank you, that was so cute :)
    Also, I just noticed at the Baka-Manga Profile Page , that the September-Scans-Team is now active since about one year and has already shared more than 200 releases. In such a short time you brought so many good reads to us – and some of them were manga I thought would never be picked up or continued. You’re just stunning! Thank you for your always good and superfast work!

  39. scent_of_night,

    I figured it was soon, since we opened this blog about a year ago :D I’m glad everyone’s enjoying our work and sticking with us and supporting us! Thank you :D

  40. fencer_x,

    stupid safari. haha! thanks!XD

  41. Eroticaaaaaaa~ Thank you so much! ^.^

  42. Thank you!

  43. Thank you so much.

  44. Thank you!!!

  45. This was so adorable!! I don’t see many Erotica DJ!! So I was happy to see this!
    Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

  46. Thank you very much for your hard work ^^

  47. Thank u for sharing it with us. The art is so CUTE!

  48. ThAnks soo Much >.<

  49. Thank you very much!!

  50. Thank you very much!

  51. ★o(´▽`*)/♪Thanks♪

  52. Cool!
    Thank you!!

  53. Wow I’m excited! Thanks!

  54. So cute~! I loved Onodera’s misinterpretation of Kisa & Yukina’s relationship haha ^__^

  55. Thank you very much

  56. its such a cute dj. i love yukinaxkisa pairings. they’re adorable together

  57. Thank you!! It’s such a cute dj!! >/////< Ohh!! <3 <3 Love this couple! xD

  58. Oh my I’m dying from the cuteness. The art!!! How could it be THAT CUTE???
    Thanks for picking up such an adorable dj! ^^

  59. Thank you for sharing

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